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The Truth About Signals, Signalmen and Robots in Binary Options

The Truth About Signals, Signalmen and Robots in Binary Options

Finally, we got to a very important article, which is devoted to signals and signalmen, who distribute these same signals. And in the meantime, let's hook on robots for Binary Options.

I would like to start the article with a very capacious and meaningful phrase - “There is no free money on Binary Options, and there won’t be!”. Why this particular phrase? Yes, because many novice traders, in search of quick profits and easy money, fall into the clutches of those who can easily heat them up for a round sum, so the phrase is just very relevant.

How binary options signals work

Let's start simple - find out how binary options signals work. If we simply describe the operation of signals in two words, then trading signals are trading on trust.

what do binary options signals look like

Moreover, traders have to trust signalmen or services that provide trading signals. Where a signal came from, a trader, as a rule, never knows - many signal services or signalmen do not specifically reveal the secret of finding signals, because this is a “unique trading method” that mere mortals do not need to know about.

Typically, binary options signals look like this:
  • You are shown the direction of entry
  • Indicate the time at which to log in (if the service is "normal")
  • Indicate the price level from which you need to open a deal (if you are very lucky)
Moreover, this work is not for every signal service - many are limited to simply indicating the direction of opening the option "Open a deal up" and that's it. What time to open a deal? Where to open it? You will not receive answers to these questions. And this is the approach used by paid services!!!

Already feeling the trick? And this is just the tip of the iceberg! But in advertising, binary options brokers themselves can envy trading signals:

Binary options signals

You will be promised a stable income with accurate trading signals that will allow you to close 85% of your trades in the black:

Binary options signals 85%

Surprisingly, not 185% - why waste time on trifles?! “Perfect for beginners and experienced traders” - well, yes, experienced traders are experienced so as not to fall for the scam of such services.

And here they already offer signals that will allow you to close up to 89% of transactions in profit:

Binary Options Signals up to 89%

And also "suitable for beginners and professionals." But what is 89% when you can get 90%+ of trades in profit from signals, and “for free”?!

signals for binary options 90%

This profitability marathon can go on forever. By the way, some services focus on “free money” for their customers:

dvertisement of binary options signals

Many services are ready to provide even hand-drawn statistics of their signals - and why not, if only the fool pecked:

Trading results using signals

Where did all these signaling services and signalmen come from? Oh, this is one of the evolutionary stages of Binary Options.

It all started with the fact that in 2012-2014 people realized that you can earn on Binary Options only if you have the necessary knowledge (which, of course, no one had). The outflow of clients from binary options brokers was gaining momentum. And this is where trading signals on the “industrial scale” appeared.

All the same clients who realized that they could not make money on BO on their own returned to brokers, but already “armed” with the trading signals of “experienced traders”. If until that time traders were draining their deposits themselves, now they have begun to drain deposits under the strict guidance of "experienced masters" of binary trading.

The desire to earn money without doing anything and without changing anything in your life has ruined many "investors". And the signaling services, having fucked everyone, enriched themselves on simpletons who are ready to believe everything, just not to think with their own heads.

Who benefits from binary options signals

And now a very interesting question - who benefits from the signals for Binary Options?

Binary options brokers make their profits by draining deposits from their clients - this, I think, is clear to everyone. Signalers and signal services drive crowds of weak minds to the broker for slaughter - they advertise to brokers. The signaling services client receives nothing.

It turns out that binary options signals are beneficial to everyone except the client himself. Funny picture, right? Everyone runs to the signalers for easy money, but they themselves are always at a loss, feeding the impudent faces of the broker and signal service owners.

No, what are you waiting for? Did you think someone would really try to make YOU earn? Seriously? Top of naivete! Everyone is just thinking how to fill their pockets! Get down to earth and stop believing in Santa Claus and unicorns!

You pay for access to signals, you make deposits to trade with brokers - you lose money in two places at once, instead of learning to trade with your head. While there will be traders who love free money and not think at all, there will be those who will learn how to deceive boobies and earn naivety.

Trading signals are very beneficial for binary options brokers - using these signals, traders consistently lose their money. And what choice do these traders have? They paid for access to the signals - they want to get at least some kind of monetary output from this (they are all promised very high and stable profitability when using signals). And what is the result? “Open a trade down” - and do what you want with it!

I will now tell you a little secret - most signal services were created by binary options brokers, and those services that do not belong to brokers work very closely with them. Turn on your brain - everything is very logical!

The first wave of binary options broker clients consists of enthusiasts who are confident in their abilities and that they will become millionaires tomorrow. But no - without knowledge, these enthusiasts quickly lose their money and leave, it would seem, forever. But then the “guy” catches up with them and this one – “Psst, trader! I have very profitable signals that will allow you to earn money even if your knowledge is zero!”. And, lo and behold, the trader returns to trading and merges everything for the second time.

The eternal slogan of the signalmen is “We make money together!”.

let's earn money together

Earn with whom? With a trader? Seriously??? Maybe together with a broker on stupid traders? I believe this more!

Who distributes binary options signals

So, who distributes binary options signals? The answer is very simple - those who benefit from it. I will clarify - those who benefit from fucking you and profiting from your drain!

This is usually beneficial only to the Binary Options Brokers themselves and the individuals who work for these brokers. No seriously. Each signal service has a clause that says that "Signals will work with brokers ...".Are you joking? What about other brokers? Or what, there was a revolution and every binary options broker now has its own quotes, which are 400% different from the quotes of other companies?!

What kind of nonsense is this ... But, what is the essence of this small nuance - whoever paid more, they are brought to slaughter by crowds of lovers of simple profit who will drain their money by “trading” according to “profitable” signals. Oh, what a sore subject this is - how much indignation I expect from the victims of advertising, but without this, in any way.

At the moment, there is a very vivid example of buying signals from a binary options broker. Of course, we are talking about the Olymp Trade broker. I must say right away that this is not my personal dislike for the broker, just the facts speak for themselves.

So, Olymp Trade has become very generous, spawning dozens of paid video bloggers who, as one, have their signal services (usually in social networks) only for their favorite broker, who orders the music.

Moreover, all these signals were distributed supposedly free of charge (we will talk about this a little later), so that every trader could try it out. There are even those who checked these signals for quality and… the result, to put it mildly, is not very good. The signals themselves are from the category “Opening a deal for an increase” - no explanations on the deal, no explanations on the method of receiving signals. "Trade" as you like.

And you still seriously believe that the signalers will help you make money?!

Binary Options Social Media Signals

Once I got a case (document) of the work of signaling services and everything immediately fell into place. Many thanks to one of my subscribers - without him, such important information would have passed me by.

Have you ever wondered why all social media signalers look the same? You might not believe it, but they all work the same way! Moreover, they work not so that you can earn money, but in order to line their pockets at your expense!

Oh, how already za ** la this same type of advertising of signalmen:
  • Do you want to join us? Write "I want to join the team"
  • Join us! Write "Take to the team"
  • Write in group messages "I want signals"
This fucker got to the point that repulsed advertising victims even began to write similar messages to me, although I have never dealt with signals, and I treat them very “badly”.

i want a signal

you give signals on binary options

The audience reach is amazing. But this is not the worst. The divorce itself lies in the "free" nature of these signals.

How do typical signalers working for a Binary Options broker do all this (they all work according to the same scheme and do not even think about changing something - why spoil something that works so well?):
  • In order to access free signals, you are required to register through a specific link with a specific binary options broker
  • Next, you are required to replenish "your" trading balance by a certain amount
  • The last step is to provide an account ID so that the signalers make sure that you have registered exactly at the right link, and not somewhere away from his "unique signal service"
That's it, the hilling of the fool is over - it's time to drain all his investments with your wonderful signals.

Think! You are forcibly forced to start trading with a certain Binary Options broker (most often, this is the Olymp Trade broker, the second place is taken by Binomo ). Further, the signalman needs the amount with which he will earn - you are forced to replenish your trading account. From now on, you are completely hooked and can only get off it after losing your money.

Signalers work very closely with binary options brokers. Brokers pay signalmen for their work as a percentage of the loss of their clients. What do you think the signalman will do:
  • Give you profitable signals to make money by reducing (or nullifying) all his earnings
  • Speed up draining your trade balance
Well, what are the options? Even a child will choose the correct answer. And, yes, the signalers are consistently leaking their traders with the help of signals. And, yes, signalers are not only stupid people who are not able to add 2 and 2 - there are traders who, over time, understand what the trick is and begin to criticize the signaler and the signal service itself. And now another very interesting question - why are there very few or no negative reviews from signalmen? They are leaking their customers!

Well, guess what? Undesirable traders who are trying to somehow prevent the crowd from cheating are simply blocked in such groups. Why keep them? They will only raise unnecessary questions among the majority and spoil the business.

Here are real reviews of signal groups that you will never see in the groups of these same signalers:

reviews of binary options signalers

reviews of binary options signalers 2

Funny, right? And this is how the “statistics” and the reviews of these same signalmen look like:

reviews in groups of binary options signalers 1

reviews in groups of binary options signalers 2

reviews in groups of binary options signalers 3

In groups, the signalers are doing great - beautiful statistics, excellent reviews. But you will communicate with clients of such groups and something is an opinion quite the opposite. I wonder who is cheating? Yes, even here a child will understand everything - the one who is very profitable is deceiving! In this case, the signalers are ready to carry any nonsense, block their objectionable clients and anyone who questions their trading methods.

But where do the beautiful statistics and excellent reviews come from? Many signalers do not hesitate to resort to the magic of Photoshop, editing the results so that they always get a very beautiful picture. Others act differently - they give a signal, if it didn’t work right away, then they catch up, and again, and again, until the signal comes in, and then boldly write that the signal turned out to be profitable and put “+”. Of course, they do not say that the signal went on the 8th leg of the Martingale, but it did go! And it doesn’t matter that most of the clients have already lost their money – the signal itself is profitable, so the signalman didn’t “deceive” anyone!

What do we get as a result:
  • You are led by the handle to your own drain of money from the right broker (registration, replenishment)
  • You are provided, to put it mildly, low-quality signals
  • Very often force Martingale
  • You end up getting leaked and banned because you are no longer of value to the signalman

Why you shouldn't trade on Binary Options

But the deception of signalers and signal services is not all the troubles that will befall you while trading on signals. Over time, you yourself will be able to understand (without this article) that your draining of deposits is beneficial to signalers and binary options brokers.

Sooner or later you will leave the drain signals, earn the lost money again, but what will remain in the end? Nothing! You have spent a lot of time listening to the useless advice of “experienced traders” and using signals, but you have not learned to trade yourself!

Time wasted, deposits merged, and trading experience has not increased. You have come to where you started. Was it worth it? Of course not. Listening to an unfamiliar "Uncle", you will never learn to trade yourself. Another problem is that the signaling services are designed in such a way that the client almost never receives any information about the receipt of the signal.

Everything is limited to the usual and useless “Open a deal up”. It is simply not profitable for signalmen to have you think and learn. Why would signalers be needed if every trader is able to trade profitably?! For a signalman, it makes more sense to make your mental development stop completely - the less you know, the easier it will be to control you. This is necessary so that you strictly follow the signals and lose your money. Everything has been set up for a long time.

Well, let's say you left the number of clients of the next signalman, and what's next? You are already a client of the Binary Options broker chosen by the signalman himself, and besides, you have registered using the link from the signalman. Many binary options brokers (almost all) prohibit a client from having more than one account. It turns out that even after you leave the signals, you will still make a profit for this signalman, draining your money due to lack of experience. Here is such a win-win multi-move in which you are just a victim.

Ultimately, by trading signals, you:
  • You lose your money due to low-quality signals from a signalman interested in your drain
  • Losing time
  • You remain a "slave" of the signalman, even after you stop using his signals
  • Do not gain any trading experience and stop trading development

Signalists and signal services that you definitely shouldn't trust

There are a number of services and signalers that cannot be trusted:
  • Any signal groups on social networks
  • WinOptionSignals
  • aimsignals
  • TradeSignals
  • Ozerov's signals
  • option-signal
  • SignalsForBinaryOptions
  • vfxAlert
  • Binary Bits
  • ProTrust Group
  • BoSSignals
  • AGTS
  • EVG Trade
  • signalsbinary
  • premium-signals
And hundreds of others. It is better to never use signals in your trading at all - the risk of falling for scammers is very high.

Binary Options Trading Robots

Robots have exactly the same story as signal services - 99.9% of trading robots are designed for stupid and lazy people. Unlike signals, trading robots are sold by their "creators" or are part of the trading platform of binary options brokers.

trading robots in binary options

Trading robots are sold for fabulous sums. “The price reflects the quality,” say novice traders and pay a lot of money for a miracle product. The truth is slightly different - the price is high, because the sellers know that they will still buy the goods, even if they add a couple of zeros to the cost.

Of course, there are trading robots developed by traders themselves that will bring a stable income. The only thing is that no one will sell them to you even for very big money. These are piece products, not intended for mass use. By distributing a good trading robot that opens trades for you on the trading platform of a binary options broker, the owners of the robot will force the broker to adapt to current realities. BO brokers do not intend to distribute their money to everyone in a row - a group of programmers will very quickly find a vulnerability in the trading platform and close it, blocking the operation of the robot itself.

So, it is much more profitable to use a profitable robot yourself, earning consistently for many years, than to once receive a fixed amount for the sale and throw it in the trash. Hence the conclusion - everything that is sold to you as trading robots is a swindle for money.

Now, trading robots include ordinary clickers - programs that imitate user actions. Most often, they simply open martingale trades. But even they are harmful to the client - almost all brokers prohibit the use of third-party software in trading. If you are caught using trading robots, your account will simply be blocked.

Another category of robots is trading robots from the Binary Options brokers themselves. I think everything is clear right away - what is the point of giving your clients a profitable trading robot if the broker himself earns on the loss of money of these same clients. In general, a trading robot is another lure from a broker for the inexperienced.

Binary Options Robots You Shouldn't Use

The use of the following robots is highly discouraged:
  • Algobit
  • EFES
  • AutoBinary
  • AlgoSniper
  • Genius
  • Auto Binary EA
  • Ultra Binary
  • ATS-binary
  • Norbert's binary bot
  • Option Bot
  • U-Bot
  • Binary drone 2.0
Also, do not contact similar sites where these same robots are sold:
  • club-freedom
  • robot.zarabotok-binary
  • zarabotok-binary
  • and thousands of other sites
In fact, there are many more trading robots, so it’s better not to use them in your trading at all. If you don’t get your account blocked, you will definitely lose your money. Fortunately, now there are not so many fools who are ready to entrust their savings to trading robots.

What signals can be used in trading

Even at this time, where fraud and divorce are all around, there are independent services that provide information on the state of the market. You can (but not necessarily) listen to the opinion of such services:
  • Free signals from specialized resources (Investing, FXStreet, DailyFX)
  • Open currency positions of brokers
  • CFTC and CME volume data
  • Banking currency analytics
  • Data from experts in key financial media (Bloomberg/Reuters).
Here, no one will ask you to register to access the signals, so you can sleep peacefully.

Always trade yourself

Sooner or later, every trader comes to one simple conclusion - "If you want to earn stable money, trade yourself!" And it is right. The more experience a trader has, the better his trading results become.

You should not waste time looking for profitable trading robots, you should not listen to signalists who are 200% interested in your loss of a deposit. But when you rely only on your own strength, then you begin to gradually move forward and develop.

I have said more than once that there is no easy money in binary options trading, and there never will be. This article once again proved the correctness of these words, so do not fall for the hook of scammers and trust only yourself!
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