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Binarycent is a Forex, CFD, binary options broker that allows you to open transactions in amounts less than one dollar

Binarycent is a Forex, CFD, binary options broker that allows you to open transactions in amounts less than one dollar

Binarycent is a popular broker specializing in trading binary options (Blitz options, classic options), Forex and CFDs. The minimum deposit with the broker is from $10, and a transaction can be opened for an amount starting from $0.01. Binarycent features a user-friendly trading platform based on Trading View charts.


Official website of the broker Binarycent -

Official website of the broker Binarycent -

official website of binary options broker Binarycent

The broker offers work under the following conditions:
  • The minimum deposit is from $10 (the official website says that $250 is not so)
  • Minimum transaction amount – from 0.01$
  • Trading binary options: classic options (expiration time from a minute to several days), Blitz or turbo options (expiration time from 5 seconds)
  • Forex and CFD trading with leverage from 1:10 to 1:1500
  • More than 100 assets for trading
  • Several levels of trading account (the higher the level, the better the conditions)
  • Unlimited demo account to get to know the trading platform
  • Very convenient trading platform: tick chart, candlestick chart and chart from Trading View
  • Ability to copy trades of other traders (traders from the list of the best for the last 30 days)
  • Affiliate program with CPA model
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Many ways to replenish your trading account and withdraw funds (payment speed depends on your account level)
  • Required account verification
  • The official website and trading platform have been translated into several languages (in other cases, use the standard translator built into your browser)

trading conditions at broker Binarycent

Binarycent works with many world banks, electronic wallets and cryptocurrencies - the client has a wide choice of ways to replenish the trading balance and withdraw earned money:

methods of depositing and withdrawing funds from the Binarycent broker

Register a trading account on the official Binarycent website

To open a trading account with the binary options broker Binarycent, you must:
  • Indicate your email address
  • Create a strong password
  • Indicate your first and last name
  • Fill in information about your phone number
  • Select the trading account currency in which you want to open an account
  • Read the terms of cooperation and agree to them

registering a trading account with the Binarycent broker

The broker has verification of your trading account - you will be asked for documents confirming your identity. It is very important that you enter real data during registration - you will not be able to change it later.

Account levels with the Binarycent broker

The Binarycent broker has 5 types of accounts - the higher your level, the more privileges you will have. This is not to say that any account is very different from another, but there is a difference. Accounts are divided into:
  • Standard – assigned immediately after registration
  • Bronze – deposits of at least $250
  • Silver – deposits of at least $1000
  • Gold – deposits of at least $5,000
  • VIP – deposits of at least $5,000
The differences between account levels are:
  • Processing speed of withdrawal requests
  • Increased percentage for correct prediction when trading binary options
  • Reducing restrictions on copy-trading
  • Maximum transaction amount
  • Deposit bonus

account level with Forex and CFD broker Binarycent

Depositing and withdrawing funds from the Forex and CFD trading broker Binarycent

You can fund your trading account immediately after registering a trading account, but I would recommend first familiarizing yourself with the workings of the trading platform using a demo account. But, unfortunately, all functionality will be available only on a real account (CFD trading and the function of copying trades on a demo account are not available).

To replenish your trading account, you need to go to the replenishment section - here you need to select one of the methods offered by the broker. Available:
  • Bank cards
  • Electronic wallets (depending on your country of residence)
  • Popular cryptocurrencies

replenishment of a trading account with the Binarycent broker

On the same page you can enter a promo code, if you have one, and receive an additional bonus. Additionally, the bonus amount depends on your current account level. The minimum replenishment amount is $10, and the account level will increase when replenishing from $250.

Withdrawing funds from the Binarycent broker is available after completing the trading account verification procedure - you will need to send documents confirming your identity. After reviewing the sent data, you will be able to withdraw funds from the trading platform. You can withdraw funds from the broker's platform using the same methods that are available for replenishing your trading balance.

Binarycent broker trading platform - how to trade binary options, Forex and CFD

The Binarycent broker's trading platform is available on a demo account, so you can try it out before funding your account.

Binarycent broker trading platform

  • 90% of the screen is occupied by the price chart of the selected asset
  • Above the chart – switch between binary options trading and CFD trading
  • To the right of the chart is the panel for opening a trade (this platform is different for binary options and CFDs)
At the top of the chart you can select an asset to trade. More than 100 assets available:
  • Currency pairs
  • Indices
  • Products
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • OTC assets
Trading is possible at any time on any day of the week (including on weekends):

choosing an asset to trade with the Binarycent broker

Next to the asset selection window there is a button for selecting a price chart - a line chart, a candlestick chart, a chart from Trading View (I recommend this one if your transactions will have an expiration time of 1 minute or more):

choosing to display a price chart at the Binarycent broker

The Trading View chart is the most functional - it allows you to:
  • Draw on the chart: add levels, lines, zones to the price chart
  • Add many technical analysis indicators and create your own trading strategies
If you are interested in quick trading and deals that take a few seconds, then a tick or line chart is best.

You can switch between a demo account and a real account here:

switching between a demo account and a real account with the Binarycent broker

To switch to cent trading, you need to enable this by clicking on the button with the cent icon (by default on the platform, trading occurs in dollars):

cent trading with broker Binarycent

Trading binary options with the Binarycent broker

Binary options trading at the Binarycent broker is available in several formats: there are transactions for a few seconds (turbo options), and there is the ability to open transactions for a period of time from 1 minute to several days (classic options). The only difference is the expiration time.

In order to open a binary options trade with the Binarycent broker, you must:
  • Select expiration time – the time after which the transaction will close
  • Select a method for calculating the expiration time: the end of the transaction can be time-bound or the transaction will be opened for exactly the number of seconds specified by the user
  • Indicate the amount for which you want to make a forecast (on a dollar account the amount is indicated in dollars, on a cent account - in cents)
  • Click on the button for the desired forecast (up or down)

trading binary options with broker Binarycent

Risks and rewards are known even before opening a trade. The payout amount for a correct forecast depends on the selected asset, trading time, selected expiration time and your account level. The minimum transaction amount can be $0.01.

Forex and CFD trading with Binarycent broker

Trading on Forex and CFD instruments with the Binarycent broker occurs in a separate window and has a number of its own nuances, including leverage. The higher this value, the less funds the trader needs to open a transaction, the lower the client’s risks, but also the lower the expected profit. Each asset on the broker's trading platform has its own leverage indicator:
  • Currency pairs – from 1300 to 1500
  • Products and indices – 1500
  • Cryptocurrencies - 10
Cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile trading instrument (the price can rise very quickly and fall very quickly), allowing you to make or lose money in a very short period of time. On the Binarycent broker platform, trading cryptocurrencies is a very risky activity and requires investing more funds than, for example, when trading CFDs on currency pairs.

Profit on Forex and CFD depends on how correct your forecast is - it is important not only to guess the direction of the price, but also how far the price will go from the entry point into the market. Roughly speaking, sideways movements are not suitable for Forex trading - trend movements are needed. At the same time, earnings are not limited in any way - in one transaction you can easily earn 500-600% of the investment amount.

To trade Forex and CFD instruments with the Binarycent broker, you must:
  • Select an asset with suitable leverage
  • Select the direction of opening a transaction, according to your forecast - select the direction of price movement (up or down)
  • Indicate on what principle the deal will be opened - at the current price or according to the parameters you specify (pending deal)
  • In the “Amount” window, specify the amount - this value directly affects the rate of earnings and the rate of loss of funds. The higher this value is, the larger the amount required to open a transaction. The amount is calculated taking into account the trading method you choose - dollars or cents
  • The “Margin” window will display the amount that will be debited from your balance when opening a trade. After closing the transaction, this amount will be returned to your trading balance
  • In the Take Profit window, you must specify the condition for closing the transaction in profit - here you can see and adjust your potential earnings (if the forecast turns out to be correct)
  • The Stop Loss window is necessary for the trader to indicate the conditions for closing a transaction at a loss - if this window is left empty, the transaction will be closed automatically if your balance is not enough to cover losses from the current transaction. Be sure to indicate the amount you are willing to lose if your forecast turns out to be wrong!
  • Confirm the opening of the transaction

Forex and CFD trading with Binarycent broker

Copy trading on the Binarycent broker platform

The Binarycent broker's trading platform allows you to copy the trades of successful traders. To do this, a list is created of the 10 most experienced traders who have shown good results over the past 30 days - their trade is proposed to be copied.

copying trades of successful traders from the Binarycent broker

The downside is that you cannot view the trading statistics of a specific trader. When selecting clients for copying, it is suggested to rely only on the total profit percentage indicated in the table. Copying trades itself is only available on a real trading account; you cannot try this function on a demo account.

Affiliate program or referral system at the Binarycent broker

Broker Binarycent is ready to encourage clients who advertise the broker's trading platform - for this purpose, each trading account has a built-in referral system that works using the CPA method.

affiliate program or referral system at the broker Binarycent

Each client has their own unique affiliate link. If you distribute the link and new clients register through it, then from each replenishment of the trading account of these clients you will be charged a commission in the amount of 20% of the deposit amount of your referrals. This amount will be credited to the affiliate balance - you can transfer all funds from the affiliate account to the trading account, and then use the earnings for trading or simply withdraw funds from the trading platform. Let me remind you that in order to withdraw funds you need to go through the verification procedure of your trading account.

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