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Quotex - reviews of the best and very popular binary options broker

Quotex - reviews of the best and very popular binary options broker. Review of the trading platform and the official website of the broker Quotex

Quotex is one of the very popular and fast-growing binary options brokers. The broker appeared in September 2020 and began operating in the CIS countries - at that moment there were errors in the trading platform, and its functionality was quite modest. Over the next few months, the Quotex team fixed bugs and added new trading features. Starting approximately in July 2022, the Quotex broker entered the global market and became available in many countries around the world. Now the broker's audience is several tens of millions of clients, which is an excellent result in such a short period of time.

Advantages and reasons to trade with the binary options broker Quotex

I'll briefly tell you why Quotex has become such a popular binary options broker:
  • Honest attitude towards the client
  • Good reputation among traders
  • The broker allows you to withdraw very large amounts without any consequences
  • Quotex has a huge cash turnover - a sign of a good broker
  • Convenient and functional trading platform
  • Quotex operates in dozens of countries around the world and continues to expand
  • Minimum deposit – $10
  • Minimum bet amount – $1
  • Lots of assets to trade
  • Good bonus system
  • Many tournaments with cash prize pools
  • There is a mobile application
  • Individual payment methods for clients of each specific country
  • Unlimited demo account for learning and getting to know the trading platform
  • Payments for correct predictions – up to 94%
  • There are trading signals built into the platform
  • The trading account currency can be changed - all funds in the account will be converted at the current rate
  • No commissions for account replenishment and withdrawal of funds
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $10, for cryptocurrencies – from $50 (depending on the currency)
  • Pending orders are available for trading
The trading platform and the official website of the Quotex broker are translated into 18 languages; technical support is available in the same languages.

Official website of the broker Quotex -

The official website of the Quotex broker is located at There are also site mirrors - depending on your country of residence, you may be redirected to a more relevant (for you) site address. Simply put, there is one website, but several addresses.

Official website of binary options broker Quotex

Analysis of the site on third-party services says that:
  • The site first appeared on August 20, 2020
  • Approximate daily traffic to the main page ( is 150 thousand clients. Let me clarify that this is only the “cover” of the broker and, as a rule, only people who are not registered with Quotex visit it
  • Active clients – approximately 350 thousand every day
  • Every third registered client funds their account and starts trading with real money (a very good indicator - people trust this broker)
  • The average deposit per client is approximately $800 (in some countries they trade less, in others - more)
In the broker's FAQ, Quotex found an interesting answer to the question: “What funds does the company use to pay profits to the client?”

How does Quotex broker make money

Broker Quotex states that it earns together with the client and receives a percentage of each profitable transaction, therefore the broker’s company benefits from clients earning and trading as much as possible. This is certainly an interesting statement. There are only two options that can exist in this situation:
  1. The Quotex broker uses a system similar to the Intrade Bar broker - it copies the transactions of profitable traders onto some third-party trading platform and makes money on the side. The approach is really cool - in this case, the broker really needs profitable traders.
  2. The broker pays clients the earned funds at the expense of those traders who lose them in trading (traders’ loss – traders’ profit = broker’s earnings). This is the scheme used by 99% of binary options brokers.
As for “forming a trading volume that is brought to the real market,” I do not rule out that clients’ funds are used to trade on the same Forex market or stock exchange, but it is hard to believe that clients’ transactions will end up on the real market. At the time of my acquaintance with the Quotex broker (and these were literally the first days after its appearance), everything was as simple as possible:
  • A broker is like an aquarium with fish placed in the ocean - there is water in both the aquarium and the ocean, but the walls of the aquarium still create their own micro-atmosphere inside, not letting anyone in from the outside and forbidding the inhabitants to leave their aisles. What I mean are quotes from the real market, but all transactions are carried out only on the broker’s platform and do not leave its borders. Quotex is a very good and fairly fair “price direction betting”, but it’s not about trading on the real market
  • Payments are made from the funds that were “gifted” to the broker by less fortunate or less experienced clients - a typical law of the financial market is that “experienced traders always earn the money that their less experienced colleagues lost.” Only in this case, the broker takes the difference between the loss and payments. You can consider this a “fee for services.”
At least, this was the case initially – now, perhaps, the broker’s company’s approaches have changed. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any information confirming the broker’s words, but I also cannot refute these words in any way (only my personal experience with brokers and nothing more). To believe, in this case, Quotex or not is up to you to decide.

PS The Quotex broker has OTC assets (over-the-counter), the quotes of which are generated by a special algorithm - an imitation of real price behavior. I wonder how the trading volume of transactions on these assets is translated into the real market and the movement of which assets does it affect?

Registering a trading account with the broker Digital options Quotex

Registration with the Quotex broker is very simple - fill out the form, agree to the rules and you're done:

Registering a trading account with the broker Quotex

Here you can select the currency of your trading account – the choice is quite large. In general, this is not a mandatory procedure, since the currency can be changed at any time in the future.

It is also possible to register through connecting social networks - depending on the country, social networks may differ.

You can also look at the trading platform without registering at all - there are links that allow you to get a temporary demo account without entering any personal data. If necessary, such a demo account can be registered in your name in the future.

Trading account and trading platform settings for the Quotex broker

After registration, you will be taken to the trading platform of the Quotex broker. The main screen space is occupied by a convenient price chart, and to the right of it you will find a gear - it will open the trading platform settings:

Trading platform settings for the Quotex broker

Here you can:
  • Select the language of the trading platform
  • Indicate your time zone (if it is displayed incorrectly)
  • Select the color of the trading platform - I am comfortable working with dark tones, so I choose “Full Night”
  • Grid size
  • Enable or disable chart autoscrolling
  • Enable “one-click trading” - without additional confirmation of opening a transaction
  • Improved trading platform performance mode
  • Enable a concise view of displaying transactions on the chart
  • Change the color scheme of the price chart
  • Or even put cats instead of a boring dark background
In your trading account settings you will find:
  • Personal information
  • Link to complete account verification (if necessary, the broker will request documents proving your identity)
  • Security settings for your trading account (do not bypass these settings!)
  • Password change form
  • Ability to change the trading account currency
  • Link to delete account
  • Window for adding and verifying a bank card

Trading account settings with Quotex broker

Quotex broker trading platform: how to trade and how to make money with the Quotex broker

The trading platform of the Quotex broker is very functional and has a lot of tools for making money. It looks like this:

Quotex broker trading platform

  • The central part of the screen is a large price chart of the asset
  • To the left of the chart is the menu of the trading platform and the site as a whole
  • Above the chart there are asset selection windows
  • To the right of the price chart is a panel for opening trades, and below is your trading history or current open trades
Switching between a real and demo account is done through the platform menu or through the drop-down menu on the right:

Switching to a demo account with the Quotex broker

The “student” icon in the main menu is the demo account page. In the drop-down menu, you can also change the trading account currency by clicking on the “Change” button located next to the name of your current currency:

Changing the currency of your trading account with the Quotex broker

In the window for selecting an asset for trading you will find:
  • Familiar currency pairs - during periods of low volatility, the percentage of payouts for a correct forecast can drop very significantly, which is very disappointing
  • Cryptocurrencies were once very popular, but now these assets are not always available
  • Commodity assets
  • Shares of various companies
  • There are a lot of OTC assets - assets whose movement is formed by a special algorithm that imitates the movement of the real price. Don’t think that each client will have their own exclusive schedule set up to close transactions at a loss - the price movement is the same for everyone, we checked. Yes, you can check it yourself. There are even traders who understand the operation of this algorithm well and make great money from it, even though initially it looks like a “game”. However, I would not recommend abusing such assets - you won’t be able to check the quotes. But it is OTC assets that have the stable and highest payout percentage.

Trading assets on the Quotex broker platform

For each asset there is detailed information about it:
  • Change in price over time
  • An indicator showing, as a percentage, in which direction other traders open trades
  • Minimum investment and expiration time frame
  • Asset operating time on the Quotex broker platform

Information about the asset from the broker Quotex

The price chart itself on the trading platform of the Quotex broker is very functional. At the bottom left of the chart you will find tools that allow you to:
  • Draw on the chart - add geometric shapes, Fibonacci levels, trend lines, various technical analysis figures
  • Change the time frame for constructing a price chart - from several seconds in one candle to one day
  • Change the type of price chart - Japanese candlesticks, bars, line or zone chart, Heiken Ashi candlesticks
  • Add indicators to the chart (of which there are a lot) - when added, the settings of almost each indicator can be changed to suit your needs, which is very convenient. There are a lot of trading strategies using technical analysis indicators - you don’t even have to leave the broker’s platform, since “everything comes included”

Working with a price chart at the Quotex broker

Trade opening panel. Here are the usual ones:
  • Window for selecting expiration time - you can set either minutes before closing the transaction or select longer options (use the “Switch Time” button to switch)
  • Form for entering the investment amount - you can specify a specific amount (for example, $13) or indicate the percentage of the trading balance that you want to invest in the transaction
  • Buttons for opening a trade up or down
  • The amount of payment that you will receive for a correct forecast at the time of closing the transaction (the amount of your investment and net profit is indicated)

The panel for opening a trade at the Quotex broker

The Quotex broker has the ability to open deferred trades - trades that will open only at a certain point in time, which you specify in the parameters, or when the price reaches the specified price level - a very convenient tool, I recommend it.

Pending transactions with the Quotex broker

How to trade with the Quotex broker?
  1. Analyze price charts or wait for a signal from your trading strategy
  2. Set the expiration time - how long will it take for the price, in your opinion, to confirm your forecast
  3. You enter the investment amount in the appropriate window - remember that 100% forecasts do not exist and there is always a small chance that the price will not go where you thought. Therefore, you should not risk your entire deposit at once - if finances allow, trade no more than 1% of your trading balance in each trade
  4. If you think that the price at expiration will be higher than the current one, open a trade up. If you think the price will fall, trade down
Open trades will be displayed on the price chart - at the moment of closing, if your forecast turns out to be correct, profit will be credited to the balance. Otherwise, you lose the bet amount. All risks and possible profits are known in advance, which is why so many people love trading binary options or, as the Quotex broker calls it, Digital options.

If, after opening a transaction, you consider that your forecast will not come true, then the transaction can be closed ahead of schedule, losing a significant part of the investment, but returning at least part (otherwise the entire bet will be lost).

Selling an open transaction or early closing with a Quotex broker

I'll express my opinion. “Selling a deal early” is not the best tool - there are cases when the price in the last seconds goes into the profitable zone and the deal makes a profit. There are also cases when, in the last seconds, a deal is closed in the red. This is normal - we are not able to know in advance with what result a particular transaction will close, so our task is to invest only the amount that we do not mind losing. If you don’t mind losing, then it’s better to wait until the end of your forecast and see how correct it was. Moral - follow the rules of risk management and you will be happy!

Replenishing your trading account on the Quotex binary options broker platform

Replenishment of a trading account on the Quotex binary options broker platform is carried out on a special page:
  • Minimum replenishment amount is $10
  • Replenishment methods may vary depending on your country of residence (up-to-date information is always on the account replenishment page)
  • Replenishment time: for replenishment from bank cards or electronic wallets – a few seconds; for deposits via cryptocurrency – depends on the selected cryptocurrency and the speed of approval of the transfer (usually a couple of minutes)

Funding your trading account on the Quotex broker platform

After choosing a deposit method, you need to indicate the amount by which you want to top up your real trading account, and also, if desired, select a bonus.
  • Bonus funds do not block the ability to withdraw earned money
  • Bonus funds can be converted into real money in case of working out - you need to make a trading turnover 100 times higher than the bonus amount
  • The bonus can be canceled at any time - in this case, the bonus amount will be debited from the balance

Form for replenishing a trading account with the Quotex broker

To complete replenishing your trading account, click on the “Deposit” button and you will be redirected to the page of the deposit method you have chosen - then follow the system prompts.

Verifying your account with the Quotex binary options broker

In some cases, the Quotex broker may require you to undergo a trading account verification procedure - a procedure to confirm your identity. You will be asked for a photograph of a document - passport, driver's license - indicating that you are a real person. The procedure is simple and does not take much time. Documents can be sent in advance (even if the broker has not yet requested them) on the personal information page about the trading account:

Verifying your account with binary options broker Quotex

Unfortunately, I cannot show you the verification process itself, since my account was verified earlier, and owning two or more accounts with the Quotex broker is prohibited - this is punishable by blocking all existing accounts.

Real-time trading signals from Quotex broker – is it worth using?

The Quotex broker provides trading signals to its clients - unfortunately, I could not find what algorithms they were used to calculate. However, the broker states that the probability of a positive outcome of the transaction is very high - 70-80% of transactions will be closed in profit.

Is this real and should we trust this information from the broker? I wouldn’t trust it – the stated percentage of profitable trades is too high. In the best case, there will be 55-60 percent of profitable transactions, and maybe less - then the client will begin to lose his money instead of making money.

Of course, you can play, but using it on a regular basis is a controversial option. There is no increase in knowledge from such trading, and there is no way to check the operation of the algorithm for the appearance of signals - the pig is in a poke.

signals from binary options broker Quotex

Market or purchase bonus codes for all occasions from the Quotex broker

On the Quotex broker platform you can purchase (often given out for free) various bonus codes that will simplify your trading:
  • “Risk Free” - bonus code for canceling a losing trade (as a rule, there is a limit on the amount of a trade closed at a loss)
  • Cashback – return of a certain percentage of each unprofitable transaction within the scope of the bonus code
  • Deposit bonus – crediting an additional bonus when replenishing your trading account
  • Percentage of turnover - receive a certain percentage of the balance from each open transaction
  • Bonus to balance – transfer of bonus funds to a real account without working out the bonus
  • Cancel in X points – automatic cancellation of losing trades with a difference of several points

Market or purchase bonus codes from the Quotex broker

Tournaments at the Quotex broker with a real prize pool

Broker Quotex holds regular tournaments on its trading platform with real prize pools. Tournament conditions may vary, but, as a rule, these are paid tournaments - entry into the tournament is paid by the trader, after which the client receives access and a special tournament account. Whoever has the largest tournament balance at the end of the tournament is the winner. As a rule, there are several prize places. The prize fund is divided among all prize places in different proportions.

Tournaments at the broker Quotex

Tournaments can be one-day or take a long time. If a client loses the amount of his tournament account, he has the right to re-enter the tournament by paying a certain amount (usually it is equal to the amount of the entry fee).

Participation and tournament rules at broker Quotex

How much can you earn with the Quotex broker?

Of course, you are interested in the question: “how much can you earn on the trading platform of the Quotex broker?” Earnings depend on many components:
  • Your ability to trade binary options
  • Ability to manage your trading balance
  • A good trading strategy that will often give correct predictions
  • Amounts on the trading account
  • Ability to control your emotions
Usually, novice traders do not show fantastic results - experience comes with time. In addition, trading is more difficult than it might initially seem. Experienced traders earn very impressive amounts.

How much can you earn from Quotex? The question is complex, but if you want specifics, this is the profit for the current day of the 20 best traders:

How much do traders earn from the Quotex broker

The winner of this rating earned as much in a day as I sometimes earn in a month, and I have more than 13 years of trading experience.

Withdrawal of earnings from binary options broker Quotex

As for withdrawing earned money from the Quotex broker, the situation here is very pleasant for the client - the broker consistently withdraws even very large (by my standards) amounts. The withdrawal of funds itself can take from several minutes to days - depending on the chosen withdrawal method.

An application for withdrawal of funds must be left on the “Withdrawal” page - fill in the details fields, indicate the payment amount and confirm the application:

Withdrawing funds from the Quotex broker

Reviews from clients and traders about the broker and trading platform Quotex

Feedback from clients and traders about their trading experience with the Quotex broker is very positive. The broker is praised for its fast processing of withdrawal requests, good and convenient trading platform, functionality for opening transactions, reliability and honesty.
kamooptions - "Quotex is a good broker, I like the speed of opening transactions, the mountain chart displays the movement very well, it's bad that there is no output on maps of Ukraine (otherwise everything is fine "

Trader reviews about the Quotex broker

dlocirovka - "Quotex broker is very convenient for trading, trades are opened on time, I advise everyone, deposits and withdrawals are very fast. I will continue to trade here!"

Trader reviews about the Quotex broker 2

extezi0712 - "I recently registered and the verification process was very simple and completed within an hour. I've replenished, I'll start trading, I'll write back as soon as I withdraw the funds ! In general, the broker is trustworthy."

Trader reviews about the Quotex broker 3

Prohorovaig - "I've been trading on Quotex Broker for a week now, so far I have no complaints, my account was verified quickly, technical support responds quickly. I haven't noticed any glitches yet . Withdrawal of funds is fast."

Trader reviews about the Quotex broker 4

hahanansjs - "Quotex is currently one of the most reliable brokers, I personally am satisfied with everything, fast verification, withdrawal of funds within a few hours, top-level support service."

Trader reviews about the Quotex broker 5

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