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Grand Capital – review of a binary options broker and a forex broker

Grand Capital – review of a binary options broker and a forex broker: what are the pros and cons, find out how reliable the broker is and how much it pays, read honest reviews about the broker. Fraud or not?

In the great variety of binary options brokers available in the world, it is not so difficult to make a choice in favor of one broker or another as to find a platform that suits a trader according to all or at least many of the criteria. Which one? – honesty, solvency, easy registration and verification, clear interface of the trading terminal. In this article we will take a closer look at how close Grand Capital was able to approach these parameters.

Grand Capital is a company that has been providing Forex broker and binary options broker services since 2006. Since its inception, more than 1,500,000 active traders have registered on the site. Over the 18 years of its existence, it has received 18 awards, including “Best Forex Broker”, “Best ECN Broker”, “Best Technologies for Trading”, and received a special award for “Stability of work in the Forex market”.

Official page of forex broker Grand Capital


And so, let's go in order, starting with registration:

Registration with the binary options broker Grand Capital - official website

Registration with the Grand Capital broker is quite simple and convenient, it takes no more than 3 minutes - go to the official website

Click on the registration button and here we are asked to enter a name, e-mail, phone number (it will be needed to contact a personal manager if necessary).

Registration with forex broker Grand Capital

Registration form for forex broker Grand Capital

After registration, I recommend immediately going through identity verification.

Account verification with forex broker Grand Capital

To undergo verification, you need to enter information about yourself and upload an identification document - this could be a passport, driver’s license, bank statement, document confirming your residential address, there are quite a lot of options. The document must include your full residential address, as well as your first and last name. The document must be no older than three months from the date of receipt. A double page of your passport with registration is also suitable. If your ID document contains your residential address, you do not need to upload an additional document.

Be verified by the forex broker Grand Capital

How to open and fund an account with Grand Capital

Opening a trading account takes 1 minute, but first you need to choose one that suits your level and trading style.

Account types and how to open an account with the forex broker Grand Capital

Grand Capital broker offers several types of accounts: standard, swap free, ECN prime, MT5, micro. Every trader will find something suitable for himself.

Account types and their descriptions:

  • Standard account type is the most popular among clients. It features optimal conditions and a wide range of trading instruments: currencies, metals, CFD contracts for indices and shares, raw materials and energy futures. The minimum deposit on this account is $100. Leverage can be set from 1:1 to 1:500 when opening an account (or change it later), and trading can be carried out both in the MT4 terminal and on the Web-platform.
  • Swap free account type - made primarily for Muslims, in it Swap (commission for transferring a position to the next day) on this type of account is replaced by a fixed commission and amounts to $4. There are a large number of trading instruments available for trading, such as currency pairs, CFDs, stocks and metals.
  • Account type ECN prime - intended for experienced traders. This type of account is characterized by favorable trading conditions (low commissions and spreads from 0.4 points), access to a high liquidity market and instant execution of orders. ECN Prime accounts are ideal for scalping and robot trading. The maximum available leverage is 1:100, and the minimum deposit amount is $500.
  • MT5 account type – trading on the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. Here you can use a variety of trading instruments, including those not presented on other types of accounts. Offers a variety of additional services and allows you to use more complex trading strategies and automated trading systems
  • Micro account type – suitable for beginner traders. Trading can be carried out on Metatrader 4, Web-platform. The minimum deposit to start trading is only $10. All FOREX instruments are available for trading. Leverage from 1:1 to 1:500 is available on this account type

Comparative characteristics of accounts

Types of accounts with forex broker Grand Capital

To open an account in the Trading column, click on Open a trading account. Next, select the account you are interested in.

Open a trading account with forex broker Grand Capital

How to top up your account?

To start trading on a real account, you need to top up your balance. The minimum deposit size depends on the account type and ranges from $10 to $500. In the main menu tab Deposit and Withdrawal and select top up your account.

Replenishment methods depend on the country of residence, but there are quite a lot of them and everyone will choose the most convenient one for themselves. For example, there are such methods as: bank card, transfer from a bank account, cryptocurrency, various electronic wallets.

Top up your account with forex broker Grand Capital

Commission compensation when replenishing your account. How it works?

The commission for replenishment of most payment systems is compensated by the company. The exceptions are top-ups with cryptocurrency (in this case, the commission is determined by the blockchain) and Perfect Money (a fixed commission of 0.5% of the top-up amount). Compensation for replenishing the account is reflected in the account transaction history as an order with the comment “Deposit fee” immediately after the entry of the deposit. To transfer the bonus into ownership, it is necessary to complete a trading volume at the rate of 1 lot for every $3 of compensated commission.

Does the forex broker Grand Capital have a demo account

Yes, the broker provides the opportunity to open a demo account and test your trading strategy without financial losses. If you are a novice trader, a demo account will be an excellent start to practice and get used to the platform.

A demo account can be opened for 3 types of accounts: Real Standard, ECN Prime, MT5.

To open, click on the Trading tab and click on Demo account, then click open Demo account.

Open a demo account with forex broker Grand Capital

Pros and cons of the Grand Capital broker

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Grand Capital forex broker? Let's find out

Advantages of forex broker Grand Capital

The advantages of the Grand Capital broker include the following:

  • Availability of different types of accounts for each type of trading
  • 40% bonus on deposit for each replenishment
  • Low commissions per lot compared to other brokers
  • Availability of educational material on trading (videos, books, articles)
  • Multilingual 24/7 customer support.
  • Official member of FinCom (financial commission) - which guarantees honesty and quick resolution of issues. Since 2018, Grand Capital has been assigned the highest reliability category A
  • Availability of an affiliate program
  • Availability of demo account
  • More than 900 assets for trading
  • Investment opportunity

What are the disadvantages of the Grand Capital broker?

  • When receiving a bonus and commission compensation, you must trade a certain volume
  • Withdrawal of funds only to the payment system with which the deposit was made.

Withdrawal of funds from the Grand Capital broker. Does it withdraw money?

One of the most important questions for every trader is whether your broker, in our case Grand Capital, withdraws money? I’ll answer right away – it does. There are no problems with the conclusion correctly, but to avoid any difficulties you still have to follow some rules. One of them is that when withdrawing funds you will have to use the same payment system as when depositing. When replenishing with different types, the withdrawal will be available to the system from which the largest amount was received. Also, do not use transfers from third parties, pay from your card or account.

The output is located in the Deposit and Withdrawal tab.

Withdraw funds from your account with forex broker Grand Capital

How to make money from the Grand Capital broker. Investments and Copy trading.

A significant plus for the Grand Capital broker is the opportunity to earn money without delving into the trading itself. How? The broker offers two ways: create an investment portfolio and participate in the affiliate program.

Investments and investment portfolio. How and how much can you earn?

An investment portfolio is a fairly good tool for earning money, allowing you to get up to 25% per month, depending on the chosen investment style. There are three styles - conservative, moderate or aggressive. Example: you invest $1000 and on average you will receive $250 per month in passive income. You can either withdraw profits or invest again and get more next month.

Start investing with forex broker Grand Capital

How to start investing? First you need to open a Standard account. The minimum deposit for investing is $300. You open Investment portfolios and a specialist will contact you to create your own portfolio based on your preferences.

To open an investment portfolio, go to the Investments section and select Investment portfolios, then Order.

open an investment portfolio with forex broker Grand Capital

Next, enter the amount we want to invest, select “risk appetite”, preferred markets/areas and your desires for the portfolio (if any). An investment specialist from Grand Capital will contact you using the phone number specified during registration (they have multilingual support and with a 90% chance the specialist will speak your native language). Taking into account your preferences and all conditions, you will soon have passive income.

How to start investing with forex broker Grand Capital

What is Copy trading. How to make money from this? Become an investor or trader?

Forex broker Grand Capital provides another earning tool - Copy trading. This is a fairly simple way, you copy the transactions of successful traders on the platform and get the same income. To do this, it is not at all necessary to understand trading; it is convenient, simple, and profitable.

Earnings with the Copy trading service from the forex broker Grand Capital

How to start making money with Copy trading? First you need to open an investment wallet. In the investment tab, select “Copy trading” and “Create an invest wallet”. Done, you can start. After opening, your account will be displayed in the same tab, and there is also a button for replenishing your balance. The minimum deposit is $50. To minimize risks, you can select the trade copying ratio and set a limit on the possible loss per week. From the income received, you pay a commission to the strategy manager (the investor whose transactions you are copying), the % of the commission is set by the manager himself and is paid automatically. The commission is taken only in case of positive profitability.

Example: An investor's initial deposit is $1000, after the first trading period his balance became $1100. Manager's commission 50%. Earnings amounted to $100. 50$ - manager's commission, your balance is 1050$.

How to open a Copy Trading account with forex broker Grand Capital

But Copy trading is not only about copying; this service is suitable for you if you yourself are a successful and profitable trader. There is a second option for making money with this service - to be a trader, make transactions and receive up to 70% of the income from the profits of investors (in addition to the income from your transactions) - those people who will copy your transactions. There are several conditions to be included in the investor rating - you need to make 30 transactions on this account and receive a positive return. The system will automatically check your result and, if the conditions are met, add it to the rating. After this, access to connecting investors will be open. The higher the profitability, the higher your place in the ranking.

Since the commission payment process is completely under the control of the manager, you can choose the frequency of payments yourself: daily, weekly or monthly.

Trading with Copy Trading. Start making money on a strategy with the forex broker Grand Capital

40% bonus on any deposit, Payback service and tournaments at the forex broker Grand Capital

Forex broker Grand Capital gives investors the opportunity to receive various bonuses on an ongoing basis, announces various promotions and organizes tournaments where it identifies the best broker and rewards him.

40% deposit bonus for any replenishment

A cool thing about Grand Capital is a 40% deposit bonus for each replenishment. The maximum bonus amount received is $20,000. Profits from which can be easily withdrawn. Typically brokers provide a bonus only for the first deposit. Bonus funds are issued for a period of 6 months; you can extend the bonus for another 6 months by replenishing your account in an amount of at least 10% of the bonus amount until the bonus is written off.

Payback loyalty program

The Payback loyalty program is a daily bonus accrual in real money for active trading. The bonus will be accrued daily, starting from 6 days of continuous trading, and is available for withdrawal or use immediately after accrual. The reward depends on the assigned level, there are only 3 of them: bronze status - continuous trading from 6 to 15 days, reward 1.5 $ per 1 lot, silver status - continuous trading from 15 to 30 days, reward 2 $ per 1 lot, gold status - 31 a day or more of continuous trading - a reward of $3 per lot.

What tournaments does the forex broker Grand Capital hold?

Every week, the Grand Capital broker holds a tournament where the best trader who received the largest income in 24 hours of trading time is identified. Tools for trading - currency pairs and metals. Each participant receives control of a demo account with $10,000 and from Thursday 15:00 to Friday until 15:00 on the trading terminal, traders compete in the best trading strategy. Participation in the tournament is free and the winner receives $500 to his trading account and the funds are credited to the strategy account in Copy Trading (for traders). The winning strategy receives a special designation regarding the trader's qualifications and is widely advertised among investors.

There are 5 prize places in total, 1st place – $500 to the strategy account, 2nd place – $200 to the deposit, 3rd place – $150 to the deposit, 4th place – $125 to the deposit.

How to take part in the tournament? First, you need to register on the platform and go to the tournament page; an account for participation will be automatically created in your personal account. A letter with data for access to the tournament will be sent to your e-mail.

weekly tournament with a prize fund of $500 at the forex broker Grand Capital

Affiliate program of forex broker Grand Capital. How to earn money without investments

Are you a media personality? Do you have your own audience? Is it possible to widely advertise the product? - then the affiliate program of the forex broker Grand Capital is an opportunity for you to receive passive income from attracting clients to this platform. If you are not yet familiar with this type of earnings, we will tell you more about it.

You attract clients to the broker, the attracted clients trade on the platform, and you receive a reward from each transaction. The Grand Capital affiliate program offers 3 reward models:

  • Up to 70% of the client’s commission – 30-50% of the spread on Forex and metals; 30-40% of the commission on ECN and MT5 accounts; up to 70% of the commission on CFD contracts
  • Up to 20% from each lot sold
  • Individual payment scheme – a mixed remuneration model is possible and the schedule and frequency of payments are discussed

Where to find an affiliate link and how to attract clients?

You can find your affiliate link by going to the main menu in the “Partnership” tab and clicking on “referral setting”. On this page you can set up your referral link and find materials to attract customers - banners, informers and additional materials that you can post, for example, on your social networks or on your forum.

Affiliate program with forex broker Grand Capital

Referral link in the affiliate program of the forex broker Grand Capital

Broker Grand Capital also offers a sub-affiliate program with 5 levels. This means that if a client, after registering, uses your link to refer another client, he will also bring you passive income.

Technical support. Contacts

Multilingual support service is available 24 hours 7 days a week. For all questions, you can contact either the contacts below or your personal manager, who will contact you immediately after registration. But each department has its own work schedule.

  • Customer service department - company products, promotions and competitions, general organizational issues: e-mail -; opening hours - Mon–Fri 6:00 AM–6:00 PM (GMT)
  • Analytical department - questions to the company’s analysts: e-mail -; opening hours - Mon–Fri 7:00 AM–5:00 PM (GMT)
  • Partnership department - partnership programs, regional development issues: e-mail -; opening hours - Mon–Fri 7:00 AM–5:00 PM (GMT)
  • HR department - For employment issues, information on current vacancies: e-mail -; opening hours - Mon–Fri 7:00 AM–4:00 PM (GMT)

There are also real offices around the world.

Review results and reviews of the Grand Capital forex broker

Let's summarize our review of the Grand Capital forex broker. After getting to know the broker and trading with him for quite a long time, I had a very positive impression of this site. During my time working with him, there were no conflict situations, all operations for depositing and withdrawing funds occurred quickly and without delays, the trading platform worked without freezes, and my personal manager was in touch 24 hours and answered all my questions.

Reviews on the Internet are mostly positive. We can confidently say that compared to many other brokers, Grand Capital has proven itself very worthy.

Honest reviews from traders about the forex broker Grand Capital

Honest reviews on the Internet about the forex broker Grand Capital

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