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OlympTrade Affiliate Program - official site Affiliate KingFin: reviews of the affiliate program

OlympTrade Affiliate Program - official site Affiliate KingFin: registration and reviews of the affiliate program

One of the most popular brokers OlympTrade in addition to making money from options trading, offers a less risky and perhaps even more profitable type of income - this its affiliate program. The OlympTrade affiliate program allows you to earn passive income by inviting users to the broker. Broker OlympTrade is one of the best and most popular brokers, so attracting clients will not be a difficult task. Now let’s look at what the OlympTrade affiliate program is and how to make money from it.

Benefits of the OlympTrade affiliate program

Why choose this affiliate program? - it's all about its advantages over others. The affiliate program creates the most comfortable conditions for cooperation, offering:

  • High percentage of payments to the partner - 60% of the platform’s profits. To be honest, few can compete with her in this regard
  • Payment for registration - payment for each registered client, but this income is available only to partners with a large flow of clients (from 200 per day)
  • Almost instant payments. Not only is the money withdrawn quickly, but there are no problems with the calculation of remuneration and its transparency
  • A large selection of promotional materials and landing pages - this makes attracting customers less expensive, more convenient and progressive. After all, the more in the arsenal invitation tools, the easier it is to do this
  • Strong marketing system of the OlympTrade broker. The broker has a high conversion rate thanks to its own call center and extensive advertising
  • Work with all CIS countries and many countries on other continents
  • Competitions and promotions - the broker holds them regularly
  • Blogger support programs. YouTube marathon
  • Available free training - on the affiliate website there is a lot of material on creating and promoting channels, blogs, advertising and other methods of attracting clients

KingFin - official website of the affiliate program of brokers Olymp Trade and Doto

The official website of the affiliate program of binary options brokers OlympTrade and Doto is

official website of the KingFin affiliate program

KingFin works with partners from many countries around the world. The number of registered affiliate accounts exceeds 250 thousand - the site has been operating for more than 9 years, and the income of partners exceeds $20 million every year.

The KingFin website allows you to work with two brokers at once - Olymp Trade and Doto. Olymp Trade is a binary options broker operating in most countries of the world and having millions of clients. Doto is a newer, but no less promising CFD and Forex trading broker.

Olymp Trade and Doto in the KingFin affiliate program

KingFin promises its partners very favorable working conditions, which include:
    Transparent and detailed commission statistics Daily payments Good technical support Unique offers for partners Competitions and promotions A large number of promotional materials Working with clients from most countries of the world

working with the KingFin affiliate program

Payments of earned funds are made in several popular ways - to bank details, electronic wallets or cryptocurrency transfer.

ways to earn money on the Kingfin website

Registration in the OlympTrade affiliate program

Official affiliate program OlympTrade is located on the KingFin platform. To register, go to the KingFin website located at

On the main page, select the OlympTrade offer and click on “Become a partner”.

Registration in the OlympTrade affiliate program

Registration takes no more than 5 minutes. Enter:

  • Email - enter a currently available email, confirmation will be required
  • Password - minimum 9 characters
  • Select the type of reward and click register

Registration in the OlympTrade affiliate program

After registration, an email will be sent to the specified e-mail to confirm your email. Follow the link in the letter and registration is complete. partner’s personal account

After registering in the affiliate program OlympTrade you will have access to your personal account, where all the information is available:

  • Profile information
  • Your balance
  • Detailed account statistics - how many people followed the link, how many registered, what deposits, what payouts and more
  • Promotional materials
  • Payments
  • Affiliate Academy - platform for learning to earn money
  • Support and much more

How to attract new traders to OlympTrade?

There are different ways to attract new traders to a broker through an affiliate program.

  • Personal blog or website - thematic blogs telling about brokers are quite popular, because before a trader chooses a platform on which to To trade, he needs to make sure of the reliability and quality of the broker. The Internet will help him get this information.
  • Blog on YouTube - a blog that talks about trading strategies or gives trading signals is still in the TOP for attracting traffic
  • Groups on social networks - not bad attract additional registrations. There are many different groups, but you shouldn’t spam in each group, choose the ones that suit the format
  • Landing pages - placement of advertising banners that are available in promotional materials

Which method of attraction you choose or all at once depends only on your preferences and existing resources. In any case, with the right approach each of them will bring profit.

Promotional materials of the OlympTrade affiliate program

Promotional materials are available in your personal account to help you develop your affiliate account and make attracting traders easier and more convenient. Actively Use the opportunity to attract clients for free; the OlympTrade affiliate program has prepared all the material for this.

promotional materials to attract clients to the Olymptrade affiliate

Landing pages

Landing pages are very bright, colorful pages that attract the attention of both beginners and experienced traders. There are about 100 of them in total, for every taste and format. Each user can adjust them to their audience, for example, select a country, add your own name, nickname, group name to the link.

Landing promotional materials to attract clients to the Olymptrade


Banners are ideal for attracting traffic from related sites or any other sites. Click download ZIP, select the size, format and upload to the site.

Banner promotional materials to attract clients to the Olymptrade

Mobile applications

Using this promotional material, you can send mobile traffic directly to the download page of a mobile application on Android or iOS

mobile application promotional materials to attract clients


You can select a logo of the appropriate size, select a color, and copy the link under the logo to install

logo promotional materials to attract clients to the Olymptrade

Registration form

The registration form is a convenient way to place referral links on websites and advertising spaces. Select the desired size, color, shape and place it.

registration form, promotional materials to attract clients

OlympTrade partner tariffs

Affiliate program OlympTrade motivates its partners in every possible way, so various tariffs (levels) have been created. The more people you attract, the better your tariff and, accordingly, terms of partnership.

Tariffs and partner levels in the affiliate program Olymptrade

The tariff plan changes every 1st day of the month if the tariff conditions are met. The difference of 10% between the classic and gold tariffs with the proper number of referrals results in a serious amount in your favor.

OlympTrade referral program

Earning money from new broker clients is great, but what if the traders you attract invite new traders? The affiliate program by default provides the opportunity to earn on the invited clients of your referrals. On the classic tariff you will receive 3% of their profits. 4% on the silver tariff and 5% on gold for life. In the "attracting partners" tab You will find banners and landing pages that will help you. But you should pay attention to the restrictions, for example, you cannot register yourself through your referral link.

Important! You can invite sub-partners 15 days after registration.

How much you can earn on the OlympTrade affiliate program

Your earnings directly depend on the traders you attract. The more attracted, the greater the income. But everything depends not only on quantity, but also on quality. Sometimes one invited client brings more profit than 10 others. It's all about their deposits, top-ups, referrals invited to them. That's why try attract the target audience. Average monthly earnings range from $800 to $2,500. With the right approach and % from the OlympTrade referral program, you can earn much more.

Withdrawal of funds through the OlympTrade affiliate program

Affiliate program OlympTrade allows you to withdraw from $10 to your account. Withdrawal available after attracting 5 clients. Payments are made every day, but with a certain limit (each tariff plan has its own, minimum $5,000 per day). There are no problems with withdrawals, and by the way, this is one of the fastest affiliate programs in terms of payments, money comes from a few minutes to 2 hours.

Payments are available to the following payment systems:

  • AdvCash
  • GlobePay
  • Perfect Money
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Bitcoin
  • Wire Transfer
  • Tether
  • Some Indonesian and Indian banks

Withdrawal methods in the Olymptrade affiliate program

Reviews of the OlympTrade affiliate program

On the Internet you can find a lot of reviews about both the broker himself and his affiliate program OlympTrade. Mostly the reviews are positive and there are actually a hundred people.

Reviews about the Olymptrade affiliate program

Reviews about the Olymptrade affiliate program

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