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IQcent – broker of binary options, Forex and CFD trading, with a minimum bet amount of 1 cent

IQcent – broker of binary options, Forex and CFD trading, with a minimum bet amount of 1 cent

IQcent is a very popular broker that provides binary options (classic binary options) and CFD trading services on its trading platform. A distinctive feature of the broker is the ability to open transactions for 1 cent (depending on the currency you chose when registering your account). In addition, the broker's platform allows you to copy transactions of other traders automatically, and the minimum deposit is only $10.


Official website of the broker IQcent - o

The official website of the broker providing binary options and CFD trading services, IQcent, is located at - o

official website of broker IQ Cent

Trading conditions offered by the IQcent broker:
  • Own trading platform for trading binary options and CFDs
  • Payouts for correct predictions - up to 98% (binary options)
  • A transaction can be opened for an amount starting from 1 cent
  • Minimum deposit – $10
  • There are turbo options - trades from 5 seconds
  • More than 100 assets for trading
  • CFD trading
  • Trading any day of the week and time, thanks to cryptocurrencies and OTC assets
  • Fast payouts and many ways to fund your trading account
  • The trading platform is available in several languages (if your language is not in the list, the platform can always be translated into the desired language using standard browser tools)
  • The referral program is built into the trading account - you will receive 20% of the deposit amount of the invited friend
  • It is possible to copy transactions of other traders
  • 24/7 technical support
  • It is possible to try out the functionality of the trading platform without registering an account

advantages of broker IQ Cent

The convenient copy trades feature allows you to independently select traders to copy their trades. After setup, all transactions will be opened automatically - you will only need to control the balance size.

copying transactions of other traders from the broker IQ Cent

Registering a trading account with the CFD and binary options broker IQcent

Registering a trading account with the IQcent broker is quite simple, but there are a number of points that are worth paying special attention to. To register you need to fill in the following information:
  • Email address
  • Create a strong password
  • Indicate your first and last name
  • Indicate your country and your mobile phone number (indicate real data)
  • Select the trading account currency (you cannot change the currency)
  • Read and agree to the user agreement

registering a new trading account with broker IQ Cent

There is a clause in the user agreement that prohibits one person from owning more than one trading account - for violation of this clause, all user accounts will be frozen and the withdrawal of funds will be stopped. The reason for such serious sanctions is very simple - a referral system is built into the broker’s trading account (each client can invite friends and receive a percentage of their deposits), and the company is not interested in clients registering using their own referral links.

Types of trading accounts with IQcent broker

The IQcent broker has 5 types of trading accounts - the gradation occurs depending on the amount of replenishment of the trading account (deposits are summed up and over time you will become the owner of a higher account status):
  • Standard – deposits up to $50
  • Bronze – deposit amount from $50
  • Silver - deposit amount from $1000
  • Gold - deposit amount from $5000
  • VIP - deposit amount from $50,000
The account level affects the payout percentage for a correct forecast when trading binary options, limits for copying trades, withdrawal processing time, and the size of the welcome bonus.

Standard is a basic account type, so it does not provide any benefits for the client.

account types

Trading platform of the broker IQcent (binary options)

The trading platform of the IQcent broker is based on a very functional chart for technical analysis - Trading View.

trading platform for binran options at broker IQcent

Most of the screen is occupied by the price chart of the selected asset, which can be in the form of a line, zone, or Japanese candlesticks. It is also possible to switch to the chart from Trading View and use all its functionality to analyze price movement (indicators, tools for drawing and adding levels, zones, and so on). It is worth noting that a regular candlestick chart from a broker is a greatly reduced version of the Trading View chart, so there is no need to use it. Switching between charts occurs here:

displaying price charts at broker IQcent

Nearby is a button for selecting assets for trading:

choosing an asset to trade with the IQcent broker

More than one hundred assets available:
  • Currency pairs
  • Indices
  • Cryptocurrency
  • OTC assets
  • Products
Trading is possible both on a real account and on a demo account, which is designed to get acquainted with the trading platform and practice your skills. The balance on the demo account is $10,000. You can switch to a demo account here:

switching between demo and real account with broker IQcent

You can add a huge number of different indicators for technical analysis to the broker’s price chart, which will help you make the right forecast or allow you to develop your own trading strategy based on several graphic indicators:

indicators on the IQcent broker trading platform

Broker IQcent allows you to open transactions in amounts starting from 1 cent (in the currency of your account). To activate this function, you need to click on the corresponding button (according to the standard, all transactions will be opened for at least $1):

cent trading with broker IQcent

As for the panel for opening trades on binary options, it is very standard:
  • You need to choose the type of trading: turbo (for opening trades for several minutes), intraday trading (trades for several hours), Long term (trades for several days). On a tick chart you can open trades with an expiration time of 5 seconds or more
  • Select the expiration time - it can be fixed (time-based) or floating (the deal will be open for exactly the amount of time that you specify)
  • Indicate the investment amount: on the cent account you indicate the amount in cents, on the standard account - the amount in dollars (or in the currency selected during registration)
  • According to your forecast, click on one of the buttons to open a trade (up or down)

panel for opening a trade on binary options IQcent

A trade is considered profitable if, at the time of closing, the price has moved towards your forecast by at least 1 point - in this case, you earn a percentage of the bet amount (the percentage is known before the start of trading). If your prediction is not justified, you lose the bet amount.

Forex and CFD trading with IQcent broker

CFD trading on the IQcent broker platform allows you to make money on trend price movements - the further the price moves towards your forecast, the more profit you will earn. The risk is known in advance, and each transaction can be limited by Stop Loss (loss limitation) and Take Profit (automatic closing of the transaction in profit) levels.

To switch to the CFD trading platform at the IQcent broker, you need to go to the appropriate section or select assets for CFD trading:

Forex and CFD trading with broker IQcent

Technically and functionally, the CFD platform is no different from the binary options platform. The only differences are in the method of opening trades, and there are also several important nuances that are worth knowing about.

First of all, it’s worth talking about leverage. In simple words, leverage allows you to invest a smaller amount and open transactions with a larger volume - the greater the leverage, the lower the risk (the balance of the transaction will gradually increase or decrease smoothly - it is easy to control). In addition, the amount of leverage directly affects the amount you will need to trade CFD instruments.

Different assets allow you to trade with different leverage:
  • Currency pairs – leverage from 1300 to 1500
  • Products and indices – 1500
  • Cryptocurrencies - 10
Obviously, cryptocurrencies are high-risk assets - you will need a significant balance to trade them, but in return you will get the opportunity to make a quick profit (or quickly lose the amount of your investment). All other assets are less risky and do not require a large amount of money in the account.

The principle of opening a transaction on a Forex and CFD instrument is as follows:
  • Decide on the forecast and click on the appropriate button (Bay or Sell)
  • Choose the method of opening a deal - at the current price or set up a pending deal (once the price reaches the specified level)
  • Indicate “Quantity” - this parameter affects the investment amount. The higher the leverage, the higher the value you can specify. This parameter affects the rate of growth or loss of the transaction balance.
  • The leverage is indicated for each asset
  • Margin requirement – the amount required to open a transaction
  • Take Profit – price level, upon reaching which the transaction will be automatically closed in profit
  • Stop Loss – price level, upon reaching which the transaction will automatically close at a loss
  • Open a trade by clicking on the confirm button

panel for opening CFD transactions at broker IQcent

By specifying the Take Profit and Stop Loss values, you will see the real risks in the transaction, and also understand how much you can earn. It is recommended to set the ratio of Stop Loss to Take Profit as 1:3 (one unit of risk should account for 3 units of potential profit).

Replenishment of the trading balance and withdrawal of funds from the IQcent broker

To replenish your trading account with the IQcent broker, go to the finance section:

replenishment of a trading account with broker IQcent

The trade balance can be replenished using:
  • Bank cards
  • Electronic wallets (popular wallets in your country)
  • Cryptocurrencies
The minimum deposit amount is $10.

To withdraw funds, you need to go through the verification procedure - confirm your identity by sending the necessary documents to the broker. In most cases, withdrawals are available using the same methods that were available to you when funding your trading account.

The speed of withdrawal of funds depends on the workload of the financial department of the IQcent broker and on the level of your account (the higher the account level, the shorter the waiting time for payment). The processing time of the application may be affected by the method you choose - the receiving party may subject the transfer to additional checks, which will increase the actual receipt of money.

Affiliate or referral program with broker IQcent

Broker IQcent invites all its clients to participate in the referral (affiliate) program - after registering a trading account, you will have access to a unique referral link. If you distribute this link (promote the IQcent broker) and new clients register using it, then as a thank you, the broker will credit your affiliate balance with 20% of the amount of each deposit of your referrals.

IQcent broker referral or affiliate program

Affiliate rewards work according to the CPA model - payment per action. According to this commission model, you, as an advertiser, do not care what results the invited clients trade with - in any case, you will receive your profit in the form of a fixed percentage.

Earnings in the affiliate program can be transferred to the trading balance, after which you can trade with these funds yourself or request the amount of the received commission to be withdrawn from the broker’s trading platform.

Function of copying transactions on the trading platform of the IQcent broker

The function of copying transactions on the trading platform of the IQcent broker is as simple as possible. You need to select from the list of traders whose transactions you will copy, indicate the transaction amount and confirm activation.

copying transactions of experienced traders from the broker IQcent

On the downside, the list does not consist of hundreds or thousands of traders, but of the ten most successful clients over the last 30 days. There are also no trading statistics - only the percentage of earnings, based on which it is impossible to understand how the client achieved such a profit (are these the results of stable profitable trading or just a few large transactions opened for luck).

Please note that your account level may limit the amount you can invest in copying other traders' trades.

Is it worth trading with the IQcent broker - results

In the end, I would like to summarize – tell you what I liked and what I didn’t like about the IQcent broker:
  • You can trade with a minimum amount of 1 cent – this is a huge plus. I always welcome opportunities to reduce risks, especially if the client does not have many years of trading experience
  • Very functional, fast and convenient trading platform
  • Binary options – from 5 seconds to several days (excellent choice)
  • It is possible to try the trading platform without registration
  • Not all the features of the trading platform can be tested on a demo account - in my opinion, this is a huge drawback. If you want to get all the functionality, pay!
  • Many ways to deposit and withdraw funds
  • Working with traders from many countries around the world
  • The trading platform is translated into only a few languages (the problem is solved by the translator built into the browser)
  • Clear Forex and CFD trading
  • Large selection of assets for trading
  • An affiliate program is immediately built into the account - you can use it, or you can ignore it
  • A simple, but not the most functional function for copying transactions of other broker clients
It seems to me that the broker has more advantages than disadvantages, but, of course, only you can decide!

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