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OlympTrade – broker of binary options, CFD and Forex trading: review of the trading platform of the OlympTrade broker

OlympTrade – broker of binary options, CFD and Forex trading: review of the trading platform of the OlympTrade broker

OlympTrade appeared in 2014 and began its activities as a binary options broker with its own trading platform. Now the list of broker's capabilities has become wider - it is now possible to trade CFD and Forex contracts. Over the entire period of operation, several tens of millions of clients have registered with the OlympTrade broker - this is one of the largest brokers that allows trading binary options.

Advantages and benefits of the broker and trading platform OlympTrade

The advantages of the trading platform of the OlympTrade broker include the following:
  • Own trading platform that allows you to trade binary options, CFDs and Forex
  • Convenient mobile application
  • Functional application for a personal computer
  • Ability to replenish your trading account with an amount starting from $10
  • Minimum transaction amount – from $1
  • Many indicators for technical analysis
  • Paid and free trading signals
  • Lots of assets to trade
  • Trading any day of the week and at any time
  • Many ways to replenish your trading account and withdraw funds
  • Ability to open several trading accounts in different currencies on one account
  • Having a limitless demo account to get acquainted with the trading platform

Official website of the binary options broker OlympTrade -

Official website of the CFD and binary options broker OlympTrade -

official website of the broker OlympTrade

The OlympTrade broker operates in more than 130 countries around the world, the trading platform is translated into many languages, which allowed the broker to exceed the mark of 88 million registered client accounts.

achievements of the OlympTrade broker

OlympTrade allows you to trade on three instruments:
  • Binary options or contracts with a limited expiration time
  • Ability to buy and sell shares
  • CFD trading

trading tools of the broker OlympTrade

You can trade both on the OlympTrade broker website and through an application for a personal computer or mobile device:

Trading from different devices with the OlympTrade broker

The broker provides each client with access to a demo account to get acquainted with the trading platform and to build a profitable trading strategy. In addition, OlympTrade has risk-free transactions - the opportunity not to lose the bet amount if the forecast turns out to be unprofitable. To expand your trading capabilities, there is a Market - the opportunity to buy subscriptions to signals or increase the profitability of your trading account:

demo trading and risk-free transactions with the OlympTrade broker

Registration and verification of a trading account with the binary options broker OlympTrade

Registration with the OlympTrade broker is quite simple - you need to fill out the usual registration form:

registering a trading account with the broker OlympTrade

In the personal settings section, you must indicate your name and contact phone number:

personal data from the broker OlympTrade

Account verification is not necessary in all cases, but the OlympTrade broker may at any time ask you to send documents confirming your identity - be prepared for this:

account verification with broker OlympTrade

Trading platform for binary options broker, CFD and Forex trading OlympTrade

The OlympTrade broker has its own trading platform that allows you to trade both binary options and CFD instruments:

OlympTrade broker trading platform

  • Almost the entire screen is occupied by the price chart of the selected asset
  • To the right of the chart is the form for opening trades
  • The lower left corner is occupied by chart settings icons - here you can switch the type of chart construction or add technical analysis indicators
  • At the top is a window for selecting and switching between assets
  • Upper right corner – display of the current balance and the main menu of the trading platform (opens by clicking on the profile picture)
As for assets for trading, they are divided into three groups:
  • Fixed Time – binary options with a fixed expiration time
  • Forex – CFD trading with the ability to set Stop Loss and Take Profit, as well as the ability to open pending orders
  • Stocks – buying and selling shares within the trading platform (you do not become the owners of the purchased shares, but simply earn money by trading them)
There are a lot of assets for trading - there are both currency pairs, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies, as well as OTC assets (assets whose price is generated by the trading platform of the OlympTrade broker and which are available for trading even at times when the real market is not working):

trading assets with the broker OlympTrade

To switch between trading accounts (for example, select a demo account), you need to click on the current balance window:

switching between trading accounts on the OlympTrade platform

Here you can add a trading account in another currency, including cryptocurrency - please note that different trading accounts can be replenished in different ways, and the minimum deposit amount may differ. For example, to replenish a trading account with USDT (cryptocurrency equal to the USD exchange rate), the minimum replenishment amount will be 10 USDT, but to replenish a USD account, the minimum replenishment amount will be $19.

adding a trading account in another currency

You can change the type of display of the price chart by clicking on the corresponding icon. It is possible to choose one of four charts - Japanese candles, Heikin Ashi, bars, line chart:

price chart display settings

In the technical analysis section, you can add indicators or geometric shapes (rectangles, lines, zones, etc.) to the price chart:

OlympTrade chart technical analysis indicators

For candlestick charts, it is possible to select a time frame - it is possible to select one of the proposed time frames: from a few seconds to a month:

choosing a price chart time frame

The payout for a correct forecast depends on the asset, time of day, day of the week and can reach up to 96%.

How to trade binary options and CFDs on the OlympTrade broker trading platform

In order to start trading binary options with the OlympTrade broker, you need:
  • Select an asset from the Fixed Time section
  • Indicate the investment amount - the minimum amount is $1
  • Specify expiration time - from 5 seconds on the Quickler asset to several hours on other assets
  • Click on the open trade button – up and down arrows
  • At the moment of closing the transaction, if your forecast turned out to be correct, you receive a predetermined percentage of profit. If your prediction turns out to be incorrect, then you lose the bet amount.

binary options with broker OlympTrade

You can also set parameters for a pending transaction, which will be opened at a certain time or when the desired price level is reached:

pending transactions with the OlympTrade broker

Trading Forex and CFDs with the OlypTrade broker is almost the same as trading binary options:
  • You must select an asset from the “Forex” section
  • Indicate the investment amount - this is the maximum amount that you can lose in a transaction if you do not specify Stop Loss
  • Select the “Multiplier” value - this parameter, like leverage, affects the rate of balance change in each individual transaction. By changing this parameter, you can earn more for a correct forecast, but also in the case when the price moves against your forecast, you will lose money faster
  • Specify the Stop Loss and Take Profit values. It is recommended to use a ratio of 1:3 - for every dollar of risk there should be 3 dollars of potential profit. For example, you want to earn $150 per trade - in this case, Stop Loss should not exceed $50
  • Open a deal by clicking on the arrow button - up or down
  • Wait for the deal to close and make a profit if the forecast was correct. Also, the client has the opportunity to close the transaction early

Forex and CFD trading on the OlympTrade broker platform

Please note that CFDs have a commission when opening a transaction - this is an analogue of the Spread parameter (the difference between the purchase price and the sale price), but OlympTrade has its own and how it is calculated is not entirely clear. In fact, this parameter sets a losing zone around the current price - as soon as the price leaves this zone towards the forecast, the transaction will begin to make a profit:

commission on CFD assets at the broker OlympTrade

Depositing a trading account and withdrawing funds from the OlympTrade broker

To replenish your trading account with the OlympTrade broker, you need to click on the “Payments” button and select “Deposit” or open the section for switching between trading accounts, and then select which trading account you want to replenish:

replenishment of a trading account with the broker OlympTrade

Here you need to indicate the replenishment amount, as well as indicate the method of replenishing the account - choose from those proposed. Payment methods may vary depending on your country of residence, but OlympTrade is committed to ensuring that you always have convenient and secure ways to fund your trading account:

choosing a method to replenish your OlympTrade trading account

The last step is to confirm the deposit to your trading account and follow the system prompts of your chosen method. Funds, in most cases, will be credited to your balance instantly. If you fund your trading account using cryptocurrency, then you will have to wait a little - such transfers are carried out through confirmation, which can take several minutes.

To withdraw funds, usually the same methods are available as for replenishment - you need to create a withdrawal request, and then wait for the funds to be credited to your card, e-wallet or bank account. Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. In some cases, the OlympTrade broker may temporarily suspend payments and ask the client to undergo an account verification procedure - to send documents confirming the client’s identity. After passing the identity verification procedure, the ban on withdrawal of funds will be lifted, and the trader can continue to withdraw money from the OlympTrade trading platform.

Market section on the trading platform of the OlympTrade broker

The Market section is a trading platform where you can buy for real money both access to trading signals and a visual theme for the OlympTrade trading platform. The quality of the goods ranges from "very necessary" to "useless garbage". In the Market section you can buy:
  • Trading signals for different assets and obtained in different ways
  • Improved features of your trading account – for example, increased payout percentage
  • Unique trading strategies created by experienced traders
  • Just trading strategies created by... someone...
  • Trading indicators
  • Themes for the trading platform
  • Trading advisors
Who buys all this?! It is worth noting that most of the products are sold on a subscription basis - you will have to pay a certain amount of dollars every month in order to receive additional signals or have an increased payout percentage for the correct forecast. For example, this is what is offered in the “Expert” package for $399 per month:

trading expert status in Market OlympTrade

But I can’t imagine who needs paid trading strategies from the indicators of the OlympTrade broker’s trading platform. Moreover, technical analysis indicators are sold. Needless to say, all these products can be found on the Internet completely free of charge. In addition, the quality of these products may be questionable.

Here is a trading strategy consisting of three Relative Strength Index indicators (no one has ever done this - a sensation!) - pay $30 per month to use this unique idea! Wonderful!

selling trading strategies in Market OlympTrade

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