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Binomo is a binary options and CFD broker with a good reputation, launched in 2014

Binomo is a binary options and CFD broker with a good reputation, launched in 2014

Binomo is one of the reliable binary options brokers that allows you to trade on its own trading platform. The broker began its activities in 2014, which already says a lot - Binomo is not a fly-by-night broker. The broker is also doing great with payments of earned funds. A minimum deposit of $10 and the presence of a demo account allow you to get acquainted with the broker's trading platform without major investments.

Advantages and advantages of the binary options broker Binomo

The advantages of the binary options broker Binomo include the following:
  • Unlimited demo account for testing trading strategies and getting to know the functionality of the trading platform
  • Own trading platform
  • Payments for a correct forecast on binary options – up to 90%
  • Minimum deposit – from $10
  • Many different bonuses for replenishing your account
  • More than 70 assets for trading binary options
  • The minimum transaction amount is $1
  • Ability to trade on weekends
  • The optimal number of indicators for technical analysis of charts
  • Regulation is handled by the International Financial Commission
  • The broker has many awards in different categories
  • The trading platform and official website are translated into many languages
  • Many ways to deposit and withdraw funds
  • Fast processing of withdrawal requests
  • Millions of registered trader accounts from all over the world
  • Availability of a mobile application for trading
  • Trading CFD instruments with fixed risk

Official website of the binary options and CFD broker Binomo -

The official website of the binary options broker Binomo is located at

official website of the broker Binomo

The minimum investment amount per transaction with the Binomo broker is $1, and the minimum amount to replenish a trading account is $10. You can trade at any time, including on weekends, and there is no limit on the number of open transactions:

advantages of trading with broker Binomo

You can trade binary options with the Binomo broker both through the Web platform on the broker’s official website, and through a mobile application installed on devices with the Android and iOS operating systems:

Binomo broker trading platforms

For its clients, binary options broker Binomo provides:
  • Unlimited demo account to practice your trading skills
  • Online support – the client can always contact the support service and get answers to his questions
  • Free trading educational materials

demo account and training with broker Binomo

To ensure account security, the Binomo broker has a number of protective measures:
  • The broker can request the client to undergo an identity verification procedure - the document approval procedure itself is powered by artificial intelligence technologies, so it takes no more than two minutes
  • Two-factor authentication - logging into your account not only using the set password, but also using an additional one-time code generated in a special application from Google
  • Protection of funds transfers using PCI technology

account protection and fast verification Binomo

Registration of a trading account and verification with the binary options broker Binomo

In order to register a trading account with the Binomo broker, you need to go to the broker’s official website and click on the “Sign Up” button:

registering a trading account with broker Binomo

It is also possible to try out the trading platform without registering an account; to do this, you need to click on the “Try demo” button. Be sure to make sure that you are on the broker’s official website - there are many scammers on the Internet who use a similar website design and can get your personal data!

The next registration step is to fill out a simple form:
  • You must provide an email address and password
  • Select the currency of the trading account (this parameter cannot be changed later)
  • There is also the ability to log in via social networks

Binomo broker registration form

After registering a trading account with the Binomo broker, an email will be sent to the specified email address with a link to confirm registration. Next, the broker will offer to strengthen your account security: link your mobile phone number and enable two-factor authentication (2FA):

account security settings at broker Binomo

To complete the registration of a trading account, you need to fill out a personal data form - based on this data, the identity verification procedure will be carried out (the broker may request documents confirming the data you specified during registration):

personal account details with broker Binomo

A demo account is available immediately after registering an account, so you can proceed to get acquainted with the trading platform of the Binomo broker.

Trading platform of binary options broker Binomo

Binary options and CFD trading broker Binomo has its own trading platform, which allows you to open trades on both classic binary options and Blitz options, but also has the ability to trade CFD contracts (which are only available on the old version of the Binomo trading platform).

binary options trading platform binomo

  • The entire central part of the trading platform is occupied by the price chart of the selected asset
  • Above the chart there is a panel for selecting an asset for trading and a bar for quickly switching between recent assets
  • In the lower left corner is the price chart settings panel
  • To the right of the chart is the panel for opening trades
The Binomo broker's assets are divided into three categories:
  1. FTT – trading binary options with a fixed expiration time
  2. 5ST – assets for Blitz trading (all trades open for 5 seconds)
  3. CFD – CFD trading is only available on the old version of the trading platform

assets for trading with broker Binomo

There are 75 assets available for trading, it is worth noting that the number of assets directly depends on your account level - the most assets are available with the “VIP” and “Prestige” account status. Payouts for a correct forecast are up to 90%, but also depend on the account level, trading time, and market volatility.

In the price chart settings panel you can find:
  • Window with selection of chart time frame
  • Chart type: Japanese candles, bars, line chart
  • Window for adding indicators to the price chart
  • Adding levels, lines, figures to the chart
  • Enabling the function of displaying two graphs in one window
The time frame of the current chart is selected here:

changing the time frame of the chart on the Binomo platform

On the Binomo broker platform, you can change the type of display of the price chart:

Binomo price chart display view

You can add indicators to the price chart of the Binomo broker for technical analysis of charts (some indicators are only available in the old version of the broker's trading platform):

adding indicators to the Binomo broker price chart

In addition to indicators, you can add levels, lines, and geometric shapes to the price chart:

Drawing tools on the Binomo broker platform

If necessary, you can divide the work area into two charts - each chart can be customized or indicators can be added to it:

two charts in one window at the Binomo broker

Switching from a demo account to a real account occurs in the window displaying the current balance:

switching between a demo account and a real account with the binomo

The panel for opening transactions for trading binary options is as simple as possible:
  • You must indicate the investment amount (minimum amount is $1)
  • Select expiration time
  • Click on the button to open a deal - up or down
  • The deal will open instantly. It is necessary to wait until the transaction is closed and, depending on the result, the client’s balance will be credited with the profit known before opening the transaction, or the transaction will be considered unprofitable, and the trader will lose the bet amount

binary options at broker Binomo

Blitz options or 5ST options look like this:

Blitz options at broker Binomo

  • Trading is carried out only on a few assets offered by the broker
  • The trader is asked to indicate only the investment amount
  • Expiration time is fixed and is 5 seconds
  • The trade is opened in one of the directions: up or down
  • If the forecast was correct and the price moved at least one pips towards the forecast, then the trader receives a fixed payment. Otherwise, the transaction is considered unprofitable and the client loses the bet amount

CFD trading on the Binomo broker platform

CFD trading with the Binomo broker is only available on the old version of the trading platform - it has exactly the same functionality as the new version, so there is no point in analyzing it in detail. The main difference is the ability to trade CFDs. To do this, the broker provides several assets:

assets for CFD trading at broker Binomo

CFD trading on the Binomo broker platform occurs as follows:
  • The trader indicates the amount he wants to invest in opening the contract
  • The Multiplier value is a type of leverage. The higher this value is, the faster funds will be earned or lost in an open transaction
  • You must select the forecast direction - up or down
  • Open a deal

CFD trading with broker Binomo

For each open transaction, a commission of 0.02% of the transaction amount is charged. The transaction can be closed at any time, thereby recording profit or loss. The speed of earnings directly depends on the Multiplier parameter specified when opening a deal. The trader risks only the amount specified in the transaction parameters before opening the contract. In this CFD trading mode, there are no Stop Loss or Take Profit values - the transaction can only be closed automatically (if the transaction balance is 0) or by a trader fixing profits or losses.

Depositing a trading account and withdrawing funds from the Binomo broker

To replenish your trading account with the Binomo broker, you must go to the replenishment page or click on the “Deposit” button, then indicate your country of residence and select one of the available methods for replenishing your trading account:

replenishment of a trading account with the Binomo broker

In the next window, you must specify the replenishment amount, as well as set the settings for receiving bonus funds (if necessary). Next, you should confirm the payment and follow the system prompts of the method you have chosen:

confirmation of account replenishment from broker binomo

For withdrawals, as a rule, the same methods are available as for deposits. Withdrawal requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis and rarely exceed the waiting time of 24 hours (most withdrawals are completed within 30 minutes). The Binomo broker has no commission for withdrawing funds.

withdrawal of funds from broker Binomo

Statuses of trading accounts with the Binomo broker

The status of a trading account with the Binomo broker affects the profitability of assets if the forecast is correct, allows you to quickly withdraw funds from your trading account, and provides access to a larger number of trading instruments and assets. The Binomo broker has only 5 trading account statuses:
  • Free – status is assigned immediately after registration
  • Standard – deposit amount not less than $10
  • Gold - deposit amount of at least $500
  • VIP - deposit amount not less than $1000
  • Prestige - deposit amount of at least $3000
Account status is assigned once - upon reaching a certain threshold for replenishing the account. All client deposits are summed up and, if you are an active trader, then soon enough you will have the maximum account status.

Standard status allows you to:
  • Trading 48 assets
  • Have payments for a correct forecast up to 85%
  • Receive payments within three days
  • Bonus – up to 100% on deposit
Gold account status has the following characteristics:
  • Trading 61 assets
  • Payments for correct predictions up to 90%
  • Processing withdrawal requests within 24 hours
  • Bonus – up to 150% of the deposit amount
  • Cashback – 5%
VIP status allows you to:
  • Trading 75 assets
  • Payments for correct predictions up to 90%
  • Processing withdrawal requests within 4 hours
  • Bonus – up to 200% of the deposit amount
  • Cashback – 10%
  • Participation in VIP tournaments
  • Availability of risk-free transactions
Prestige status allows you to:
  • Trading 75 assets
  • Payments for correct predictions up to 90%
  • Processing withdrawal requests within 4 hours
  • Bonus – up to 300% of the deposit amount
  • Cashback – 15%
  • Access to the best tournaments
  • Availability of risk-free transactions

account status on the Binomo broker platform

Tournaments on the Binomo trading platform

Broker Binomo regularly holds tournaments with real prize pools on its trading platform. There are tournaments in which participation is available only after an initial payment, but there are also free tournaments - anyone can participate in them.

tournaments at broker Binomo

The essence of any tournament with the Binomo broker is to have more funds on a special trading balance than your opponents by the end of the tournament. All participants start the tournament on equal terms – usually 100 tournament units. If a participant loses his entire balance, then he has the right to re-enter the tournament by paying the re-entry amount (the amount is debited from the trading balance) - this can be done an unlimited number of times. At the end of the tournament, the prize fund is proportionally divided between all prize places - the greater the amount in your tournament balance, and the higher your place in the tournament table, the larger your prize will be.

Paid tournaments have an impressive prize fund and up to 100 prize places (the prize fund will be divided between these places), but it is also worth considering that you will have to pay a significant amount for participation and re-entry into the tournament:

paid tournament at broker Binomo

Free tournaments at the Binomo broker are available to everyone. As the name suggests, you do not need an initial payment to participate in these tournaments, but you will have to pay to re-enter the tournament. The prize fund here is much smaller than in paid tournaments, and there are not so many prize places themselves - it is more difficult to become a winner and receive a prize:

free tournament on the Binomo broker platform

If you have trading skills, then tournaments can be an excellent source of income - you should not miss this opportunity.

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