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Tickz – binary options broker for trading tick and short-term options

Tickz – binary options broker for trading tick and short-term options

Tickz is a classic binary options broker that allows you to open trades on its own trading platform. The broker has a number of advantages over its competitors - a stable high payout percentage for a correct forecast, a convenient trading platform and many different bonuses for replenishing a trading account. Tickz positions itself as a broker for Blitz options - trades are opened for a few seconds (tick trading)


Official website of the binary options broker Tickz -

The official website of the classic binary options broker Tickz is located at -

official website of the broker Tickz

The broker offers cooperation on the following terms:
  • Trading is carried out on our own functional trading platform
  • Various assets are available for trading - currency pairs, stocks, indices, OTC assets, commodities
  • Trade is possible at any time of the day, including on weekends
  • The minimum deposit available with the Tickz broker is $10
  • Minimum transaction amount – $1
  • There is a mobile application for Android
  • Tickz broker works with traders from many countries around the world
  • There are tournaments for clients
  • Convenient bonus system
  • High percentage of payouts for correct predictions
  • Social trading and trading signals
  • It is possible to try the trading platform without registering an account

a large selection of assets for trading at the Tickz broker

Broker Tickz approximately appeared in 2019-2020. During this time, millions of clients from more than a hundred countries around the world have registered with the broker.

advantages of binary options broker Tickz

Registering a new trading account with the Tickz broker

Registering a trading account with the Tickz broker takes less than a minute – the registration form is as simple as possible. Required:
  • Enter email address
  • Create a strong password
  • Read and agree to the terms of working with the Tickz broker
  • Confirm your email address using a letter from the broker

registration form for a new trading account with the Tickz broker

Upon registration, you will be offered a unique welcome bonus that allows you to double your deposit amount. In addition, before registering a trading account, you can familiarize yourself with the functionality of the trading platform by using the demo mode.

Depositing a trading account and withdrawing funds on the Tickz broker platform

After registering a trading account, you will be offered to fund your trading account and take advantage of the welcome bonus - whether to do this or not is up to you. You can also use a promo code that will allow you to receive a 120% bonus on the replenishment amount (the welcome bonus from the broker is only 100% on the replenishment amount):


Methods for funding your trading account depend on the country in which you live. Mainly:
  • Bank cards Visa and Master Card
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Electronic wallets used in your region
The minimum deposit amount is $10 - the broker does not have a barrier deposit amount, so he welcomes clients with any income and trading experience.

After funding your account, the broker may request documents confirming your identity, so enter only your data to which you have access.

Withdrawals also very much depend on the region of your residence - withdrawals are mainly available to cards of local banks and using cryptocurrency, as well as to electronic wallets. Withdrawal requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Typically, the broker processes the application within several hours.

Trading platform of binary options broker Tickz

The trading platform of the binary options broker Tickz allows you to trade classic binary options (up/down) and make a profit if the price, at the time of closing the transaction, moves at least 1 point towards your forecast. The payout percentage for a correct forecast is very high and reaches 95% (depending on the asset, time and day of trading).

Tickz broker trading platform

Most of the trading platform is occupied by the price chart of the selected asset. At the top there is a panel for switching between a demo account and a real account, as well as a button to enter the finance section - here you can go to the page for replenishing a trading account or make a request to withdraw earned funds.

A large number of assets are available for trading with different payout percentages for a correct forecast and different operating hours (for example, currency pairs and stocks are available for trading only on weekdays - during the work of the global foreign exchange market). Switching between assets occurs in a separate window:

choosing an asset to trade with the Tickz broker

OTC assets are over-the-counter trading assets or internal assets on a broker's trading platform. They are available at any time, and the price is determined by special algorithms exclusively on the Tickz trading platform - it is impossible to find these assets on independent sites or platforms.

The price chart can be customized at your discretion:
  • There is a choice in displaying price movement. The chart can be constructed in the form of: lines, Japanese candles, zones, bars
  • Time frame – from 5 seconds in one candle and more. Since trades are opened for a few seconds, there is no need to switch to hourly or daily charts (but this option is available on the broker’s platform)
  • You can add technical analysis indicators to the price chart, which will help you make the right forecast - each of the indicators can be finely tuned, which only increases the benefit of their readings

price chart settings panel on the Tickz platform

The price chart displays transactions of other clients of the Tickz broker, as well as the amount for which these transactions were opened: red indicates transactions for a decrease in price, green indicates forecasts for an increase. The expiration time is fixed for everyone, so the results of other traders are easy to track.

At the very bottom of the trading platform there is a panel responsible for opening transactions:
  • Here you can specify the amount of investment in the transaction - the minimum amount is $1
  • Indicate the direction of your forecast - up or down
  • Select the transaction opening price (Strike rates list) – the percentage of payout for a correct forecast will depend on this. A deal can be opened both at the current price and on more favorable terms (receiving less profit for a correct forecast), or, conversely, a deal can be opened with greater risk, but the expected profit will be greater.

selecting the opening price of a transaction with the Tickz broker

Trading results can always be viewed in the “Deals” section - here there is detailed information about each completed transaction:
  • The asset on which the transaction was opened
  • Opening price and closing price of the transaction
  • A chart showing the price movement from the moment of opening to the moment of closing of the transaction
  • Payout percentage for correct prediction
  • Trading date and time

trading results with broker Tickz

The “Trends” tab shows trading signals from the Tickz broker platform - I won’t say how accurate they are, because I don’t really trust the signals from the broker. Of course, in each specific case, you need to personally test this function and look at the results. It seems to me that signals are generated quite simply - readings from several technical analysis indicators are taken and a signal for an increase or decrease is generated based on this data.

trading signals on the Tickz broker platform

The “Social” tab allows you to switch to social trading – the results of the most productive traders and the amount of their earnings over a certain time are displayed here. In addition, the assets that other clients of the Tickz broker are trading are displayed here - thanks to this data, you can go to the desired asset and see the transactions of other traders. Whether to copy such trading or not is up to you to decide. On my own behalf, I will say that the function is very interesting and deserves attention.

social trading with binary options broker Tickz

The demo account is replenished by participating in free tournaments - you just need to open trades: the more you earn during the tournament, the greater the amount your demo account will increase:

tournaments at broker Tickz

Such tournaments take place every 10 seconds. The point is to gain experience in tick trading, without the risk of losing your real funds.

Is it worth trading with the Tickz broker?

Is it worth registering a trading account and trading on the Tickz broker platform? Let's weigh all the pros and cons:
  • The trading platform allows you to open short-term trades and make a profit in a very short period of time - this is both good and bad. The plus is that you can earn a lot very quickly, the minus is that such trading is risky and is not suitable for everyone.
  • The minimum deposit with the broker is $10 - this is undoubtedly a huge plus, since anyone can try their hand at real trading
  • The Tickz broker provides the opportunity to try out the trading platform without registering an account - each potential client can test the functionality and decide for themselves whether to register or not.
  • The trading platform is very functional and is perfect for Blitz options and transactions for a few seconds (there is a convenient price chart, functional technical analysis indicators)
  • The broker offers only one type of trading – short-term transactions. If you need something else, then Tickz is not for you.
  • Many ways to deposit and withdraw funds. Working with clients from many countries around the world is definitely a plus.
After analyzing all the information received, you can come to a simple conclusion - you should trade with the Tickz broker only if fast trading suits you. If you have preferences for long-term forecasts, then it is better to choose another broker.

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