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Intrade Bar - Reviews of the best, reliable and honest binary options broker for the CIS countries and Europe

Intrade Bar - Reviews of the best, reliable and honest binary options broker for the CIS countries and Europe

Binary options broker Intrade bar (official website - appeared in 2016, as a broker for Russian-speaking countries (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, etc.). Meanwhile, the broker has expanded its activities and is now positioning itself for traders from Europe. The broker's intra-trading bar differs from its competitors in its crystal reputation and excellent reliability - in the accounts of this broker, your funds are completely safe, and you always have access to them.

Advantages and benefits of the binary options broker Intrade bar

The advantages and disadvantages of the Intrade bar broker include the following:
  • Excellent reputation among traders – very positive customer reviews
  • Stability of payments of earned funds - the broker always pays any amount
  • Your own mechanism for “compensating for losses” - if you are consistently trading in profit, then the broker may begin to copy your trading. This approach of the broker allows you to pay any amounts to clients - Intrade bar always has funds for payments
  • The ability to check quotes directly on the broker’s website - complete openness to the client
  • Payments within 24 hours (on weekdays)
  • Very convenient trading platform based on the Trading View chart - all tools and indicators are integrated
  • Trading account in both dollars and rubles - you can switch between accounts at any time
  • The minimum deposit is $10 or 500 rubles
  • For beginner traders or to get acquainted with the trading platform, there is a limitless demo account
  • Simple account verification (not always required and not for everyone)
  • Assets for trading – major currency pairs (trading on weekdays) and BTC/USDT (for trading 24/7)
  • Free tournaments for broker clients with real prize pools
  • Wide range of expiration times
  • Payout percentage for correct forecast – from 60% to 85%
  • Quotes from FXCM and Binance
  • Automatic payouts of amounts up to $100 - amounts exceeding this threshold require approval from the broker's financial department – official website of the broker Intrade bar

The official website of the binary options broker Intrade bar -

Official website of the binary options broker Intrade Bar

The site is available only in Russian (main language) and English localization, but it can always be translated into other languages using third-party programs or using browser functions. The main clients are Russian-speaking traders, but there are also a lot of English-speaking people.

On the main page, the broker indicates that it has made 950 thousand payments over the past 7 years - we readily believe, since the broker consistently pays out the money earned. At the moment, the broker has about a million trading accounts registered (of course, some of them - more than half - have never replenished their trading account and have always traded only on a demo account). It is not the largest binary options broker, but it is probably one of the most reliable.

I myself met the Intrade bar broker back in 2018 (my account ID is one of the first 11,000 registrations). In 5 years, the broker has increased its audience 100 times and is not going to stop.

Broker offers Intrade Bar

The broker claims that 99% of payments are approved in 1 minute - now this is not true. A couple of years ago, when the broker had many times fewer clients, this rule worked stably. The money was credited to the bank card account within a couple of minutes - there are a lot of videos on the Internet showing the process of withdrawing funds (amounts up to 1 million rubles - this is approximately $10,000 at the current exchange rate). Now, the broker withdraws funds within 24 hours - the financial department works until 14:00 GMT (on weekdays) and processes client requests depending on the time they were created (in order of priority). If the application was created after 14:00 GMT, then it will be considered only on the next business day, and then everything will depend on the approval of the transfer by your bank.

Intrade bar states that it does not block the accounts of its clients - this is true. Typically, brokers do not like clients who earn a lot and consistently, thereby reducing the income of the broker himself. Intrade bar has its own approach to this “problem” - the broker has functionality that allows you to copy the profitable trading of its clients (the broker opens similar transactions with a larger broker, thereby earning money “on the side”). The client earns - the broker earns in parallel and can pay the client any amount from the profit received.

But let's return to account blocking - it is still possible, but only in case of very serious violations of the user agreement. Previously, there were a number of cases when Intrade bar limited several trading accounts, because... Account holders used a flaw in the trading platform to make money. At the same time, the account detected in fraud had limited access to trading (it was impossible to open transactions on the broker’s platform), but access to the balance and withdrawal of funds remained. With this step, Intrade bar forced the scammers to leave the trading platform and withdraw all available funds from the trading account.

Intrade bar claims that quotes can be checked - this is true. The broker's platform has functionality that allows you to check a specific asset quote at the right time - the broker has never been found to rig clients' trading results.

Pros of broker Intrade Bar

Of the important things that the Intrade bar broker also states:
  • The absence of annoying managers is true!
  • The lack of bonuses that need to be worked off is true! But there are gifts from the broker (the same 5% of the deposit amount if the account was replenished via Tether - USDT), and also, for those who replenish the account via USDT, the broker holds free tournaments with a real prize fund.
  • For 7 years, there really were no clients to whom the Intrade bar broker did not pay their earned money.
  • There is an option to limit losses - a limiter that is triggered when you lose a certain amount during a trading day. The platform will not allow you to open a new trade until the next trading day, which means you will not lose more money and will have funds for further trading.
  • Fixed payout amount - no less than 60% (in very rare cases), most often, 79%-82%, and if the bet amount exceeds 5000 rubles or $80, then the maximum percentage for a correct forecast will be set at 85%
  • Technical support really solves many issues, but only works on weekdays until 14:00 GMT

Intrade Bar broker face

Alexey Kosterin is the face of the Intrade bar broker. Alexey is a world champion in crosslifting.

Broker Intrade bar is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Registering a trading account with the Intrade bar broker

Registering a trading account with the Intrade Bar broker is very simple and fast.

Registration of a new trading account broker Intrade Bar

You must fill out the registration form:
  • Select the type of current account – Real or Demo. There is no difference in the choice, since after registration you can always switch to the desired account type. The account currency is also not indicated, since upon registration you will immediately have access to a ruble and dollar account, between which you can switch at any time.
  • The first and last name must be real - these data cannot be changed after registration, and they may be needed for the account verification procedure.
  • Email must be real and you must have access to it - messages from the broker will be sent to it, including technical letters (password recovery, confirmation of login to the platform, etc.)

Trading account with binary options broker Intrade bar

After registration, you have access to all the functionality of the Intrade bar broker.

Intrade Bar broker account settings

In the “Account” tab you can:
  • Switch between accounts – Real (replenishment required for trading) or Demo (unlimited training account)
  • Classic trading type – expiration time will be tied to the close of the 5-minute candle. In Sprint, trades are opened for a minimum of 3 minutes and until the end of the current day (your choice).
  • I recommend leaving the design as New - it seems to me that it is more convenient and functional, but choose it yourself.
  • Coef.Martina – Martin Gale coefficient (Martingale). Increasing the bet if the previous one closed at a loss.
  • Currency – select a trading account: USD or RUB. Each account is replenished separately - these are two different accounts. You cannot transfer funds between accounts. Funds in accounts are not cumulative - to withdraw all funds from an account, you will need to create at least two withdrawal requests (one request for a USD account, the second for a RUB account).
  • Trade in 1 click – trading in one click or with confirmation of opening a transaction (protection from accidental clicks)
  • Hotkeys – I don’t use it, but you can try. Suddenly you will feel comfortable.

Replenishing your trading account with the Intrade bar broker

Before replenishing your trading account, you first need to switch to the desired account (USD or RUB) in your account settings, and only then go to the replenishment page. Important! Only the current active trading account will be replenished and you will not be able to transfer money between your accounts.

Top up your account (deposit) with the Intrade Bar broker

On the “account replenishment” tab you can see offers from the Intrade bar broker at the moment:
  • When replenishing USDT (Tether TRC20), 5% of the replenishment amount will be added to the balance
  • Accounts that have more than 80% of their deposits via USDT will be automatically added to the tournament with a real prize pool.
  • When replenishing via FK Wallet, the deposit bonus is 3%
There is no need to work off bonuses - from the moment they are accrued, it is your money. You can top up your trade balance in the following ways:
  • P2P trading
  • USDT (TRC20) – the broker recommends this particular deposit method
  • SBP – Fast Payment System
  • Perfect Money
  • NIX Money
  • FK Wallet - includes a number of electronic wallets, such as QiWi, Yandex Money, etc.
After you enter the desired amount for replenishment in the column and click on the “Top Up” button, you will be redirected to the transfer confirmation page using the selected method. The money will be credited to your account instantly. For USDT there may be a slight delay in replenishment - the transfer of funds must be approved by the system.

Trading platform of binary options broker Intrade Bar

The trading platform of the Intrade Bar broker is represented by the Trading View chart, an asset selection window at the top and buttons for opening transactions on the right:

Trading platform broker Intrade Bar

Major currency pairs are available for trading - trading is carried out on weekdays from 01:00 GMT to 21:00 GMT. The BTC/USDT asset is also traded on weekends.

The minimum transaction amount is 1 dollar or 50 rubles (depending on the trading account you choose). Expiration time from 3 minutes until the end of the current day – i.e. the maximum closing time will be 21:00 GMT. On BTC/USDT, the minimum expiration time is 10 minutes.

The payout percentage for a correct forecast depends on the bet amount (the larger it is, the higher the payout percentage will be) and on the expiration time. For example, trades for 3 minutes pay 82% of the profit, and trades for 4 or more (provided that the transaction amount does not affect the payout percentage) – 79% of the payout for the correct forecast. If the transaction amount is more than $80 or 5,000 rubles, then the payout percentage will be maximum – 85%.

As for the Trading View price chart, it is very friendly to beginners and very functional. From the top of the graph:
  • Time frame selection window – from 1 minute to monthly charts (this is the time during which one candlestick will be formed on the chart)
  • Selecting the type of chart construction - bars, Japanese candlesticks, line charts, Heikin-Ashi candlesticks, Renko chart, various zone charts.
  • Window with selecting and adding indicators (each indicator can be fine-tuned)

Indicators on the chart of the broker Intrade Bar

To the left of the price chart there are additional tools for technical analysis:
  • Selecting a cursor on a chart
  • Adding lines - trend lines, horizontal or vertical lines, rays, channels, etc.
  • Adding Fibonacci levels and Gann patterns
  • Harmonic patterns, Elliot waves, cyclic analysis
  • Various projections for drawing on a graph
  • Geometric shapes (circles, rectangles, triangles, ellipses), arrow shapes to indicate the forecast on the chart

Technical analysis of the Intrade Bar broker chart

The “Call” button opens a trade up for the expiration time and the amount indicated in the table above, and the “Put” button opens a trade down. The current price quote is displayed above the buttons. Open trades cannot be canceled.
  • The transaction is considered winning if the price at the time of the transaction has shifted at least 1 point towards the forecast.
  • A transaction is considered unprofitable if, at the time of closing the transaction, the price has moved at least 1 point against the forecast.
  • If the price value at the opening of the transaction is equal to the price value at the time of closing, then the bet amount is returned to the trading balance.
The trading platform menu is called up by clicking on the broker's Intrade bar logo in the upper left corner.

Verifying your account with the Intrade bar broker

Verifying your account with an Intrade bar broker is not always a mandatory procedure, but the broker may ask you to go through this procedure. That is why, when registering an account, you must indicate real data - your first and last name!

On the “Settings” page there is a link to complete account verification. Usually, if you need to go through this procedure, the broker will inform you about this in an email.

Verifying your account with the broker Intrade Bar

To pass verification, you need to send a photo where you are holding an identification document in your hands, and a piece of paper on which your account ID, current date, Email and signature will be indicated.

The procedure for verifying an account with the broker Intrade Bar

The account will be verified within 24 hours from the moment the photo is sent. If you have been asked to verify your account, there is a possibility that your withdrawal of funds will be limited until it is verified. But, after this procedure, the broker will not have questions or suspicions towards you.

Withdrawal of earned funds from the Intrade bar broker

Withdrawal of funds is carried out from an active trading account: if you currently have an active USD account, then you can only withdraw money from it. The same goes for RUB accounts.

An application for withdrawal of funds must be submitted on the “Withdrawal of Funds” page. At the moment, the Intrade bar broker does not have many withdrawal methods, but the broker is striving to expand this list. Now you can receive payment in the following ways:
  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • Mir (Russian bank cards)
  • USDT
  • FK Wallet
  • Adv Cash
To withdraw funds without commission, the client must make a trading turnover of 150% of the deposit amount. The procedure for applying for withdrawal of funds is very simple:
  • Choose a withdrawal method
  • Indicate the withdrawal amount (there are restrictions on one application - more on that below)
  • Indicate bank card details or USDT account
  • Press the “Withdraw” button

Withdrawal of earned funds from the broker Intrade Bar

As for withdrawal deadlines and limits per application, the broker himself writes the following about this:

Limits and terms for withdrawal of funds from the broker Intrade Bar

  • You can submit no more than 10 withdrawal requests per day
  • There are slight restrictions on some types of payment methods
  • Applications are processed within 24 hours, as I wrote earlier (in rare cases, up to 48 hours)
  • Applications up to 30,000 rubles (approximately $300) are processed automatically
  • Withdrawals to USDT are made manually twice a business day, but the withdrawal amount is not limited

Trading statistics from the broker Intrade bar

In the statistics window you can see the results of your trading, and also download statistics of your transactions for a certain period of time into a convenient table:

Trading statistics from the broker Intrade bar

Checking quotes with the Intrade bar broker

You can check quotes at the broker Intrade Bar - statistics come directly from the quote provider. To check, you need to go to the appropriate page, select an asset, select the date and time, and then click on the “Check” button:

checking quotes with broker Intrade bar

Security settings for the Intrade bar broker

The Intrade Bar broker has the ability to secure your account - to do this, you need to go to the security settings page, after which you can enable the “Login confirmation via Email” function (when you log in from a new device, you will receive a login confirmation email), and You can also add your details to the white list - you won’t be able to transfer your funds to third-party details, so the scammers will be left with nothing.

Security settings for the Intrade bar broker

On the same page you can change your account password if you think it is outdated and simple!

Tournaments at the binary options broker Intrade bar

Broker Intrade Bar has free tournaments with a real prize fund. Tournaments can be found on the corresponding page:

Tournaments at the broker Intrade bar

The rules of the tournament are very simple:
  • To participate in the tournament, the client must have at least 80% deposit via USDT in the last two weeks
  • The participant’s balance is credited with 1000T (tournament dollars)
  • The winner is the one with the largest trading balance at the end of the tournament
  • The table with winners is updated once a minute
  • Multi-account prohibited
  • All types of trade are allowed
Registration for the tournament occurs on the “Tournaments” page:

Tournament rules at broker Intrade bar

Affiliate program of binary options broker Intrade bar

From the moment of registering a new account, each client of the Intrade Bar broker has the opportunity to participate in the affiliate program - receive a reward for attracting new partners.

There are two types of earnings on the affiliate program:
  • 53% of the broker’s income from the clients you invite (standard affiliate remuneration option)
  • 1% of the trading turnover of clients you invite (this tariff plan can be requested from the broker’s technical support)
The referral link, which will need to be advertised, is located on the “affiliate program” tab:

Affiliate program with broker Intrade bar

All your statistics on invited clients are also located here, and on this page you can transfer earned funds to your main trading account and withdraw them:
  • Accruals in USD are transferred only to the USD account
  • Accruals in RUB are transferred only to a ruble account
  • You can transfer to your trading account only the amount that is displayed in “Your Balance” and only if the amount is greater than zero

Affiliate statistics from the broker Intrade bar

Reviews from clients and traders about the broker Intrade Bar

As for withdrawing funds from the broker Intrade Bar, there are no problems with him and there have never been any. I myself regularly trade with this broker and withdraw the money I earn, as my statistics show:

Reviews and withdrawal of funds from the broker Intrade bar

Andrey Avramich - "The best broker in terms of reliability that I know, what is especially excellent is the fast withdrawal, when on other brokers the input is fast, and the withdrawal sometimes takes 2-5 days , the same broker takes up to an hour, on average it takes me 30 minutes) thanks to the support clearly and on topic! .)"

Reviews from clients of the broker Intrade bar 1

Alexey Biryukov - "Hello!) I'm not a figurehead if anything. I will answer any questions honestly in PM if you wish. Traded here last year. I'm heading back now. Why INTRADE is the best for me? Laconic design, nothing superfluous. Of course, I do my analysis on Trading View itself, where I have a subscription and all sorts of goodies. I give a high rating to feedback, it is instant and any issues are resolved immediately on the spot, without any “wait a couple of days, weeks, months.” They didn't withdraw my money within 10 minutes, the minimum waiting time was 2 hours, the maximum the next day. The reporting documentation that the broker can provide is quite acceptable. I would add the platform to the “alternative trading” level, since in general when trading futures you are in the same conditions, there is a conditional “winner and loser.” In general, we even compared quotes in seconds on different accounts, checking the similarity of movements even by looking into the glass. I was really looking for something to get to the bottom of. And I found, in principle, not a very serious problem, it OFTEN opens a position with a delay of several seconds and this is a little upsetting. My Internet connection is excellent; I have not had such problems with other brokers. Even with Binance with its terribly glitchy interface. Not a very serious problem but a problem. It would be great if they added a “pending order” mechanic with forced opening of a position in case of slippage. Over the year, only the system for depositing and withdrawing funds has changed, I wonder what will happen next. I choked another one. Other binaries, in my opinion, do not deserve 5/10. Well, overall, my rating is 8/10, there is something to work on."

Reviews from clients of the broker Intrade bar 2

Sergo Sergo - "Great platform. And most importantly, they are open to clients, issues are resolved essentially and professionally!!! Keep it up!!!! We are all with you!!!! !!!!!!!! With respect and bow to your work!!!"

Reviews from clients of the broker Intrade bar 3

Alexander Babchenko - "Friends, hello everyone! I haven't written any comments for a long time and now I want to do it for a long time. Broker IntradeBar is the best I have ever met! The opinion is purely personal and is not a commissioned review! I really think so and there are several reasons for this. Well, which broker will provide you with certain benefits on the platform?! For others, the manager simply transfers it somewhere and it all ends there. Of course, Intrade will not do every whim; there are also priority tasks that need to be solved and implemented, but several times they made concessions to me. And receiving a present for the New Year is a complete surprise and very pleasant!)) With all this, our acquaintance with the broker began on a knife-edge where I, a super genius, entered the platform and posted a bunch of comments in negative reviews. Yes, having received comments on them, I deleted some of them, but I had to publish them correctly, and not like me. There were other moments where I was harshly criticized and received the same answers, but I think that this led to an improvement in the platform, although maybe in these cases I should have been more restrained. In any case, what was previously done and cannot be returned. Now everything is resolved through dialogue in calmness and this is 50% of success in working with Intrade! Am I satisfied with everything? Of course not, and that’s normal. For example, rich people buy cars for tens of millions and customize them, this does not mean that the car is bad, they just customize it for themselves. So do I, I have desires, some comments, some suggestions, but I understand that I can’t please everyone and something on my list will only be beneficial to me, and therefore is not a priority for a broker. In any case, I am VERY pleased with the broker and consider him not just one of the best, but the BEST! The opinion is purely personal and I do not claim anything! Good luck and profit to everyone!✌"

Reviews from clients of the broker Intrade bar 4

Yuri Moskovsky - "I will express the opinion that Intrade is the best BO broker of all those present on the market now, I used to trade on Binary and more or less everything was fine (except for very long payments). In intratrade from 500r I overclocked it to 20k and brought it out in 70 minutes, I recommend it to everyone)."

Reviews from clients of the broker Intrade bar 5

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