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Pocket Option – reviews of the world-famous binary options and Forex broker

Pocket Option – reviews of the world-famous binary options and Forex broker: review of the official website and trading platform Pocket Option

Pocket Option is a binary options broker that started working back in 2017. Pocket Option has a number of features that set it apart from its competitors: a good bonus system, a convenient trading platform, social trading (the ability to copy transactions of successful traders). The broker works with many countries of the world - customer focus is at a very high level.

Advantages and advantages of the binary options broker Pocket Option

Why you should trade with the Pocket Option broker and what the trading platform can boast of over its competitors:
  • For beginner traders or to get acquainted with the trading platform there is a demo account
  • High percentage of payouts for correct predictions – up to 96%
  • The minimum deposit amount can be $5 (depending on the client’s country of residence). For most countries – 10$
  • Convenient and functional trading platform
  • Minimum transaction amount – $1
  • Large selection of tools for technical chart analysis
  • Good reviews from traders
  • There is a mobile application that is in no way inferior to the web version
  • Huge list of assets for trading 24/7
  • Withdrawal of funds from a few minutes to a couple of days (depending on the chosen withdrawal method)
  • Good and varied bonus system
  • Ability to trade on the Forex market
  • The broker's official website and trading platform have been translated into more than 20 languages
  • Social trading – the ability to automatically copy transactions of successful traders

Official website of the broker Pocket Option -

The official website of the binary options broker Pocket Option -

Official website of the binary options broker Pocket Option

Third-party website analysis services showed that:
  • The site appeared on November 6, 2017
  • The main page of the Pocket option broker is viewed by 270 thousand Internet users every day
  • The broker has more than 70 million registered clients from all over the world
  • More than 480 thousand traders trade on a real account with the broker every day
  • Every third registered account made a deposit into their trading account

Register with the Pocket Option broker and open a trading account

In order to register a trading account with the Pocket Option broker, you must fill out a simple registration form and agree to the user agreement:

Registration with the Pocket Option broker

The Pocket Option broker also has the opportunity to try out the trading platform without registration (you will have access to a demo account and, unfortunately, the functionality will be slightly limited), to do this you need to click on the “Quick Start” link on the main page of the company’s official website.
According to the user agreement, a client can only have one registered trading account in his name - if there are two or more accounts, then all of them are subject to blocking, as this violates the rules of use of the trading platform. Pocket Option monitors this condition very carefully!

Trading platform of the Pocket Option broker

After registering a trading account, the trading platform of the Pocket Option broker will become available to you. It consists of:
  • Large price chart in the center (takes up almost all the space on the screen)
  • To the left of the graph is the main menu of the site
  • Above the chart there is a window for selecting an asset for trading and setting up a price chart
  • To the right of the chart is a form for opening trades and an additional menu for the trading platform

rading platform at the broker Pocket Option

Switching between a demo account and a real account is done by clicking on the “Trading” button or through the drop-down menu in the balance window:

Switching between a demo and a real account with the Pocket Option

There is a demo account for both regular binary options and for trading stocks or the Forex market, but all functions of the trading platform are available only on a real account.

On the price chart, you can enable a function showing which transactions and in which direction other traders are opening, the bet amount is also visible, but there is no expiration time (at the moment of closing transactions, they disappear from the chart), so this function is for informational purposes only character:

Transactions of other traders at the Pocket Option broker

Next to the asset selection window there are chart settings buttons:
  • Time frame settings, selecting chart type
  • Adding indicators to the price chart to analyze price direction (indicators can be fine-tuned)
  • Drawing on a graph: adding different levels and lines
  • Enabling the “traders’ choice” indicator and displaying traders’ transactions on the chart
  • Ability to place up to four charts with different assets on one screen

Price chart settings at the Pocket Option broker

The Pocket Option broker offers more than 100 assets for trading, including:
  • Currency pairs
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Products
  • Promotions
  • Indices
  • There are a lot of OTC assets - the price of these assets is formed automatically on broker trading, simulating the movement of the real price
Payments for a correct forecast are floating - they depend on the trading time, day of the week, news events, the position of the stars in the sky, and the breeding season of unicorns. In general, there are many factors and I was not able to establish a specific relationship between the percentage of payout for a correct forecast and any events. But you can always find assets with a profitability of 88%+.

Assets for trading with the Pocket Option broker

To the right of the chart there is a form for opening trades:
  • At the top there is a window for selecting the expiration time - transactions can be opened for a period of time from 30 seconds to several hours
  • Window for selecting the investment amount - from $1
  • Information panel showing how much profit you will receive for a correct forecast (if the forecast is wrong, then you lose the bet amount)
  • Buttons for opening trades

Form for opening transactions with the Pocket Option broker

You can also open pending transactions or orders - there is a separate interface for this. Transactions can be opened both by time and by the price reaching the desired price level:

Pending transactions at the Pocket Option broker

Also, on the Pocket Option platform there are trading signals from the broker himself. Each asset has its own signals - the statistics contain information about how many times these signals were copied. I don’t know the algorithm for the appearance of signals, so I recommend treating this tool with caution:

Signals on the Pocket Option broker platform

As for Forex trading, the Pocket Option broker has a MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 web platform for this. Moreover, as I understand, each Forex trading section has its own balance that needs to be replenished (the Forex balance can be replenished by debiting funds from binary options balance):

Forex on the Pocket Option broker platform

And this is what the transfer of funds between binary options and Forex accounts looks like:

Transferring funds between Pocket Option broker accounts

Replenishing your trading account with a binary options broker and Forex Pocket Option

To replenish your trading account with the Pocket Option binary options broker, you need to go to the replenishment section, select one of the many replenishment methods (bank cards, electronic wallets, cryptocurrencies - each country has its own payment methods), select the replenishment amount and follow the system prompts. The balance is replenished instantly:

Top up your trading account with the Pocket Option broker

The minimum deposit depends on your country of residence and the deposit method you choose. The amount on the trading account affects the level of your account (only the current balance is affected - that is, it is the replenishment amount and your earnings, and not just the replenishment amount) - the higher the account level, the more opportunities you have on the trading platform.

Account level at Pocket Option broker

The Pocket Option broker has 7 levels of trading accounts available:
  1. Stranger (account without first deposit)
  2. Beginner (with balance up to $100)
  3. Beginner (balance from $100)
  4. Experienced (balance from $1000)
  5. Master (balance more than $5000)
  6. Professional (balance from $15,000)
  7. Guru (trade balance more than $50,000)
Starting from the “Beginner” account level, social trading becomes available and access to the Market appears. The “experienced” status gives you access to Forex trading, and starting from the “master” status, you will receive increased processing speed of withdrawal requests and increased payments for correct predictions on binary options.

Account level at broker Pocket Option

Whether it is worth striving to increase the level of a trading account is something everyone decides for themselves.

Safe or opportunity for passive income with the Pocket Option broker

The Pocket Option broker has the opportunity to make passive income (safe) on investments - you provide the broker with a certain amount of your funds (in USD, Bitcoin or Ethereum) for a predetermined time - the broker invests them at his discretion, and you receive from 3% to 10% annual charges.

Safe or passive income from the Pocket Option broker

There are conditions for such an investment:
  • The minimum investment amount is $10,000 or equivalent in cryptocurrency
  • If the interest rate is above 3% per annum, you need to make a trading turnover every month until your contract with the broker expires
  • To receive the maximum 10% per annum, you must invest at least $50,000 and make a trading turnover of at least $100,000 every month

Conditions for passive income from the Pocket Option broker

You can calculate in advance the amount you will receive by the end of the investment:

Calculation of passive income from the Pocket Option broker

Is it worth investing your money here under such conditions? It seems to me that there are a lot of ways where you can invest $50,000 on more favorable terms, but, of course, it’s up to you to decide!

Social trading or the function of copying trades of profitable Pocket Option traders

Social trading or the function of copying transactions from the Pocket Option binary options broker is a very convenient and unique feature that allows the client to choose profitable traders to copy, as well as flexibly adjust all risks. At the moment, only Pocket Option has such a function and, what’s most interesting, this method really brings in money with the right approach.

Let's figure out how it works. Initially, we need to find the trader or traders we want to copy. To do this, we have access to the statistics of these traders - how many transactions they make, for what amounts, what percentage of correct forecasts, how much they earned in total for the month/all time, and so on.

Trader's choice for social trading with the Pocket Option broker

The higher the percentage of profitable trades, the better. The number of trades indicates how often a particular trader trades and how accurate his forecasts are - he opens a dozen trades at once or opens one, but with an accurate forecast.

The next step is to configure the copy trades option:
  • Indicate the percentage of proportionality for copying - 100% means that you will open exactly the same deal as the trader being copied. 10% - that your trade will be 10 times smaller than the trade of the trader you are copying.
  • Stop balance – the amount upon reaching which copying of trades will stop (copying by some traders can bring losses, since not all traders make money)
  • Minimum transaction amount – the amount of the transaction that can be opened while copying the trade of other traders (transactions whose amount is less than $1 will not be opened)
  • Maximum transaction amount (taking into account the percentage of the trader’s transaction amount you specified)

Social trading settings at the Pocket Option broker

Thus, using the settings, you can limit yourself from large losses or opening large transactions. Stop balance will stop trading and will not allow you to drain your deposit. It is worth copying several traders at once, since they will trade at different times and their results will also be different. From my own experience, I will say that with the right approach, you can earn from 300 to 1500 dollars in a couple of days. Usually, I copied 4-5 traders, some of which made losses, but those that made profits covered all costs. It is also important not to leave social trading without your attention - regularly analyze how your traders are doing and, if necessary, replace losing traders with new ones.

Market and bonus system at the Pocket Option broker

The market or bonus system of the Pocket Option broker is a bonus store where you can buy for crystals (the virtual internal currency of the trading platform):
  • Bonus codes for replenishing your trading balance
  • Bonus codes for transferring bonus funds to a real account
  • Risk-free transactions for a certain amount
  • Cashback for trading
  • Experience accumulation boosters (these same crystals are given for experience)
  • Booster extensions
  • Permission to mine crystals
  • Chests with random contents

Market with the broker Pocket Option

Crystals (market currency) are given for all active actions on the Pocket Option trading platform, be it trading, copying transactions or replenishing the balance. The platform has a whole list of achievements for which you will be awarded crystals:

Achievements of the Pocket Option broker

At the same time, if you are interested in the function of copying transactions, then you can apply for a license for the extraction of crystals - with each open transaction, 1/100 of a crystal particle will be added. Crystals will also be issued when a new experience level is reached.

Personally, I didn’t delve into the extraction of crystals - I use what I got for my achievements. But in some cases, bonuses can be very useful.

Verifying your account with the binary options broker Pocket Option

Account verification with the Pocket Option broker, like with other brokers, is required to confirm that the client is a real person. The broker may at any time request from you documents confirming your identity (passport or driver's license). You can also send documents for verification yourself - go to your account settings, fill out the data and send the requested document:

Account verification form with Pocket Option broker

Withdrawal of earnings from the binary options broker Pocket Option

To withdraw funds from your Pocket Option broker trading account, you must go to the “Finance” section and select “Withdrawal”. Then select the desired withdrawal method, as well as indicate the amount and confirm the application.

As for the method of withdrawing funds, they will differ for each individual country, but basically coincide with the methods of replenishment. The speed of processing your application depends on whether you have passed verification or not (in some cases, lack of verification does not allow you to withdraw funds from your trading account), as well as the level of your trading account.

The amounts that the Pocket Option broker can easily withdraw at a time are up to $50,000, but no one bothers you to submit several withdrawal requests. It is also worth considering that the broker cannot process some applications for internal reasons - in this case, the money will be returned to the balance and the client will be asked to re-create the application or indicate a different withdrawal method. Also, the withdrawal amount can be divided into several transfers and the client will receive them (transfers) for several minutes or even hours - this is normal and should not be alarmed.

Reviews from clients and traders of the Pocket Option broker

Reviews about the Pocket Option broker are mostly positive. Traders like the trading platform, they highly praise social trading (it is convenient and functional), as well as the broker’s bonus system.
lianozovserge - “I essentially registered recently, and have already earned more than $4,000. I don’t think I was just lucky. It’s just that the platform has everything you need for analytics and making informed decisions.”

Reviews from clients and traders of the Pocket Option broker

nikitinandru - "Pocket Option is making money from trading, I have already withdrawn profits to my e-wallet several times. So far everything is going well."

Reviews from clients and traders of the Pocket Option broker 2

koteikogroup - "If experience and knowledge are acquired, then you still need to look for a terminal. PocketOption is my base now. My place of work. Here I feel comfortable and have room to expand. They don’t cheat and withdraw money and that’s the main thing . I have already tried to withdraw different amounts, both small and serious, traded using ready-made signals and won back bonuses. In short, I tested the platform from all sides and everything works!"

Reviews from clients and traders of the Pocket Option broker 3

mzerkov517 - "I've been trading with PocketOption for about a year, payments are fast on the same day. You can top up with any payment system and even crypto. I advise you to join the broker and earn money!"

Reviews from clients and traders of the Pocket Option broker 4

zasteklim163 - "Good afternoon. I have been trading on the Pocket Option platform for more than 2 years (if necessary, I can confirm). There are no questions about the platform, only about your trading. You can make money here, but you need to be disciplined and have a good strategy. On the platform: Conclusions without problems, but you need to be verified. Convenient and clear interface. Many different bonuses, promotional codes and programs. Quite prompt support service. Yes, there are technical glitches, but they are insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Overall I recommend."

Reviews from clients and traders of the Pocket Option broker 5

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