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Stockity – binary options and CFD broker: review of the official website and trading platform of the Stockity broker

Stockity – binary options and CFD broker: review of the official website and trading platform of the Stockity broker

Stockity is a binary options broker launched in 2023. The broker has its own trading platform and allows you to trade conventional (classical) binary options - options with expiration times from several seconds to several hours. Stockity has quite attractive trading conditions - a trading account can be opened by making a deposit of $10, the minimum transaction amount is $1, and you can trade at any time of the day, including on weekends.

Advantages and benefits of the Stockity binary options broker

The advantages of the Stockity broker include the following:
  • Trading on your own trading platform
  • Unlimited demo account for training and getting to know the broker's trading conditions
  • Minimum deposit – $10
  • The minimum investment amount per transaction is $1
  • More than 30 indicators and tools for technical chart analysis
  • The trading platform has been translated into several languages (the broker is relatively new, and localization will be added)
  • There is a mobile application for Android and iOS
  • Many ways to replenish your trading account and withdraw funds
  • Trade is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • There are CFD assets

Official website of the binary options broker Stockity -

Official website of the broker Stockity -

Stockity broker official website

You can start trading without even making a deposit - there is a demo account to get acquainted with the trading platform and all its functions. If you already have experience in trading classic binary options and you want to trade on a real account, then the broker will offer you more ways to replenish your trading account, and you can top up your balance with a minimum of $10. Trading itself is possible when investing in a transaction from $1:

trading conditions of broker Stockity

To deposit and withdraw funds, you can use one of many methods - there are both regional methods (depending on the country of your residence) and universal ones, for example, cryptocurrencies and electronic wallets:

methods for replenishing and withdrawing funds from the broker Stockit

You can trade either through the browser of your personal computer or using a mobile application:

Stockity broker mobile app

Registering a trading account with Stockity broker

To register a trading account with the Stockity broker, you need to fill out a simple registration form:
  • Specify your email address (an email confirming your trading account registration will be sent to it)
  • Specify password
  • Select trading account currency
  • Read and agree to the user agreement

registering a trading account with broker Stockity

In the “Profile” section you must indicate your real personal data (First name, last name, date of birth, gender):

filling out a form with personal data from Stockity

Also, for the safety of your funds, the broker asks you to indicate and confirm your phone number. Don't forget to enable Two-factor authentication (2FA):

protecting your account with Stockity broker

Provide only real information, as the broker may require you to undergo an identity verification procedure.

Trading platform of binary options broker Stockity

After registration, you will have access to an unlimited demo account (350,000 demo dollars) to get acquainted with the trading platform of the binary options and CFD broker - Stockity:

Stockity broker trading platform

Stockity broker's trading platform looks like this:
  • The central part of the screen is occupied by the price chart of the selected asset
  • At the top there are asset windows for quickly switching between them - here you can also open a list of all available assets
  • The lower left corner is occupied by price chart settings buttons - here you can change the time frame, chart type, and add technical analysis indicators
  • To the right of the chart there is a form for opening trades
The number of available assets depends on your account type - the higher the status, the more assets are available for trading. Assets are divided into three categories:
  • FTT – assets for trading classic binary options
  • 5ST – assets for trading Blitz options (trades open for 5 seconds)
  • CFD – trading CFD assets (only possible on the old version of the trading platform)

assets for trading with Stockity broker

The percentage of payout for a correct forecast is also indicated here - your current one and for VIP account holders. The demo account has more assets and a slightly higher payout percentage than the “standard” account.

Switching between a real and demo account occurs in the window displaying the current balance:

switch between demo and real account

The price chart settings are located in the lower left corner of the screen. You can change the chart display type (switch between line chart, candlesticks or bars) here:

price chart display

For candlestick charts, you can change the display time frame - how long it will take for one candle to form on the chart:

choosing a time frame for the Stockity price chart

There are not many indicators for technical chart analysis on the Stockity platform. In addition, some of them are available only in the old version of the trading platform:

technical analysis indicators on the Stockity platform

In addition to indicators, you can add various graphic elements to the chart: lines, zones, rectangles, rays, and so on:

drawing on Stockity chart

The last button allows you to split the window in half and display two price charts in one window:

two charts in one window

How to trade on the Stockity broker platform

Trading on the Stockity broker platform may vary depending on the asset you choose. There are both regular classic binary options and Blitz options, as well as CFD trading.

To trade Binary Options you need:
  1. Select an asset to trade from the FTT section
  2. Indicate the amount of investment in the transaction
  3. Select the appropriate expiration time
  4. Press the button to open a trade up or down

trading binary options with broker Stockity

If your forecast turns out to be correct, then at the time the transaction is closed you will receive a predetermined amount of profit. If the forecast is wrong, then you lose the transaction amount.

Blitz options work on the same principle as classic options, with the difference that all trades on Blitz options are opened for only 5 seconds - you cannot select the expiration time here:

blitz options on the Stockity platform

CFD instruments are traded on the old version of the trading platform. CFD trading on the Stockity broker platform is carried out as follows:
  1. The client selects an asset for trading from the CFD section
  2. Indicates the investment amount - the same amount is the Stop Loss level (it is impossible to lose more than the investment amount)
  3. Leverage is indicated - it determines how quickly money will be made or lost in an open transaction
  4. Select direction - up or down
  5. The opening of a transaction is confirmed

CFD trading with broker Stockity

If the price goes in the direction of your forecast, then the transaction amount increases, if the price goes against your forecast, the investment amount decreases. The deal will automatically close when the loss is equal to the investment amount. Also, the client can close a transaction at any time, thereby recording profits or losses.

Depositing a trading account and withdrawing funds from the Stockity broker

Replenishment of a trading account (deposit) with the Stockity broker is carried out on a separate page - you must click on the “Deposit” button or go to the account replenishment section:

replenishment of a trading account with the broker Stockity

On the page that opens, you must select your country of residence and select the method by which you want to transfer funds. Please note that the methods for depositing may differ depending on your country - the broker tries to show the latest methods for depositing a trading account:

ways to replenish your trading account with Stockity broker

The next step is to fill out the replenishment form (indicate the amount by which you want to replenish your trading balance) and then follow the prompts of the system of the method you have chosen:

deposit with broker Stockity

Withdrawal of funds is carried out by submitting an application. Typically, the same payment methods are available for withdrawal as for replenishing a trading account. Most payouts take less than 30 minutes:

withdrawal of funds from broker Stockity

The Stockity broker has no commission for withdrawals, and the payments themselves work 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

Types of accounts at binary options broker Stockity

Binary options and CFD trading broker Stockity has several types of trading accounts:
  • Free – free account with demo account (status is assigned immediately after registration)
  • Standard – the amount of deposits must be at least $350
  • Gold – total amount of deposits from $17,500
  • VIP – Deposit amount from $35,000
  • Platinum is assigned when the deposit amount reaches $109,797

Stockity broker account statuses

What you should pay attention to? If you are an active client of the Stockity broker, then the status of your account will gradually increase. The amount of deposits is summed up - this is a cumulative effect. As for the advantages, it is worth noting an increase in the number of available assets for trading, an increase in payments for a correct forecast, a higher speed of processing requests for withdrawal of funds, and access to exclusive tournaments. There is no point in purposefully chasing a high account status - there are not many advantages, but all of them, of course, are pleasant.

Free and paid tournaments at the Stockity broker

Binary options broker Stockity regularly holds tournaments between its clients, including free tournaments (without an initial fee, but with a real prize fund):

tournaments at broker Stockity

Tournaments on the Stockity platform are held as follows:
  • The client registers in the tournament (if it is a paid tournament, he makes an initial payment)
  • At the start of the tournament, a special tournament trading account is activated (usually 100 tournament dollars)
  • The task of each participant is to have more funds on their balance sheet than their competitors at the end of the tournament
  • The higher the place in the tournament table, the greater the payout amount will be (the entire prize fund is divided between all prize places - the winner receives the most, but those who take other prize places can also count on profit)
  • If a participant loses his tournament balance, he has the opportunity to re-enter the tournament by making an initial deposit (this can be done indefinitely)
  • The amount received from repeated entries into the tournament partially replenishes the prize fund - by the end of the tournament a rather considerable amount can accumulate, which the winners will divide among themselves
It is worth noting that in some tournaments there are a lot of prize places - up to 100. Becoming a winner in such tournaments is relatively simple. But the lower your place, the smaller percentage of the total prize pool you will receive:

free tournaments at broker Stockity

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