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IQ Option is a world-famous options and CFD broker with a crystal clear reputation

IQ Option is a world-famous options and CFD broker with a crystal clear reputation: reviews and review of the official website and trading platform IQ Option

IQ Option is a world-famous broker with a crystal clear reputation, excellent reviews among traders, and also the owner of one of the best and most functional trading platforms. IQ Option appeared back in 2013 and instantly took its place among the best binary options brokers of that period. Competitors included brokers such as Binomo and Olymp Trade, but IQ Option was head and shoulders above due to its attitude towards clients. By 2015, millions of clients from all over the world were already registered on the IQ Option broker platform, and, approximately, in 2019, the company retrained in CFD trading, complementing the already popular options trading (FX Options).

CFD (Contract For Difference) is a trading instrument that is something between the Forex market and the usual binary options, and the main thing is that it does not fall under various prohibitions and the activities of IQ Option are 100% legal, which is proven by the presence of a huge number of licenses and regulators.

Advantages and advantages of the CFD IQ Option broker

For more than ten years of its existence, the IQ Option broker boasts the following results:
  • Leading position among CFD brokers and options brokers
  • World famous
  • Excellent reputation among traders
  • A huge number of trading licenses and licenses from third-party regulators from around the world, which significantly increases client confidence in the broker
  • One of the best trading platforms
  • Minimum deposit – from $10
  • Minimum transaction amount – from $1
  • More than 200 assets for trading (currency pairs, cryptocurrency, indices, stocks, commodities, ETFs)
  • Optimal leverage size
  • Minimum spread
  • Quotes from the world's leading suppliers
  • Fast withdrawal of funds – from a few minutes to 8.5 hours
  • Constantly developing company, introducing new tools for trading
  • Tens of millions of customers around the world
  • There is a mobile application for Android and iOS
  • Free training (demo) account to get acquainted with the platform

Official website of the IQ Option broker - CFD and Forex broker

Official website of the broker IQ Option -

The IQ Option website and trading platform are fully supported in 17 languages - the company has offices in many countries, and technical support employs thousands of people of different nationalities, so the client will never be left without an answer to his questions.

Official website of the broker IQ Option

According to analysis on third-party resources, the official IQ Option website:
  • Exists for more than 11 years
  • Average traffic of unique clients is more than 500 thousand daily
  • Trade turnover – more than 10 billion dollars per month
  • More than 160 million registered traders from all over the world
The IQ Option trading platform allows you to fully analyze price movements and make correct forecasts. For this purpose, the broker's platform has technical analysis indicators, an economic calendar and a news feed.

Professional trading platform of the broker IQ Option

The broker allows you to set restrictions on transactions, which will insure the client against losing the entire deposit in case of an incorrect forecast when trading CFD instruments. Limits are set on both possible losses and expected profits, which turns CFD trading into a similarity to binary options, with the only difference that the transaction is not time-bound, and profits and losses are usually known in advance.

Control of earnings and losses at the IQ Option broker

In addition, the IQ Option broker provides its clients with social trading - a tool for tracking and copying the transactions of other traders, as well as tools for communication:

Social trading with the broker IQ Option

Regulation and licenses of the IQ Option broker

Regulation of any broker is one of the most important aspects of reliability for a potential client. The regulator strictly ensures that the broker fulfills its financial obligations to the client and does not infringe on his rights in any way, and the regulator also acts as a mediator in controversial issues.

IQ Option is a world-famous CFD broker with an excellent reputation. It is not surprising that this broker has a trading license from many countries, and several companies are involved in regulation. As for legality, the activities of IQ Option are completely legal.

IQ Option is regulated by such world-famous companies as:
  • CySEC
  • FCA (Financial Conduct Authority)
  • CONSOB (The Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa)
  • CNMV (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores)
  • Regafi (Financial Agents Register)
  • AFM (Autoriteit Financiële Markten)
  • Financial Supervision Authority (EST: Finantsinspektsioon)
  • ČNB (Česká národní banka)

Regulation and licenses of the IQ Option broker

Register a trading account. Filling out the form and verification with the IQ Option broker

Registration with the IQ Option broker consists of several parts:
  • Registration of a trading account (demo account or training account)
  • Filling out the form
  • Identity verification and address confirmation
Due to the fact that the IQ Option broker strives to comply with all the rules of the countries in which it operates, the company is obliged to know who the client is and in which country he lives. Unfortunately, there is no quick way to “fill out the form with your first and last name, enter your Email” and start trading.

Account verification is a mandatory condition of IQ Option, without which you will not be able to replenish your trading account, trade, and, of course, withdraw profits.

To begin the registration procedure, you will need to indicate your country of residence and enter your Email and password:

Form for registering a trading account with the IQ Option broker

You will receive an email confirming your registration. It will also contain a link confirming your mailing address - don’t forget to follow it.

The next registration step is filling out the form:
  • Answers to questions from IQ Option about how you are going to use the broker's trading platform
  • Filling out the personal data form
  • Confirmation of the specified data
  • Confirmation of your residential address
  • Tax data
  • Email address confirmation

Verification of a trading account with the IQ Option broker

Account verification takes up to 48 hours - you will be notified whether you have passed verification or not. If everything is fine, then you, as a new IQ Option client, get full access to trading opportunities, including, from now on, you can replenish your account and withdraw funds.

Replenishing a trading account with a CFD and Forex IQ Option broker

To replenish your account with the IQ Option broker, you must already have completed account verification, otherwise this option will not be available to you.

During the first deposit, you will be asked to select the currency of your trading account (you will not be able to change it in the future). Each region has its own replenishment methods:

Replenishment (deposit) of a trading account with the IQ Option broker

Most often, the following are available for replenishment:
  • Bank cards Visa and Master Card
  • Bank transfers
  • Replenishment from electronic wallets and payment systems
Unfortunately, I did not find any mention of the possibility of replenishing an account through cryptocurrencies (either there is no such possibility - which is logical, given the transparency of the broker; or I did not search well).

Also, according to the legislation of some countries and the honest policy of IQ Option, there is a message about the risks for clients - the company reports that 74% of inexperienced clients lose their money during trading. You should not trade with funds that you are afraid or cannot afford to lose. I would like to add that you should only trade with funds, the loss of which will not affect your standard of living in any way - this is one of the most important rules of risk management!

Trading platform of the IQ Option broker

The trading platform of the IQ Option broker is a very convenient tool for both market analysis and opening transactions. The trading platform allows you to open trades on such instruments as:
  • FX Options is an analogue of binary options with the only difference that the “opening price level” of the option is selected on the platform, and the profit depends on how far the price goes in the direction of the forecast. The trader is asked to set the investment amount, select the expiration time and set the direction of his forecast (up or down).
  • CFD trading on Forex instruments, stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies, etc.
  • Forex trading
The trading platform of the IQ Option broker looks like this:
  • On the right is the main menu of the site
  • The entire central part is occupied by the price chart of the selected asset (or windows of selected assets - in total up to 9 price charts can be placed on one screen)
  • Above the price chart is a window for selecting and switching between assets (the same window is responsible for switching between FX Option and CFD trading, but more on that later). Also, above the chart there is a window for selecting the type of display of price charts - one chart on the screen or several (up to 9)
  • All your open trades will be displayed under the chart and you can close them there early
  • To the right of the chart is the form for opening trades. This window has a different appearance. Depending on the type of trading you choose.

Trading platform at the broker IQ Option

The number of charts displayed on one screen is set here (each chart can be assigned its own asset and its own settings):

Displaying charts at the IQ Option broker

In the chart settings, you can select the type of charting (linear, Japanese candles, bars or Haiken Ashi candles), as well as set the color scheme and specify the time frame for charting:

Settings of price charts at the IQ Option broker

The next two buttons are for adding lines and levels to the chart, as well as working with indicators:

Adding and working with indicators and scripts at the IQ Option broker

If everything is clear with indicators for technical analysis of charts (selected, configured to suit your needs, added to the chart), then there are more unusual and interesting functions. For example, in the same window you can save or load a template of previously configured indicators - you do not have to configure them manually each time. You can also add various widgets and alerts. In addition to all this, you can add a script, for example, for opening transactions - but this will require programming skills (or not - if you find a ready-made script on the Internet).

As for the alert (for example, when the price has reached a certain price level), it can be configured by clicking on the bell next to the icon of the selected asset (upper left corner of the price chart):

Setting up alerts at the IQ Option broker

In the drop-down menu of assets, you can change or select both the asset itself for trading and the method of opening transactions. The broker's platform has:
  • FX Options – options with a fixed expiration time and possible profitability of thousands of percent (depending on how far the price moves towards your forecast from the option opening point). The maximum loss is limited by the bet amount.
  • Forex, Stoks, Crypto, Commodities, Indices, ETFs - this is all CFD trading

Selecting an asset and switching between types of trading at the IQ Op

Your current balance is displayed at the top of the chart, and here you can switch between a training and real account (you can update your training account in this window):

Switching between a real and demo account with the IQ Option broker

You can customize the color scheme or change the language, as well as find additional settings for the trading platform, in the “settings” window (can be found in the drop-down menu by clicking on your account icon):

Settings of the trading platform at the IQ Option broker

FX Option – trading binary and digital options on the IQ Option trading platform

FX Options is something between binary options and CFDs. What's left of binary options:
  • Fixed expiration time
  • The amount of loss in case of a completely incorrect forecast is known in advance (if the price goes in the opposite direction from your forecast)
  • Easy setting of investment amount
From CFD to FX Options we moved:
  • Floating profit margin (can reach both tens and thousands of percent of the invested amount)
Initially, in the asset selection window, select a currency pair (only options are currently available for them) from the “FX Options” section and the expiration time that suits you:

Choosing FX Options from the IQ Option broker

The next step is setting up the option itself - if everything is clear with the investment amount (I recommend not risking an amount exceeding 1% of your balance), and the expiration time is known in advance, then with the rest of the settings everything is more complicated than with ordinary binary options.

The profit here directly depends on how far the price goes in the direction of your forecast, relative to the “price level” of opening the transaction (the level is also chosen by the trader himself). The expiration time is a red vertical bar, and the time above it indicates the expiration time of the option. Price levels for opening a transaction are displayed to the right of the chart - you can choose any one under the following conditions:
  • A “loss” zone is formed around the level you choose
  • When opening a transaction, the option immediately falls into the losing zone - if the price crosses the level of opening the transaction, then the loss is 100% of the investment amount, if the price moves towards the forecast, then the percentage of loss will gradually decrease and turn into a plus
  • The current price can be either deeply in the loss (when choosing, for example, the highest entry price level and opening a trade “up”), or close to a profitable zone (for example, when choosing the lowest available entry price level and opening "up" trades)
  • The farther the price needs to go to the profitable zone (and further towards the forecast), the higher the percentage of payout you can get - up to several thousand percent for a correct forecast
  • The maximum loss amount cannot exceed the investment amount, but if the trade closes in a losing zone (the price moves sideways and not towards your forecast), then the trader still loses a certain percentage of the investment amount
Let's take a look at the FX Option tool in practice. To the right of the chart, price levels are displayed from which we can open a transaction, and the boundaries of the loss zone are displayed on the chart itself:

FX Options loss zone at the IQ Option broker

For example, you think that the price of the current asset will go up (it is logical to open the “Higher” option). In this case you:
  • Set the investment amount (do not forget about the risks)
  • Choose one of the price levels - the lowest levels will be less risky, but will bring less profit if the forecast is correct; the higher the level you choose, the greater the percentage of profit you will receive, but the risks will also increase
On the right are the profitability levels and the loss zone (when the option is closed, the trader incurs losses). When choosing lower price levels to open a trade, the Up option will look like this:

Option higher on FX Options at broker IQ Option

The upper limit of the losing zone is as close as possible to the current price, but the percentage of payout for a correct forecast increases slowly. At the same time, if the price goes down, then the price will have to travel a fairly long distance before the trader loses 100% of the investment amount - if the forecast is incorrect, there is a high probability that part of the funds from the investment will be returned to the trader. If the forecast is correct, the price will enter the profitable zone, but you should not count on big profits.

Another situation is if you choose the highest possible price level to open a “Higher” trade:

Higher option with greater risks on FX Options at broker IQ Option

The terms of this option are as follows:
  • The option initially opens in a losing zone, and the loss is immediately 100%
  • The price needs to move up a sufficiently large distance for the option to come out of a loss
  • If the price, during the option period, enters the profitable zone, then there is a probability of receiving a payment of hundreds or even thousands of percent of the investment amount
The situation is similar with the “Below” option: we select an asset with a suitable expiration time, set the investment amount and select the transaction opening level. The higher the transaction opening level from the current price, the lower the risks for the “Lower” option, but also the lower the expected profit for a correct forecast:

Option below with minimal risks on FX Options at broker IQ Option

If you set the lowest entry price level, the risks will increase, the option will open deep in the unprofitable zone, but the profit, with the correct forecast, can be very impressive:

Option below with high risks on FX Options at broker IQ Option

Of course, you shouldn’t jump from one extreme to another: the IQ Option trading platform offers a choice of dozens of price levels for opening a trade - each with its own risks (some more, some less) and possible profits. So, with the right approach, you can always reduce the probability of loss to a minimum and increase the profitability of the option to the maximum.

The conclusion is the following: trading on FX Options is good only in a very volatile market - in those moments when the price overcomes large “distances” in one direction in a very short time. In a market where the price is moving sideways, FX Options are practically useless.

CFD trading on the IQ Option broker platform

Trading CFD instruments is much more complicated than trading FX Options with the IQ Option broker. It all starts with choosing an asset to trade (they are conveniently divided into categories). Each category has its own leverage - the greater the leverage, the less funds you will need to open a particular transaction:
  • Forex – have a maximum leverage of 1:30
  • Stocks – 1:5
  • Crypto - 1:2
  • Commodities – 1:20
  • Indices – 1:20
  • ETFs – 1:5
What is leverage? In simple words, this is a multiplier that allows the trader to receive greater profits, but at the same time, the risks also increase. For example, let’s assume that a trader wants to open a deal for $100, with a trading leverage of 1:10, the trader opens a deal with a multiplier of “10” - for $1000, investing only his own $100 ($900 was provided by the lender). The profit from such a transaction will be calculated as from an investment of $1000, but the loss, if any, will also be calculated from $1000. At the same time, the trader’s maximum loss cannot exceed the invested $100.

The formula for calculating profit when using leverage is as follows:

(1 – price when closing a deal / price when opening a deal) x leverage x investment amount = profit for a correct forecast

For example, a down trade was opened: the leverage is 1:30 (multiplier 30), the investment amount is $100, the price of EUR/USD fell from 1.07539 to 1.06498, then we get the following profit calculation:

(1 - 1.06498 (this is the closing price) / 1.07539 (this is the opening price)) x 30 (leverage multiplier) x $100 (investment amount) = $29.04 (profit for a correct forecast)

For the investment amount, the trader chooses how many lots he wants to buy or sell. The number of lots directly affects the rate at which a trader earns or loses money, since the number of lots is equivalent to the price for each point passed by the price. For example, a trader wants to open a trade on EUR/USD for 0.010 lots (in this case, 0.001 lot = 1 cent, and 0.01 lot = 0.1 $ or 10 cents). If the price goes in the direction of the trader’s forecast, the client will receive 10 cents for each point passed by the price. If the price goes against the forecast, the trader will lose 10 cents with each point.

Calculation of profit on CFDs at the IQ Option broker

Margin indicates how much balance you must have to open a trade. It is important to note that this is not the amount of risk in the investment (we will talk about that later), but the amount that will be “written off” from the balance and “locked” until the deal closes. The lower the leverage, the larger the amount on your balance you will need to open a CFD transaction. If the leverage is large, then you will be able to open transactions with better conditions, and the margin will be less.

Take Profit and Stop Loss are risk and profit limiters in your trading. Take Profit is responsible for setting parameters under which the transaction will close in profit, and Stop Loss is responsible for limiting losses on CFDs. Each of these parameters can be set when opening a transaction, and you can specify both the number of points and the price that you want to earn or are willing to lose in the transaction (everything, like in Forex).

Take Profit and Stop Loss on CFDs at the IQ Option broker

The deal itself can be opened either at the current price, or you can place a pending order - the deal will open when the price reaches the price level you specified:

Pending trade on CFD at broker IQ Option

Spread (the difference between the purchase price and the sale price) indicates the width of the “loss zone” (the deal, after opening, is in the loss zone) in points - the lower the value, the faster the price can enter the profitable zone. Spread is indicated for both the “buy” transaction and the “sell” transaction:

Spread on CFDs at the IQ Option broker

Take Profit and Stop Loss are displayed on the price chart after opening a trade - they can be moved up and down. This is very convenient, especially when the price has moved far in the direction of your forecast - move the Stop Loss so that the current transaction is guaranteed to close in profit:

Changing Take Profit and Stop Loss on CFDs at the IQ Option broker

All parameters of a CFD transaction are displayed in the window before opening (you need all the rates on the button to open a transaction):

CFD transaction parameters at the IQ Option broker

Here you can find out Swap - the amount that the client will pay or receive for transferring an open transaction to the next trading day. The Swap amount depends on the selected asset. Usually it's $1-2. Swap is debited or credited to the balance automatically at 22:00 GMT.

Open trades are displayed in the window below the price chart - you can close them at any time. Also, below the chart, the balance amount is displayed (taking into account not yet closed transactions), margin (“funds blocked” for the duration of transactions), as well as the available balance, which you can invest in other transactions:

Margin and available balance at the IQ Option broker

CFD trading itself consists of:
  • Selecting an asset for trading (be sure to pay attention to the leverage - the higher it is, the smaller the deposit you will need for trading)
  • Settings for the number of lots you want to buy or sell - the number of lots affects the rate of change in profit or loss. The more lots you want to purchase in one transaction, the higher the risks and the greater the possible profit if the forecast is correct (closer to the opening price of the transaction, Stop Loss and Take Profit will be set)
  • You need to make sure that the margin does not exceed the amount in your trading account
  • It is necessary to set Stop Loss and Take Profit - if Take Profit can limit your potential profit (which is not always good), then Stop Loss must be set in each trade, otherwise you risk losing all the funds on your balance with one sharp price movement against your forecast!
  • Make sure the Spread is a reasonable size and fits you personally
  • Before opening a trade, check all the parameters again by hovering the cursor over one of the open buttons
  • Check the Swap amount and make sure that the conditions suit you
And only after that, open a deal with the forecast that you think is correct. After opening a CFD transaction, the amount specified in the “margin” section will be debited from your balance, but your risk is the amount set in Stop Loss (everything above this amount will be returned to your balance when the transaction is closed at a loss).

Depending on where the price moves (in the direction of your forecast or against it), the potential profit or potential loss will increase according to the formula “price per point passed X number of points passed from the opening price of the transaction - Spread”. You can close a trade at any time and lock in your profits or losses.

The recommended risk when trading on CFDs is the same as on the Forex market – 1:3 (for 1 unit of risk there should be 3 units of profit). If your Stop Loss is $10, then Take Profit should be set at no less than $30.

Withdrawal of funds on the IQ Option broker platform

The balance available for withdrawal is equal to the balance available for opening transactions (let me remind you that the margin blocks part of your funds until the end of the transaction). Withdrawals are available only to verified users.

To apply for withdrawal of funds, you need to go to the “Withdraw Funds” page:

Withdrawing funds from the IQ Option broker

Here you can choose a withdrawal method and submit an application. Depending on the region of your residence, withdrawal methods may vary. Please also take into account the fact that in some regions you can submit only one free request for withdrawal of funds - in other cases you will have to pay a transfer fee.

Submitting an application for withdrawal of funds from the IQ Option b

Reviews from clients and traders about the IQ Option broker

Traders and clients of the IQ Option broker speak very positively about the company - this is not surprising, the broker is very popular among traders from all over the world and has a very good reputation.
YrsAquarium - "Payments from IQ Option are quite fast. I withdraw to a bank card, the money arrives in a maximum of two days. In principle, this is not bad, although there are companies where such withdrawals occur faster. As for trading, I did not notice manipulations with orders with IQ Option. Although transactions mainly come on classic options, the broker fulfills its obligations in full."

Reviews from clients and traders about the IQ Option broker

orvin-fass - “I started trading binary options with IQ Option a month ago. I like this kind of trading. It’s very good to limit risks when trading binary options. The IQ Option broker has a good platform and a lot of assets. I’m trying to trade currency pairs, with an expiration period of 10 minutes. About 6 or 7 transactions out of 10 I earn a profit."

Reviews from clients and traders about the IQ Option broker 2

kukozy - "IQoption is a good broker. I like the platform and the fast withdrawal of funds. During the peak hours, the quotes slow down a little, though, so you need to keep this in mind when managing money. But the transactions work well, especially when trading binary options. However, IQoption doesn’t have many options tools.”

Reviews from clients and traders about the IQ Option broker 3

nznarkv - "I would like to leave my review about the IQ Option broker. Their platform is clear and functional. It has everything for trading and making money. The verification process is easy. IQ Option is aimed at beginner traders, although experienced professionals can appreciate its advantages."

Reviews from clients and traders about the IQ Option broker 4

JShantal - "IQ Option is a normal company that provides binary options trading services. IQ Option's trading conditions are excellent, it is possible to make a profit. If there is a strategy for trading, then there are no questions at all. IQ Option broker without problems withdrawing funds, there was a delay once. So, if anyone needs my advice, I recommend opening accounts with IQ Option."

Reviews from clients and traders about the IQ Option broker 5

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