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SabioTrade is a prop trading CFD and Forex broker that provides financing to successful traders

SabioTrade is a prop trading CFD and Forex broker that provides financing to successful traders: review of the official website and trading platform SabioTrade

SabioTrade is a proprietary trading CFD and Forex broker, ready to provide successful traders with amounts up to $200,000 and offers working conditions up to 90/10 (90% of the earnings are received by the trader and 10% are earned by the broker).

SabioTrade has a good system for selecting experienced traders, as well as an excellent risk management system. After passing the trader's skill assessment, SabioTrade provides a choice of one of several offers with a one-time fee (trading conditions and the amount provided depend on this offer). If a trader begins to lose trusted money, then the restriction on opening new transactions will be triggered, and the account itself may be revoked.

SabioTrade has been operating since 2021. The broker's main clients are traders from Europe, but the company is committed to expanding and is happy to accept experienced traders from other countries.

Advantages and benefits of prop trading broker SabioTrade

The advantages of prop trading broker SabioTrade include the following:
  • Convenient and very functional trading platform
  • CFD and Forex trading
  • Leverage up to 1:30
  • Large selection of assets for trading
  • Available offers and trading plans
  • Good risk management system
  • Trader’s earnings – from 70% to 90% of profit
  • SabioTrade provides deposits from $10,000 to $200,000 to successful traders
  • A simple assessment of a trader's skills
  • Excellent reputation among traders

Official website of prop trading broker SabioTrade -

The official website of the prop trading broker SabioTrade is located at -

Official website of prop trading broker SabioTrade

A huge advantage of SabioTrade is that the prop trading company takes on all the risks, and the trader does not risk his money. All trader costs are a one-time payment for the tariff plan.

At SabioTrade, you as a trader need to prove your trading skills. There is a special trading account for this, similar to a real account. An assessment of your capabilities takes up to two business days (trading is not carried out on weekends).

The broker is interested in your success, so the company’s website has training courses and materials. In addition, there are online webinars on various topics related to trading, allowing you to fill the lack of knowledge.

The leverage on the SabioTrade platform is 1:30, which will significantly increase your potential trading profit. The broker's trading platform - Quadcode - is one of the best trading platforms available today. The platform provides a lot of tools for analyzing charts, and is also very simple and convenient. Quadcode is a multiple winner in various categories.

Advantages of the SabioTrade broker

SabioTrade offers its clients (traders who have been assessed for trading opportunities) a choice of one of four tariffs: Standard, Premium, Gold, Platinum.

The Standard tariff is the most affordable tariff, but it also brings in the least profit.
  • Funds provided for trading: $10,000
  • Trader’s earnings – 70% of the profit (the broker takes 30% of the earnings)
  • One-time fee (tariff price) – $50
Premium tariff is the most popular tariff. This is what traders most often choose for their trading.
  • Funds provided for trading: $50,000
  • Trader’s earnings – 80% of profit (broker takes 20% of earnings)
  • One-time fee – $289
Tariff plan Gold:
  • Funds provided for trading: $100,000
  • Trader’s earnings – 80% of profit
  • Tariff price – $479
Platinum tariff plan is the maximum tariff at the SabioTrade broker, providing the best conditions:
  • Funds provided for trading: $200,000
  • 90% of the profit is taken by the trader and only 10% is given to the broker
  • Tariff cost – $939
For all tariff plans, the same conditions for loss of funds apply and the same trading plan is established:
  • Leverage – 1:30
  • Profit target – 10% (no one is stopping you from earning more)
  • Daily loss limit – no more than 3%
  • Maximum moving drawdown – 6%

tariff plans of prop trading broker SabioTrade

Each tariff is subject to a one-time fee. It would seem that a company that itself provides its means for trading is asking to pay a tariff - something doesn’t add up. In fact, the tariff fee is not only a service fee, but also a good reason to motivate the trader not to quit what he started halfway. If the trader earns, then the broker also earns - a very profitable cooperation.

It is also worth clarifying that SabioTrade has a penalty for inaction - the trader is required to open at least one trade per month, otherwise his trading account will be revoked, and the profit will be divided according to the terms of the trader’s tariff plan.

Each trader, before paying for the tariff plan, can try his hand at a demo account, which completely copies real trading with one difference - it is impossible to make money on such trading. You will have at your disposal:
  • 7 days to study the trading platform
  • Access to all trading capabilities of the SabioTrade broker is now open
  • Only one attempt per trading account (if you fail the test, you will not have a second attempt on the same account - you will not be able to update or reset your results)
  • Starting balance – $10,000 (training account)
  • The working and trading conditions will be exactly the same as on a real account - you can understand whether this method of earning money is suitable for you or not

Test your trading skills with prop trading broker SabioTrade

To improve the skills of traders, prop trading broker SabioTrade provides educational materials:
  • Educational courses from professional traders
  • Weekly live webinars
  • Unique video lessons on various topics

Training from prop trading broker SabioTrade

The conditions provided to traders from SabioTrade are very attractive - the company attracts experienced traders and provides them with the opportunity to earn money.

Trader reviews from prop trading broker SabioTrade

As for the conditions of working with the prop trading broker SabioTrade, then:
  • The trader is required to undergo identity verification (KYC)
  • After purchasing a tariff plan, the trader is first provided with a trading account to evaluate the possibilities, and only after that, within 24-48 hours, a trading account with real funds is created
  • Daily loss limit – 3% (a trader should not lose more than 3% of the current balance in one trading day)
  • The maximum sliding drawdown is 6%, but if the balance provided to you has increased by 6%, then the maximum drawdown level will be tied to the amount provided by the broker. For example: You were given $100,000 for trading (the maximum balance drawdown is up to $94,000), as soon as your balance increases to $106,000 or more, the maximum loss limit will be set at $100,000 (from this moment, if the balance drops below 100 000$, then the funds provided may be withdrawn)
  • The trader is required to open at least one trade within 30 days
  • For lack of trading or violation of the rules for using trading funds provided by the SabioTrade broker (if the loss is more than 3% per day and more than 6% of the provided balance), the trading balance may be withdrawn
  • The trader has the right to request a payment at any time - the loss limit is not reset (let's return to the example above - if your balance is $106,000 and the loss limit is set at $100,000, then upon withdrawal $6,000 will be in your account There will only be an amount left ($100k), which you cannot lose - your trading will stop. Be careful!)
  • When submitting an application for payment, the broker’s percentage is subtracted from the requested amount (according to the tariff plan chosen by the client) - the trader receives the rest of the funds
  • Holding open trades over the weekend is prohibited - all trades must be closed by 3:45 pm Eastern Time
  • If there is a serious violation on the part of the trader, SabioTrade has the right to freeze the trading account, but even in this case, the funds earned (if any) will be divided between the trader and the broker according to the terms of the trading plan
  • For trading and risk control, SabioTrade independently creates an account for the trader - that is why there is a slight delay of 24-48 hours in providing a trading account to a client who has passed the assessment of trading opportunities

Registering a SabioTrade training account - how to test your skills before purchasing a tariff plan

If you are not confident in your abilities or simply doubt whether this type of income is suitable for you, then prop trading broker SabioTrade has the opportunity to register a free training account, provided for 7 days. The conditions of this demo account are exactly the same as those you will find on a real account. You have only one attempt to make money. Your task is to lose less than 3% per day and not lose more than 6% - $600 (trading balance is initially provided for $10,000). As soon as your balance crosses the $10,600 mark, the loss limit will be set at $10,000 - you cannot lower your balance below this amount, otherwise trading will be limited and the test will fail.

To register a training account, you need to fill out a simple registration form: indicate your Email and agree to the terms of use of the trading platform:

Registering a training account with prop trading broker SabioTrade

The next step is to fill in your personal information:

Registration form for a training account with prop trading broker

After this, SabioTrade will prepare a training account for you - information about the login method will be sent to the specified Email. In the letter you will find your account details for logging into SabioDashboard Credentials and a separate login and password for SabioTraderoom Credentials.

Your trading plan will be displayed on the Dashboard page:
  • The current balance is indicated
  • Purpose of trade
  • Daily drawdown level (no more than 3%)
  • Maximum level of moving drawdown – 6%
  • Maximum balance
The same page displays the history of your entire trade:

Dashboard of a training account with prop trading broker SabioTrade

SabioTrade prop trading platform - how to trade with SabioTrade

SabioTrade prop trading platform – Quadcode. The platform is convenient and functional. With SabioTrade you will have to trade CFD (contract for difference) instruments. Leverage – 1:30. The spread depends on the selected asset.

trading platform prop trading broker SabioTrade

The trading platform in a separate window on the SabioTrade broker website is not the best solution, but this will not affect trading results. By the way, there is a button to turn on “full screen mode”, but it’s of no use (it doesn’t work for me).

As for the trading platform itself, then:
  • Most of the screen is occupied by the price chart of the selected asset (or up to 9 charts of different assets - at the trader’s request)
  • To the left of the price chart is the trading platform menu (to the left of which is the broker’s main menu).
  • Bottom left corner – price chart settings buttons
  • Upper right corner – window for selecting an asset for trading
  • Above the chart, active windows with selected assets are displayed, as well as a button for positioning charts on the screen (you can leave from one chart to nine)
  • To the right of the price chart is the panel for opening trades
  • Under the price chart, if necessary, open transactions will be displayed
Assets for trading – there are many of them! You can choose any one (they are conveniently divided into categories). Eat:
  • Forex (currency pairs)
  • Indices
  • Stoks
  • ETFs
  • Commodities

Assets for trading with prop trading broker SabioTrade

There are no cryptocurrencies, which is a pity - they are very volatile instruments and many traders like to trade on them.

You can find out additional information about each asset:
  • General information
  • News
  • Technical analysis and signals of various indicators
  • Economic events
  • Asset operating time on the SabioTrade broker platform

Additional information about the asset from prop trading broker

For each asset, you can set up an alert - set the price of the asset at which the reminder will be triggered:

Adding an alert to prop trading broker SabioTrade

In the lower left corner of the price chart there are buttons for setting up the chart. Here you can:
  • Select a chart type (candlesticks, bars, line chart, Haiken Ashi candlesticks) and set a color scheme
  • Select a chart time frame – from 5 seconds in one candle to 1 month
  • Add lines and levels to the chart
  • Add technical analysis indicators to the chart (there are many of them and each can be customized to suit your needs). Here you can also save the chart template or, conversely, apply the template. You can also add various widgets
  • Select the display period on the chart - for example, the chart will contain the history for one day

Price chart settings for prop trading broker SabioTrade

Trade opening panel. Let me remind you that the prop trading broker SabioTrade trades on CFD instruments:
  • Quantity – the number of lots you want to purchase. This value affects the price of each point - this parameter both increases profits and can increase your losses. The higher the value, the more money you risk on a trade and the more profit you can make in a shorter period of time.
  • Pip Value - the amount you gain or lose when the price of an asset changes by one point
  • Margin – the amount required to open a transaction. For the duration of the transaction, this amount is debited from the balance and returned upon closing the transaction
  • TP – Take Profit. The price level or amount, upon reaching or earning which the transaction will be automatically closed in profit
  • SL – Stop Loss. The price level or amount, upon reaching or losing which the transaction is automatically closed at a loss
  • Pending – pending transaction. Opens when the price touches the set price level
  • Button for opening a trade “Up”
  • Spread – the difference between the purchase price and the sale price. Spread indicates the size of the losing zone for the trader (in points). When you hover the cursor over the open trade button, the Spread amount is displayed
  • Button for opening a deal “Down”
  • Swap – cost of transferring a transaction to the next trading day

Panel for opening a trade at the prop trading broker SabioTrade

How to trade CFD instruments with prop trading broker SabioTrade?

Your main task, both on the demo account and on the main one, is not to lose more than 3% per trading day and not to lose more than 6% during the entire trading period. Therefore, choose assets with the best conditions. Assets with a leverage of 1:30 have increased profitability, but also have increased risks. Consider this parameter when choosing an asset!

Adjust the number of lots so that no more than 1% (preferably less) of the trading balance is involved in one transaction. Don't open many trades at once. Be sure to look at the price of each pip before opening a trade.

Be sure to set the SL (Stop Loss) parameter in points or in the amount of losses. This parameter will save your trading balance from large losses in case of unexpected sharp price movements.

Be sure to set TP (Take Profit) - this parameter will close the deal in your absence. Do not forget that the price moves in waves and tends to reverse. Even if you personally control your transactions, still set Take Profit - if necessary, it, like Stop Loss, can be changed by moving it on the chart or in the transaction settings.

Transaction amount. The ratio of Take Profit to Stop Loss should be 3:1 - for every expected dollar of risk there should be three dollars of possible profit. This way your trading balance will grow and will withstand a significant number of losing trades.

Trade CFDs with prop trading broker SabioTrade

Training materials from broker SabioTrade

SabioTrade provides educational materials to its clients. For example, there are training videos on working with the trading platform:

Video on working with the platform of the prop trading broker Sabio

In the “Education” section you will find educational articles on various aspects of trading: from risk management and trading psychology to trading strategies:

Training material from prop trading broker SabioTrade

Market analysis is published in this section:

Market analysis from prop trading broker SabioTrade

Withdrawal of earned funds from prop trading broker SabioTrade

Withdrawal of funds is carried out on the “Profit Share” tab:

Withdrawing funds from prop trading broker SabioTrade

Withdrawals are only available to traders trading on a real account - from the account provided by SabioTrade after paying for the tariff plan. Funds provided by the broker for trading are not subject to payment - only the trader's trading profit is paid.

After a trader submits a withdrawal request, the trading account is temporarily blocked. The payout amount is divided between the trader and the broker, according to the trading plan chosen by the client. After this, the broker takes his percentage, and the trader is paid his earnings (up to 90% of the amount earned).

After approval of the application for payment of funds, all trading opportunities are resumed - the trader can continue to earn money.

Trading on a real account with prop trading broker SabioTrade

In order for the prop trading company SabioTrade to provide you with its funds for trading, you must:
  • Make a one-time payment for the tariff plan you have chosen
  • Go through the registration procedure (indicate Email and personal information)
  • Go through the account verification procedure (KYC)
  • On the provided evaluation trading account, achieve the established goal (10% of the balance), while not losing more than 3% per day and not allowing drawdowns of 6%
  • Within 24-48 hours you will be provided with a real trading account, according to the tariff you have chosen

Trading on a real account with prop trading broker SabioTrade

If you have violated the trading rules or your trading balance has dropped by more than 6%, then the trading platform will limit your ability to open new transactions, and SabioTrade broker funds will be debited from your balance. You, as a client of the company, can re-pay for any of the tariffs you like, after which you will again undergo an assessment of your skills on a training account and again gain access to a real account with a trading balance corresponding to the trading plan you have chosen.

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