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Binary Options Demo Account or Free Binary Option Account for Everyone

Binary Options Demo Account or Free Binary Option Account for Everyone

A binary options demo account is the same free binary option that is available to everyone. The essence of a demo account is that a newly minted client can get acquainted with the broker's trading platform, and also have the opportunity to test trading strategies without any risks.

It is recommended to start working with any broker with virtual funds - this will allow you to learn all the nuances of trading even before the first deposit and identify all the shortcomings in advance.

Demo Account and Binary Options Broker

Almost all binary options brokers provide a demo account to their clients, but the conditions for obtaining a demo account vary greatly. In some cases, this is a huge plus, and in others, a huge minus.

Unlimited demo account after registering an account with binary options brokers

With the vast majority of binary options brokers, a demo or virtual account is available immediately after registration. Simply put, you open an account with a broker and a demo account is already built into it, which is available at any time.

Unlimited demo account with broker Quotex

The training account itself is provided with an impressive amount in the account - from 1 thousand dollars to 10 or even 100 thousand dollars. Of course, if the broker supports the ability to hold several accounts with different currencies, then the demo account will be in the same currencies.

Temporary demo account after registration with binary options brokers

Also, some binary options brokers provide a temporary practice account. As a rule, it is also available after registering an account, and its validity period varies from one week to one month.

temporary demo account with FiNMAX broker

Why is this required? The broker makes it possible to get acquainted with the trading platform - there is enough time for this, but after that it forces the client to replenish a real account. Is it good or bad? Rather bad than good - having a limitless demo account allows you to return to it as soon as you need it, for example, to test new features of the trading platform.

Demo account after the first deposit with binary options brokers

I don’t know who came up with this crap, but it was clearly a man of not the greatest intelligence, and even more so, not looking into the future. The very method of providing a demo account after replenishing an account is as old as the Binary Options themselves.

It appeared at the very dawn of the greed of brokers - in 2010-2012. Then it was very possible to set the bar for the minimum deposit of $200-300, and the demo account itself was provided after replenishment in the amount of $1000-5000. Brokers were talking noodles about the fact that a demo account loads their trading platform and they can't provide it.

I think everyone understands that such a brazen way of pumping money out of their customers did not lead to anything good. Now this method of providing a demo account can be found with old brokers who are not able to adapt to the current situation. By the way, the deposit with such brokers is still $200-300.

Demo account without registration with binary options brokers

Some binary options brokers have the opportunity to try out the trading platform and get a demo account even without registration. For example, Pocket Option Binary Options Broker provides a demo account at the click of a button.

demo account without registering with the Pocket Option broker

In my opinion, this is one of the best ways to showcase the benefits of your trading platform. Liked - signed up. I didn’t like it - I left to look for another broker.

Limited demo account with binary options brokers

Now it is very rare to find binary options brokers that provide a limited demo account to get acquainted with the trading platform. But it used to be a very popular method. The essence of such a practice account was that it was impossible to update the amount on it.

Since the vast majority of traders are novice traders, the amount on the demo account ended with amazing speed. I had to register new accounts specifically for the demo account. Fortunately, brokers later updated their trading platforms and now you can update the amount on a demo account almost everywhere.

Demo account and real account - what are the similarities?

A demo account is provided by the broker so that the client gets acquainted with the trading platform and understands how it works. That is why the demo account uses all the same functions as the real account:
  • Trading on a demo account takes place on the same trading platform
  • On a demo account, quotes are exactly the same as on a real account
  • Technical analysis indicators work the same on demo and live accounts
  • Trades open at the same speed
Simply put, using a demo account, you can fully identify all the pros and cons of the broker's trading platform, and only then decide whether it is worth trading with real money.

Differences between a demo account and a real account

There are also enough differences between a demo account and a real account. There is a huge emotional gulf between these two types of accounts.

Have you ever thought about why everyone shows very good results on a demo account (demo millionaires), but after switching to a real account, trading is very bad? No, it's not the broker's fault - it's still the same trading platform, with the same trading conditions, the same quotes. But the result is different and that's it.

The problem lies in the trader himself. The demo account does not have what is on the real account - the fear of loss and emotional stress. On a demo account, I trade everything the way professionals trade – completely without emotions, and all my attention goes to analyzing charts and finding the entry point to a trade.

As soon as a novice trader switches to a real account, then immediately his attention switches either to the fear of loss (Ahhh, I'm afraid to drain the deposit! I'm afraid to open a deal, what if it closes at a loss?), or to a possible profit (Betting the entire amount on one deal I can earn 80% - not bad, not bad at all!).

The trader is overwhelmed by emotions and is no longer able to soberly analyze the chart and look for the right entry points to the market. For the same reasons, you can earn millions on a demo account and not even break a sweat, but on a real account, trading using the same method, you can’t go further than earning 10 thousand - a psychological barrier, his mother.

The demo account is felt by the trader exactly as it should be felt - these are virtual funds, the loss of which will not affect the financial condition of the trader in any way, and earning a huge amount on the training account will not cause any emotions either. But a real account will shake out all the joy of life from a novice trader:
  • Lost money - fear, anger, hatred, desire to recoup
  • I made money - joy, confidence, greed, desire to earn even more
And this emotional carousel drives the trader from one state to another. Not surprisingly, at the end of the working day, a novice trader looks like a squeezed lemon.

It all comes down to the fact that a demo account does not give the full trading experience. Trading on a real account is much more difficult.

And what about binary options brokers? And they have known this trick for a very long time. By providing a demo account, they do not even need to tweak anything - the trader will prove that he can earn millions of virtual money that no one is interested in. This will give the trader confidence, after which he will bring his money to the broker and hand it over personally.

But the psychological difference between a demo account and a real account is not the only difference between these trading accounts. On a demo account, very often, they provide a trading platform in all its glory:
  • All assets are available for trading
  • Payouts for a correct prediction are maximum
  • All functions and options are available
And by switching to a real account, you can not find even half of the above. Why is that? Is a binary options broker cheating their clients? No, that's not entirely true. The reason lies in the fact that very often brokers have several types of trading accounts, which provide different trading conditions. Replenished by the minimum deposit amount - get the very minimum. Replenished by a large amount - congratulations, now you are a VIP client, who has access to the best that the broker has to offer. Simply put, this is also a kind of way to make the client pay more. By the way, in some cases, the broker really provides interesting conditions, up to instant payments and partial (or full) refunds for an incorrect forecast.

Also, the difference between a demo account and a real account may lie in the structure of the trading platform. For example, on a demo account, the functions of copying trades of other traders are not available - as for me, this is correct. What is the point of copying the trades of traders who will trade on the same demo account and will earn or lose millions - no adequate comparison with real trading.

Binary options brokers' excuses for not having a demo account

It is not uncommon for binary options brokers to try to find excuses for not having a demo account on their trading platform. Very often it looks not only ridiculous, but also completely discourages the desire to trade with such a broker.

You can trade on paper

Of course, I can trade on paper, but then why do I need you? On paper, I will not be able to check the operation of your trading platform, which means that all my trading will be useless!

Paper trading

The demo account is very busy on our servers

What, sorry? Are your servers unable to withstand the minimum load? And the trading platform was written by two schoolchildren in the basement? You can immediately see a financially successful company that cannot afford to buy normal servers.

It is better to trade on a real account right away

Maybe it's not worth pointing out which is better? That I trade on a real account is better only for you. It's better for me to familiarize myself with your trading platform before funding!

Demo account negatively affects our trading platform

That's how! It's good that you speak about the problems of your trading platform right away - at least I will know that you should not open a real trading account!

Our traders do not need a demo account

Where does such information come from? I'm a trader - I need a demo account! Or do you decide everything for your customers?

Only professionals work for us

What, all two and a half traders work for you? It's okay that 90% of all clients are not fucking professionals, even close!

Leave your phone number - our manager will contact you

Yeah, and at the same time a bank card number with all the necessary data, so that this same manager would not only brainwash me, talking about the benefits of real trading, but also quickly replenish my real trading account!

Binary options broker manager

Demo account is available after the first deposit

Products can be eaten after the expiration date. Do you have such a unique trading platform that there are no complaints and cannot be? No? Then let's get acquainted with it without risking your own money!

Our financial analyst will help you trade - you don't need a demo account

And I won't need my savings either! I know your "professionals" who cannot add 2 + 2 ...

We don't have a demo account, but the minimum deposit is only $100

And here is it's only $10, and here's here too. In addition, there is also a demo account!

Instead of a demo account, we provide signals

Are you friends with your head at all? I didn’t give up on your signals - let me get acquainted with your trading platform!

We don't have a demo account

And you don’t have a client either, and you never will!

Demo account will appear soon, but for now, trade on a real account

And, when it appears - let me know, but for now I will choose a more relevant broker with a demo account for trading!

Proper use of a demo account in binary options trading

Having a demo account with a binary options broker is, of course, a plus. But a plus is only when a trader knows how to use it correctly. Most novice traders use a demo account as a free game of chance, thus, they cannot unleash the full potential of this tool.

using a demo account in binary options trading

On our site hundreds of trading strategies, among which you will find something interesting for yourself. But before using the strategy on a real account, it should be tested - and in this case, a demo account will help you. But it is very important that you treat the amount in the demo account in the same way as if it were your real money. Recreate the atmosphere of trading on a demo account as accurately as possible, as if you have real funds at your disposal.

Do not play on a demo account

Profitable trading also consists in part of the trading method you use, so decide on:
  • The choice of trading conditions
  • Choosing a time frame
  • Choosing the amount to invest in each trade
On a demo account, all this can be “rehearsed” without personal investment. Make a trading plan in advance and strictly follow its conditions! This will allow you to instill in yourself really important skills that will greatly help when switching to a real account.

Time after time, performing the same actions (trading strategy rules), you will begin to notice an improvement in trading results. It is very important that while trading on a demo account you do not play, but work.

If you treat trading like a game, then the results will be appropriate. Therefore, squeeze out everything you can from the practice of trading on a demo account:
  • Develop discipline by strictly following the rules of your trading strategy
  • Cultivate the habit of strictly following the rules of risk management
  • Test trading strategies on realistic conditions
  • Become familiar with the trading platform of your binary options broker
The more you learn on a demo account, the less your initial risk in live trading will be.

Demo account vs real account

Indeed, on a demo account you can (and should!) get quite important knowledge. But at the same time, it is also a waste of time. It is very difficult for a novice trader to overcome himself in order to use a demo account correctly. In most cases, it all comes down to a game where everyone earns millions of virtual units, and then just quits because such indicators are very easy to achieve.

difference between real and demo account

Indeed, such trading is completely opposite to the real one - there are no risks at all, and the excitement is 100%. Can it somehow help in real trading?! But such a “method” of trading can do much harm!

A demo account brings with it not only excitement, but also money management strategies or transactions used in casinos and gambling. Thus, a trader, trading on a demo account, initially accustoms himself to deliberately draining money management methods, and when switching to a real account, he uses all his “skills” and, of course, fails after failure.

And on a real account, everything is different - stress, greed, fear, emotions. All this is not, and will not be on a demo account, and therefore the trader falls into a kind of trap. On a demo account it is easy, in real trading it is incredibly difficult. This is the case when the rule “Training hard, fighting easy” does not work - everything is difficult in trading!

Very often you can find advice from experienced, but not experienced, traders that after draining the deposit, you need to return to the demo account and understand the reason for the loss. The problem is that all the important experience a trader receives is on a real account. It would be more correct to reconsider your trading approach and continue trading on a real account, but already investing a minimum amount of investment in the transaction.

Binary Options Demo Account Potential

But everything, having huge drawbacks, a demo account carries a certain potential that will allow you to avoid unnecessary financial losses or save time. What useful can give us a demo account:
  • Allows you to get a complete picture of the trading floor of a binary options broker without risking your own money
  • Allows you to develop any direction in learning the basics of trade
  • Allows you to make the right decision in choosing a binary options broker for your own trading
  • Binary options brokers often hold tournaments on a demo account with real prizes, which will allow you to start trading without personal investment
  • For novice traders, a demo account is a must-have tool to familiarize yourself with
  • Limitless opportunity to test various trading strategies and trading systems
  • The opportunity not only to get acquainted, but also to test money management methods
Of course, this potential can only be unlocked if the trader treats the demo account as a real and useful tool, and not as a toy for the evening.

Binary options brokers with demo account

So, what brokers have a demo account that allows you to fully test the broker's trading platform before real trading? The following binary options brokers have a demo account:
  • INTRADE BAR – unlimited demo account available after registration, allowing you to try all the features of the trading platform. The amount on the demo account can always be updated by the trader himself
  • Binomo - unlimited demo account available after registration. In this case, a demo account reveals all the advantages of the trading platform, and the conditions for trading on a real account will depend on the type of trading account chosen. The amount on the demo account can always be updated by the trader himself
  • Quotex – demo account available after registration. After the first access to the demo account, it will remain active for an unlimited number of days and allows you to try out all the functions of the broker's trading platform
  • Pocket Option – a demo account is available without registration, and you can try out all the functions of the trading platform, except for copying trades other traders
  • Binary – unlimited demo account in any available currency. The account is available after registration and works on all options of the broker
  • Binarium – unlimited demo account available after registration. All functions are available, except for the trading room (signals from traders)
  • IQ Option - a demo account is available without registration and works on the entire trading platform of the broker

    How long to use a demo account in trading and when to switch to a real account?

    Many professionals, and I agree with them, advise not to spend more than one month on a demo account. This is quite enough to get acquainted with the broker's trading platform and gain initial experience and knowledge.

    Staying on a demo account for a longer time, you not only waste your time, but also do not gain important knowledge that only real trading can give. Even if you doubt your abilities, it is still worth switching to a real account, replenishing it with an amount equal to the amount of 100 transactions with a minimum investment and trading only with minimum rates.

    It will be many times more useful than sitting on a demo account, and experience and knowledge will accumulate several times faster. By postponing the transition from a demo account to a real account, you seriously risk giving in to all your fears and sitting like this for several years. Is that why you started learning to trade? The ability to consistently earn millions of virtual money will not improve your life in any way.

    At the first stages, trading is really risky, but over time, you will learn how to manage your capital so that all the risks of losing money disappear and never return. So you should not be afraid - you just need to confidently move in the right direction!
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