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Binary options 60 seconds and turbo options in trading

Binary options 60 seconds and turbo options in trading

Binary options give everyone the opportunity to increase their trading balance in a very short period of time. Yes, and advertising of different brokers very often tells us about the possibility of earning up to 96% of the investment amount in just 60 seconds.

Is trading 60 seconds options and turbo options in general as good as they say? In this article, we will analyze this topic in detail, identify all the pros and cons, and give some important tips and instructions.

Binary options 60 seconds - what is it?

Binary options 60 seconds are high risk options with an expiration time of, you guessed it, 60 seconds. It would seem that this is where you can end the article and go drink coffee. But no, the topic is very extensive and interesting.

Binary options 60 seconds

The main advantage of 60 seconds options is the ability to earn very quickly for a correct forecast, or lose if the forecast is not correct. As I said above, 60 seconds options are a very risky tool.

But it is this tool that attracts novice traders who are eager to become millionaires, but in fact they drain their deposit in a matter of minutes. On the other hand, experienced traders are able to show very good results even on 60 seconds options.

The key word is experience. Novice traders do not have it, so there is no way to quickly analyze signals, make the right decisions, open deals where necessary, and even monitor the state of their trading balance. Experienced traders do all this automatically.

The funny thing is that many brokers provide the best trading conditions for 60 seconds options - more assets to trade, better profitability for a correct forecast, the trading platform is more suitable for 60 seconds options, etc. (Binomo broker). Brokers understand that novice traders are not able to show high results on such options and understand that this is a great way to lure new clients.

Options trading 60 seconds

It is 60 seconds options that are to blame for the fact that many people believe that Binary Options is a game of chance that is played against the broker himself. This is not so - Binary options are not analogous to a casino, but at the same time, traders really trade against brokers, who provide their trading platforms for trading with quotes and the ability to open transactions.

If a professional trader consciously chooses this tool for trading, relying on his experience and abilities, then a novice trader is attracted only by the possibility of freebies and quick money, which, in most cases, leads to only one thing - the complete loss of deposits.

Turbo options - binary options from a few seconds to 5 minutes

Binary options "60 seconds", in turn, are included in a group of options called Turbo Options. Turbo options are short-term options with a duration of 3 seconds to 5 minutes.

turbo options in binary options

If an expiration time of 5 minutes is an even less suitable time to trade (at a stretch), then options from 3 seconds to 30 seconds are a pure lottery in which the forecast is not predicted, but guessed. This approach to trading, if you can call it that, is not acceptable among experienced traders who, first of all, are set up for stable earnings, and not for a 50% game of “guess the outcome of the transaction”.

We have already dealt with 60 seconds options, but turbo options allow you to open trades for different expiration times. An expiration time of 2 minutes or 120 seconds is used when strategies for 60 seconds do not bring the desired result. At the same time, there are a lot of trading strategies designed specifically for an expiration time of 120 seconds.

180 seconds or 3 minutes is already a more suitable trading time (if we consider only turbo options). Technical analysis is carried out on time frames from 15 seconds to 1 minute, which allows you to predict the price movement quite well. Of course, we are talking only about the trading of experienced traders, novice traders will still steadily lose their money.

An interesting fact: the expiration time of 4 minutes or 240 seconds is used by traders very rarely. There are also very few trading strategies for this expiration time. It's gotten to the point where some brokers simply don't have the ability to open trades for 4 minutes - they only have expiration times of 1, 2, 3 and 5 minutes.

Turbo options in trading

The expiration time of 5 minutes is the longest in the turbo options section. For this time, a huge number of trading strategies have been created that are designed for technical analysis of 15-second charts and up to 1-minute time frames. As you already understood, this is the safest expiration time in all turbo options.

On the other hand, the results of trading strategies for both 5-minute options and any turbo options can be very different for each trader: someone will find the Grail, and someone will close all transactions at a loss. So you shouldn't rely too much on someone else's tests here - you need to test everything personally and look at the results of your trading.

Today, turbo options are one of the most popular trading tools - every binary options broker has them. Moreover, everyone can try them out (this is what advertising of all BO brokers is aimed at) - the minimum deposit for most brokers is $10 (Binomo , INTRADE BAR, Binary, Quotex…).

Turbo options and options 60 seconds on a demo account with different binary options brokers

We will analyze the demo account itself on the shelves in one of the following articles, but for now, we will begin to analyze the demo account when trading turbo options.

Advertising is advertising - it doesn't just tell the potential customer "Hey! Boy! With us you can earn 90% of the investment amount in just 60 seconds! …”, but also adds “… You don’t believe? Try it on a demo account and see for yourself!”. And then everyone drops their business and goes to try.

And indeed, you can earn even in 60 seconds. The demo account of each broker emphasizes this, moreover, an account of tens or even hundreds of thousands of rubles or dollars is available for trading. Do you think this is so that the client has to update the trade balance less frequently due to a drain? No, absolutely not!

The amount of the demo account specifically shows us the possibility of making quick money. When you have 100,000 rubles on your balance, you can easily afford transactions of 1,000, or 5,000, or even 30,000 rubles - it's still virtual money, nothing bad will happen. But the earnings from these 30,000 rubles are impressive - in a minute the net profit reaches 27,000 rubles, and this is already someone's monthly salary, or even two or even three.

Greed awakens in a person. Although no, she does not just wake up - she absorbs the person completely! After earning 27,000 rubles per minute, it is very boring to receive 45 rubles (from a correct forecast with an investment of 50 rubles) for the same time. Waste of your time and don't make millions like that. The solution is simple - you need more money! And traders really replenish their trading balances by tens of thousands of rubles and go to trade.

We are all millionaires, but these same millions we made on a demo account. Is there at least one trader here who has not earned a million virtual rubles or dollars in all the time? I doubt. But how many millionaires are here who have earned them on a real account?! Here! Here lies the truth.

The demo account was created to teach us that in a very short time - 60 seconds - we can earn a very large amount of money (everyone has their own: 10 thousand rubles will be enough for someone, and 100 thousand dollars for someone will be small). But this is a trade without emotions - an ideal trade. That is why it is so simple and so profitable.

How do we trade on a real account? We, pulling out the last hair on our heads, dance with a tambourine around our computer, shouting out various spells in a plea for the deal to close in the black. Simply put, we are afraid for our money! This was not on the demo account, and no one was ready for this.

What about turbo options? Yes, despite the fact that this is the very tool that will squeeze all the money out of a trader who came to the real world from a sweet demo world. Moreover, the slap in the face will be very noticeable and will be remembered for a long time, especially if the dupe replenished his balance by a tidy sum and in 15 minutes all of her proe ... Hmm ... lost.

How much can you earn on turbo options and options 60 seconds

No matter how you look at it, experienced traders still make money on turbo options by trading with an expiration of 60 seconds. It really is. So how much can you earn on turbo options?

On one of the sites, I came across this idea, issued by some "guru-trader":

how much can you earn on turbo options

I think it's worth parsing these words:
  • Income depends on the number of open trades (orders) - this is partly true, but it is more correct to say that profit depends on the number of correct predictions. In trading, quality is always better than quantity!
  • A trader can be at the monitor screen around the clock and trade - of course, I'm very sorry, but what then is the essence of trading? Isn't it about becoming financially independent and spending the least time on work and the most time on something more enjoyable?! And have you tried to sit for a day at the price charts and trade? No? Try it! After 6-8 hours, there will be cotton wool in your skull - what will be in it after 20-24 hours, I'm even afraid to guess.
  • One hundred successful predictions will bring a profit of about $500 - 100 successful predictions with an investment of $5 or $200?! Profit is very dependent on the amount of investment and the number of losing trades!
  • Successful traders open more than 200 trades per day ... - successful traders very rarely make even 30 trades per day. Most often, 5-10 transactions are enough!
  • … which allows them to multiply their initial deposit several times - a very good income for a trader is considered to be an increase in the trading balance by 15-30% per month. Of course, we are talking about large deposits, which none of the experienced traders want to risk. "Traders" who are able to multiply their trading balance several times a day are able to lose it even faster. Moreover, the probability of losing is many times greater than the probability of earning.
Here is a good example for you of how tons of noodles are hung on your ears. Well, we will return to our question - how much can you earn on turbo options?

Earnings on turbo options and options "60 seconds" primarily depends on your ability to trade. And it's not just about the ability to open deals by clicking on the right buttons, but about the speed of your understanding of the market. The better you understand your trading strategy, the faster you can see the signals to open trades, the faster you open the trade itself on the broker's trading platform, the higher the chance that your trade will close in profit.

On 60 seconds options, it is very important to open a trade on the most favorable conditions - at the very moment when the signal from your trading strategy appeared. The slightest delay can lead to the fact that the price will change, and the transaction will be opened in the wrong place, and on turbo options, every point in the price movement is important to us. This is because the price does not have time to go far into plus in such a short time, and there is always a chance to get a losing trade even in the last second of its existence.

Turbo options are a fairly risky trading tool

If we talk about the figures of earnings on turbo options and compare such trading with longer-term options, then with an equal number of profitable and unprofitable trades, trading on a turbo will be slightly more profitable. This is because binary options brokers tend to increase returns on short-term trades (they are riskier and more attractive to most) and lower returns on long-term options to make them less attractive.

And the turbo options themselves outperform long-term options in terms of the time spent on trading. If on long-term options you can open 1 trade in 15-30 minutes, then during the same time, on turbo options, you can open 15-30 trades, finish trading and go to rest. The potential profit here is greater, but, as always, it all comes down to the number of trades closed in profit.

If there are many losing trades, then it is better to lose one trade opened for 15 minutes than 10 trades opened for 60 seconds. As mentioned earlier, it all comes down to the experience of the trader.

60 second options and turbo options: pros and cons

The advantages of turbo options and options 60 seconds include the following:
  • The opportunity to make a profit in just 60 seconds (options, I do not consider less than 60 seconds, because the probability of a correct forecast is very small)
  • As a rule, turbo options have an increased return per correct forecast, compared to longer-term options
  • It does not take much time to trade - the trading session takes no more than an hour, during which time you can easily reach your daily earnings goal
  • Many trading strategies and trading systems for turbo options
  • Ability to trade on mobile trading platforms of different brokers
  • Quickly get the result of the deal

60 seconds options and turbo options: pros and cons

The disadvantages of turbo options and options 60 seconds are also enough:
  • Increased risks when trading turbo options: you can earn quickly, but you can also lose everything very quickly
  • Experience in trading is required from a trader - without it there is nothing to do here
  • The demo account misleads the trader, showing a beautiful picture with quick earnings - there is nothing like this in real trading
  • Increased psychological pressure on the trader

Amount of initial deposit for trading turbo options

If the disadvantages of turbo options did not scare you away, and you still want to try your hand, then it is better to start with very small amounts and deposits.

If your Binary Options broker allows you to open trades for a minimum amount of $1, then a trading deposit of $50-100 will be enough for you to trade. Moreover, trading costs a fixed rate of $1 and no more! No one canceled the risks in trading!

The deposit will be enough for you for at least 50-100 transactions, which will allow you to partially understand the essence of options in 60 seconds, test your strength, and feel the emotions from real trading (and not on a demo account). Even with a number of losing trades, you won't lose too much and you can always stop. The other side of the coin is that excitement and greed will not overtake you, because. You won't earn too much either. But, your task as a novice trader is to learn how to trade and understand trading, and not instantly become a millionaire.

The experience gained from such trading will be very useful to you in the future. It will lay the foundation for trading turbo options. But always remember that initially nothing can work out - trading on turbo options requires many skills from the trader, including the need to understand the situation on the market very quickly and act. Moreover, the actions must be correct, and not "just to do something, otherwise it's boring ..."!

If you have experience in trading and you decide to switch to 60 seconds options or turbo options in order to spend less time trading and get the same amount or even more, then your deposit will be calculated as follows:
  • Determine the amount you want to earn per month, for example, 50 thousand rubles
  • Break it down into days - there are about 24 of them in a month. We get the amount that you have to earn per day - 2,100 rubles. And we multiply it by 1.5 (I’ll explain why a little later) - 3150 rubles is your daily goal
  • In order not to trade too long, you will have to trade in the amount of 350-400 rubles per trade (so that the net profit from the trade is equal to 10% of the intended daily goal)
  • The amount of each transaction must be equal to no more than 0.5% of the trading balance. We receive a deposit of 140-160 thousand rubles. With such a balance, earning 50 thousand rubles is quite achievable and realistic goals.
So why did we multiply the daily target by 1.5? Every trader has losing days in trading. By earning more than you need in one day, you can cover past losses. The main rule of making money in trading is “Lose a little, where possible! Earn more if you have a chance!

Strategies for trading turbo options and options 60 seconds

Let me remind you that in order to consistently make money in trading, you need to make more than 58% of profitable transactions. For a correct forecast, you will receive from 70%, but if the forecast was not correct, then you will lose 100% of the investment amount.

Strategies for turbo options

It is learned that it is worth trading not at random, but according to a certain trading method or trading strategy, which are plentiful on our website for any expiration time: You will have to personally check the quality of each trading strategy - I cannot tell you exactly the trading strategy that will work for you. The testing of the strategy itself is best done on a real account, and not on a demo account, because. results can be very different.

Always remember that all strategies and indicators give more false signals on turbo options, and work better on higher time frames. This is understandable - the analysis of charts for trading turbo options is carried out on time frames from 1 second to 1 minute. On these time frames, price movement is much more difficult to predict than on older time frames. The reason for this is market noise, which, unfortunately, cannot be eliminated.

Maintaining high profitability on 60 seconds options or turbo options is quite difficult. However, if you approach the matter professionally, the result may surprise you - the door to very large and fast earnings will open.

Another problem is that many novice traders overestimate their capabilities and rush to trade on an instrument they are not yet ready for. The result, as always, is the same - a complete drain of the deposit. So it is very important that you soberly assess your options and take your time when trading turbo options.

The 60 second option trap and turbo options

Due to the fact that turbo options are a very risky trading tool, it was them that the broker chose for his advertising campaign. Quickly earning any amount of money (would be enough money to bet) in just 60 seconds lures many people who have never had experience in trading.

The bait works as it should. And in my practice, traders very often ask exactly about strategies for turbo options. Everyone is eager to become millionaires in just a few hours.

Trap of turbo options and options 60 seconds

However, if you ask experienced traders what they think about turbo options and 60 seconds options, then in 90% of cases they will compare such trading with playing in a casino and they will be right. The remaining 10% of experienced traders will say that turbo trading is very profitable. Surprisingly, they will also be right.

The point is in the trader himself - someone can trade on turbo options, someone cannot. Someone is able to make the right decisions in a split second, someone has to think over all the pros and cons of the deal, and only then, slowly, open the deal itself. Someone feels very good while trading on options for 60 seconds, and someone is afraid for every open trade.

If we compare an experienced trader and a beginner who first sat down to trade on turbo options, then:
  • An experienced trader, at least, will not lose all his funds on the trading balance: the drawdown will be small or there will be a profit from such trading at all
  • A novice trader is very likely to lose his trading deposit: greed and the desire for quick impressive results will do their job
Personally, my opinion is the following: it does not matter what option a trader trades, it is much more important that he follows the rules of risk management and monitors his trading balance! Perhaps this is what allows me to trade turbo options in a very stable way. Of course, there are unprofitable days, but there are much more profitable days, which allows me to go positive at the end of the month.

Opinion on turbo options

I think it can be summed up in two words:
  • If you are a beginner trader, then it is better not to go into turbo options for the first time (3-6 months) and trade on options with a long expiration time
  • If you are a novice trader, but really want to try turbo options (if you really want to, you can - all the responsibility is always on your shoulders), then trade with a minimum rate of $ 1 with a deposit of $ 50-100
  • If you are an experienced trader looking to reduce your trading time while maintaining the same earnings, then you will definitely like turbo options

Tips for turbo options traders

Where without advice? The advice for you, traders, would be the following:
  • Never forget about risks and risk management rules - this is the only thing that can save your deposit from total loss in a few minutes
  • Never use Martingale - trading on turbo options is already very risky to complicate it somehow
  • All responsibility always lies ONLY on your shoulders - if you leaked a deposit, then do not blame someone or something, but sit down and sort out YOUR mistakes. No one opened deals for you - you did everything yourself!
  • Do not trade tick options and options whose expiration time is less than 1 minute
  • Test your trading strategy thoroughly to identify its strengths and weaknesses
  • Do not trade during important economic news releases
  • Set realistic and achievable goals. “I want to earn a million before the evening!” - this is not at all the goal that you can achieve
  • Let trust "Guru-traders" who teach you how to trade with the Martingale, trade with the entire deposit and prove to you that "here the sheep will earn!"
  • Plan your trading in advance
  • Only trade when there are no distractions

Should I even start trading turbo options?

Turbo options are very popular now and will be popular for a very long time. As you already understood, popularity is directly related to advertising and the greed of the traders themselves. But what if you evaluate your options with a cold head and cannot decide whether to start trading turbo options at all?

If you are a beginner trader - no, you should not. It is better to calmly gain experience on less risky instruments that are easier to predict and, as a result, get a stable profit. If you are already an experienced trader, welcome to turbo options trading, but it is still worth taking some time to “join” such a crazy trading rhythm.
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