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No Deposit Bonuses and Binary Options Deposit Bonuses: All About BO Bonuses

No Deposit Bonuses and Binary Options Deposit Bonuses: All About BO Bonuses

Binary options allow you to make very good money in a short time. But many people have a question - “Where can I get money for trading?”, But Binary options brokers also do not sleep - they have a wonderful offer for you in the form of a bonus of 50% of the replenished amount, or even 100%, well, or even at 200%...

Are bonuses as good as binary options brokers say they are? Is it profitable for a trader to take these bonuses for his trading? What are the general bonuses and what are their advantages and disadvantages? That is what we will talk about in this article.

Who gives bonuses on Binary Options

Everyone gives bonuses: binary options brokers, Forex brokers (of course, we are talking only about betting brokers). Bonuses are given in the form of promotions, a bonus for replenishing a trading account, a prize in tournaments, a gift for registration, and so on.

The bonus itself works very simply: let's say you funded your trading account with $100 and took a bonus of 100% - the amount available for trading will already be $200. And then many ran to replenish the account, shouting “Freebie!!!”…

But not everything is so simple. Bonuses are not given just like that! Of course, there are also very interesting cases, but more on that later. As a rule, the bonus needs to be worked out - no, you won’t have to spend a day holding a pickaxe in your hands and mining coal, but you’ll have to sweat for sure. The fact is that each bonus has its own conditions for working out, in almost all cases it is a specific trading volume.

For each unit of bonus, binary options brokers require a trading volume of 30-100 times the amount itself. Simply put, if your bonus amount is $100, then your trading volume should be $3,000 - $10,000.

There are a lot of novice traders here, so to clarify, the trading volume is not the amount that you have to earn, but the sum of investments of all completed transactions. Only after this trading volume, the bonus becomes yours and can be withdrawn (not with all brokers).

Depending on the type of bonus you have taken, the money in your account may or may not be blocked for withdrawal. In the first case, funds will be blocked from withdrawal until you have fully worked out the bonus, which has a very negative effect on the trading balance of novice traders.

There is no freebie here and cannot be, and if it can, then these cases are so rare that many do not believe in their existence. All rules about bonuses are written in the user agreement of brokers, so your carelessness does not relieve you of responsibility.

The bonuses themselves are, of course, very beneficial for binary options brokers - this is a tool to attract new customers. But the advertising of bonuses is silent on some important points, however, like any other advertising of Binary Options.

Types and types of bonuses for different binary options brokers

How lucky you are, dear reader, that at the time of writing this article, the weight of chaos in the world of Binary Options has almost come to naught and now competition is the main force forcing brokers to offer better and better conditions for their clients. But this does not mean that "dinosaurs" among brokers have died out - no, they still exist and offer different types of bonuses for their traders.

It is about the types of bonuses from old and modern binary options brokers that we will talk about now.

Binary Options Welcome Bonus

Almost every binary options broker has a welcome or welcome bonus on the first deposit. Its essence is obvious - it is needed in order to motivate the client to make the first deposit.

first deposit bonus in binary options

As a rule, such bonuses are much larger than regular bonuses from the same broker. This is due to the fact that after the loss of one deposit, many clients simply leave trading forever or for a very long time.

All such bonuses must be worked out. The trading turnover is 30-50 times the amount of the bonus itself. Also, very often, the size of the bonus itself depends on the amount of the deposit - the larger the deposit, the larger the bonus.

The welcome bonus gives the trader an increase of 70% to 200% with different binary options brokers and, as mentioned earlier, may depend on the amount of the deposit itself. Also, the welcome bonus can block the funds on the trading account from withdrawal or, conversely, not interfere with the withdrawal of funds from the client's trading account.

No deposit bonus with different binary options brokers

A no deposit bonus is the same freebie for many traders. This is a very rare beast - not many brokers can afford that luxury!

The essence of this bonus is that, immediately after registration, a certain bonus amount is credited to you. Having made a certain trading turnover, these funds become real and can be withdrawn.

For many, a no deposit bonus is a way to earn money without investing a dime from your own pocket. But it would be so simple....

No deposit bonuses have the largest trading volume of all bonuses (the broker will not give away his money for beautiful eyes) - you need to trade for an amount that is 50-100 times the amount of the received no deposit bonus. It doesn't seem so easy anymore, does it?!

Another “small” nuance associated with brokers that give out a no deposit bonus to all new clients is that such brokers are very strict about compliance with the user agreement. Simply put, for any step to the left or right - execution. You will simply be blocked from your account for such acts as:
  • Create 2 or more trading accounts
  • Using trading platform vulnerabilities
  • Using third party software or trading robots
  • Any fraud with bonuses
But “smart” people always spit on these rules and register dozens of accounts via VPN (the broker is stupid, the broker will not recognize), but the broker recognizes and blocks all accounts of such clients, after which, the latter run to write angry reviews about the broker on the fences. A no deposit bonus is given to its clients for registration by the binary options broker Pocket Option. That is why comments about this broker are divided into two types:
  • Adequate clients consistently trade and withdraw money
  • Smart people trying to scam a broker are always complaining about account bans
I wanted a freebie - know how to follow the rules! In any case, a no deposit bonus is designed to lure clients from other brokers. At the same time, the broker does not intend to feed the freeloaders who are ready to register hundreds of accounts until the bonus is worked out on one of them - a win-win option for the trader and a path to ruin for the broker.

One no deposit bonus in one hand! By the way, do not underestimate the complexity of working out - 1 out of 20-50 traders copes with this task the first time. Therefore, a binary options broker, for the amount of a no deposit bonus, receives 20-50 new clients, some of which will continue to trade and replenish the account.

Eternal and continuous bonuses from binary options brokers

I think the essence of these bonuses is clear - they are provided for each trader's deposit. Usually, such bonuses do not provide a huge percentage of the deposit and are kept in the amount of 20 to 40 percent.

The trading turnover required to work out such bonuses is 30-40 times the amount of the bonus itself. Personally, I have never come across such bonuses - I don’t like bonuses at all, and even now, with almost every broker, you can uncheck the box and refuse the bonus at the next replenishment.

Gift bonuses from binary options brokers

Brokers love to “spoil” their clients and report that “You received a gift from a broker in the form of a bonus for such and such an amount, accept the gift and it will be in your account!”.

Gift bonus from Binary Options brokers

Do you think it's all just that? The essence of gift bonuses is exactly the same as the essence of no deposit bonuses, but they are designed to return old customers - those who once traded and replenished their account, but then abandoned this business. The notification comes in the mail, so that some of the clients return to trading with this binary options broker.

But there are also very interesting gifts from binary options brokers, which are difficult to attribute to ordinary bonuses. For example, Binary options broker INTRDAE BAR, as a New Year's gift, accrued to all clients who withdraw money during December, an amount equal to 10% of the average withdrawal amount.

New Year's gift from broker INTRADE BAR

Moreover, this is a gift - you do not need to work it out. A peculiar way to say “Thank you” to your clients for trading with this particular broker. My withdrawal was $5,800 in one payment (I hadn't thought of withdrawing the dollar account at that point), so my gift was $580. For me, as a trader, the amount is not large, but still very nice.

Special bonuses for trades with binary options brokers

In some cases, binary options brokers offer their clients bonuses for a certain number of transactions, and promise to increase income by 2 or even 3 times, if any.

It is necessary to carefully read the conditions for accruing such bonuses, since the development of bonus funds can be very problematic due to the very large trading turnover.

Risk Free Bonuses and Risk Free Trades at Binary Options Brokers

Now risk-free bonuses are offered to clients of brokers very often. The essence of these bonuses is that you can make a certain number of transactions, take the profit for yourself, and in case of an incorrect forecast, you do not lose anything.

Such bonuses are given for a certain amount - the amount that you can invest in transactions. All profits from such trading will be credited as a bonus to your trading account and, most likely, will block the withdrawal of funds until the bonus is worked out - making a 30-50-fold trading turnover.

Risk-free trades in Binary Options

Also, binary options brokers very often provide their clients with risk-free trades after replenishing the trading balance. The essence of these transactions is that they are given as a gift. All profits from such transactions are simply credited to the trading balance, and losses on such transactions cost the trader nothing, except for the lost opportunity.

Usually, the number of risk-free trades does not reach even 10, and the amount for which each trade can be opened is from $1 to $1,000, so you can't earn much from this.

As a bonus for replenishing a trading account, the broker can provide the trader with the opportunity to choose which transactions to make risk-free - to return losses on a certain transaction. Of course, the number of such proposals is very limited and they do not occur often.

Bonuses for holding funds with binary options brokers

It is beneficial for some brokers that traders keep their money in their trading accounts - brokers use this money in their own investments, thereby increasing their own income.

Such brokers very often offer clients a small percentage for holding funds. As long as there are funds on the trader's trading balance, they act as an investment amount. The larger the amount, the greater the percentage of passive profit the trader receives.

On the one hand, this is good, but on the other hand, the broker forces its clients to replenish with more significant amounts. So this is a story with two ends.

Binary Options Brokers' Losses Refund

Quite often, binary options brokers promise their clients who have opened VIP accounts a cashback (refund) in case of losing trades. The return occurs 2-4 times a month and ranges from 3% to 15%.

If your broker has such a service and you have a VIP account open, then, almost always, you need to ask your manager to get a refund - the brokers themselves always “forget” about it.

Educational or Software Bonus

Usually, as such a bonus, they give out books about trading or manuals on using the broker's trading platform (a very useful thing - of course not).

INTRADE BAR Broker provides its clients with a news clicker - a program that can open deals almost instantly, during the release of important economic news. There will be time and desire - I will make a review.

I won’t say that all this is very useful - it will rather be lying around as trash.

Binary Options Broker Friend Bonus

Bring a friend - get a bonus, which then you still need to work out. A very crazy scheme, which all adequate brokers abandoned a long time ago.

Binary Options Broker Tournament Bonuses

It is not uncommon for major binary options brokers to run free tournaments on demo accounts or free tournament accounts. The prize of such tournaments is a certain bonus amount that needs to be worked out in the future.

The higher the place in the tournament, the greater the bonus you will receive. Worked - you can withdraw the bonus from the trading account. Whether it's worth the effort is up to you.

Bonuses for draws at BO brokers

Draws, as a rule, are not related to trade - they are held on social networks and are aimed at attracting new customers. For example, a broker can draw bonuses for comments or reposts, as well as just for the sake of "fun" - for a correct forecast or something like that.

VIP Bonuses from Binary Options Brokers

Holders of VIP trading accounts with binary options brokers can count on special bonuses with a higher percentage or any bonuses from the broker:
  • Partial refund
  • Increased returns on assets
  • The "best" (largest) deposit bonus offers
  • Quick withdrawal of funds when contacting the manager
Moreover, all these nice bonuses can be obtained immediately, you just need to become a VIP client - replenish your trading account in the amount of $1000-5000. This is the problem for many, so these bonuses are only for the rich.

Bonus systems at different binary options brokers

Rarely enough, binary options brokers reward their traders for being active. Replenished the balance - keep the bun, made a lot of transactions - keep the bun, opened a trading account for a certain amount - keep the bun.

For example, Pocket Option broker has such a system, which offers its clients to independently distribute bonuses for the necessary things:

Pocket Option broker bonuses

Personally, I never got into this, but for many, the choice of the right bonuses will be very useful.

Bonuses that do not interfere with the withdrawal of funds

Now most of the accrued bonuses are just like that. They give a premium on the deposit and still require some trading volume from the trader, but at the same time they exist separately from the real money of the client. That is why you can withdraw your money at any time, but the unearned bonus will burn out.

I also strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the conditions for calculating the bonus - for many brokers, the real amount is used first, and only then the bonus amount. So you can get 100% on $100, drain that $100 and be surprised that the broker doesn't want to withdraw the remaining $100, which is just a bonus.

Pros and Cons of Binary Options Bonuses

The pros and cons of bonuses directly depend on the trader who is going to use them:
  • For a novice trader, bonuses are an increase in the probability of draining the entire deposit
  • For an experienced trader, bonuses are a way to increase your profits
Novice traders take bonuses out of greed or misunderstanding of their essence, which leads to serious problems in the future - a beginner is very rarely able to recoup the bonus amount by making the necessary trading turnover.

An experienced trader takes the bonus purposefully, because he is sure that he will be able to make the necessary trading turnover and remain in profit.

But, since the vast majority of beginners in binary options trading, brokers distribute bonuses left and right, without fear for their finances. For every experienced trader who has worked out his bonus, there are 2-3 hundreds of beginners who were ruined by their greed - the broker is always in the black. So, before you take a bonus, be sure to read the conditions for its accrual - in case they turn out to be not the most pleasant for you:

What do bonuses on Binary options require

For a novice trader, bonuses are evil, and broker managers spread this evil. So do not rush to succumb to persuasion and first ask the manager about the conditions. There were cases when the “manager” made a mistake in the terms of bonuses, but since the client was not particularly stupid and recorded the entire conversation, the bonus problem was solved, and the “forgetful” manager was reprimanded for being burned.

How to use bonuses in binary options trading

Let's say you definitely decided that you need a bonus. But, before receiving the bonus, you must:
  • Read all bonus terms and conditions, especially the fine print
  • Create a trading plan based on the amount of the trading turnover of this bonus
  • Recognize all the risks and think again about the need to take a bonus from a broker
  • Prepare for hard work

Money management and risk management in the development of binary options bonuses

In the development of bonuses, as well as during regular trading, there is nowhere without risk management!

Make a trading plan for yourself and stick to it consistently. Your risks in transactions should not exceed 5% of the trading balance, and trading should be carried out only with a fixed rate!

It is better to spend a little more time, but 100% work out the bonus without the risk of losing your funds. For this, trading should be stopped after several losing trades in a row. Never think that you may not be able to withdraw the entire amount of the bonus - if you do not lose your funds, then this is already a very good result!

Never use the Martingale system in working out bonuses (and in your trading too), let the trading volume grow very strongly, but there is a huge chance that your trading balance will not live up to working out.

Don't chase big bonuses from brokers

The larger the bonus amount, the more difficult it is to work it out. There are also psychological factors, the existence of which you may not even suspect - we are talking about the psychological barrier of the trade balance.

Bonuses in Binary Options

Simply put, you are psychologically unprepared to trade large amounts. This problem sooner or later befalls any trader, only it is different for everyone: someone experiences problems when trading a hundred bucks, and someone begins to suffer, having amounts with five zeros and a dollar sign on their balance.

In any case, only keeping a trading journal and the corresponding section helps to identify this problem (I will talk about this already in articles on trading psychology), so you should not take risks in vain and hope that you are “lucky”.

Don't rush with bonus trading volume

Haste is only good for catching fleas, so never rush to work off the bonus amount. I understand you - it is much more comfortable when the bonus is worked out, and you do not owe anything to the broker. Like a stone from the shoulders.

But at the same time, your haste can greatly harm the results of your trading. Where there is a rush, there are a huge number of mistakes, which, if not draining your entire trading balance, will greatly reduce it. Did you take a bonus for this and now you are trying to work it off?!

Strictly follow the plan and never deviate from it. The bonus will not go anywhere from you, so do not rush to make mistakes!

Author's opinion on bonuses on Binary Options

As a beginner trader, each of my deposits was accompanied by a bonus from the broker. What can I say - I was very stupid and saw only an opportunity to earn money, not paying attention to the risks. I myself sawed the branch on which I sit.

Bonuses should be taken only when you have extensive trading experience, and you understand and accept all the risks associated with this bonus. But personally, I came to the following conclusion - let my trading account have a little more than my funds, but initially I will not owe anything to the broker.

I don't blame broker bonuses for my first deposit drains - I certainly blame myself for this. But the residue remains. In any case, bonuses are one of the broker's ways to lure you to their trading platform, but whether or not you agree to these rules is up to you.
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