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Real Binary Options Without Cheating

Real Binary Options Without Cheating

In the previous topic, we already figured out what binary options are, how they look and what qualities they have. Today we will delve into this topic even more.

What is it for? In order for you to understand exactly what you are facing and be ready for everything that awaits you in the future. In addition, as I promised, my task is to gradually pass on to you all the necessary information, which, in the end, will help you become financially independent and profitable traders.

We have already found out that binary options are available to a wide range of people, but, in fact, binary options are divided into two types:
  • Betting Binary Options
  • Commercial Binary Options
A distinctive feature of betting or betting binary options is that when you make a deal, you never buy anything, but only bet on the direction of the price - the tote. In exchange-traded Binary Options, everything is arranged differently - you are buying an asset, and your profit depends on it.

binary options

It is betting (bookmaker) binary options that are very common in our time and the last article was devoted to them. But we didn’t mention exchange-traded Binary Options, so it’s time to fix it.

Exchange Binary Options or Exchange Binary Options

If betting or betting Binary options allow you to make a profit by making a forecast on the price direction, and the profit is known in advance, and you only press the direction selection button without affecting its movement in any way, then stock Binary Options bring your transaction to the exchange - you, directly Thus, you participate in the formation of the price movement.

Also, a huge plus of exchange-traded Binary Options is that a trader trades against the same traders, unlike betting Binary Options, where a trader always trades against a broker.

It turns out that stock binary options are better and more reliable? And why are we still not trading on the stock exchange?

The problem is that mere mortals, and there are more than 99% of them, access to the Binary Options Exchange is closed. The reasons for this can be very different: from a lot of legal difficulties to the need to have a good financial cushion.

CBOE binary options

CBOE is Chicago Board Option Exchange or the Chicago Board Options Exchange, where only two assets can be traded:
  • SPX Index (S&P 500)
  • VIX (CBOE Volatility Index)

binary options CBOE

The trading platform of a stockbroker looks like this:

CBOE trading platform

As you may have noticed, the CBOE broker does not have the usual Binary Options interface. In addition, a CBOE broker can only open deals for buying (CALL option), and a special algorithm is used for selling.

NADEX Exchange Binary Options

NADEX is another brokerage company that allows traders to trade live binary options. The broker also has a trading platform different from betting Binary options, but, unlike CBOE, it allows trading on a larger number of assets, including currencies:

NADEX trading platform

Binary Options Broker Cantor Exchange

Cantor Exchange also provides Live Binary Options services. The Cantor Exchange trading platform is already more like what we are so used to:

Cantor Exchange trading platform

You could see the trading platform itself at many bookmaker Binary Options Brokers - this is a kind of way to impress the client with the “fact” that he is trading in the real market.

Features of real binary options exchange

As you can already understand, exchange-traded binary options are very different from betting binary options. Unlike betting Binary options, exchange options cannot:
  • To know in advance the profit for the correct forecast
  • Buy an option without a person (trader) who will sell this option - two components are needed to complete a transaction: a buyer and a seller
To open an account with a Binary Options stockbroker, you will need to go through a very complicated procedure for formalizing an English-language account, which, by the way, is taxed. But this way you will have very good trading skills, because. Exchange binary options are much more complicated than betting binaries and add here the obligatory presence of a large dollar account.

Also, the problem is that US binary options brokers do not allow traders from Russia to register accounts. In general, there are a lot of problems in opening an account and they are hardly worth it.

But in 2008, betting binary options appeared, which instantly became very popular - they became the replacement for the inaccessible exchange binary options. Moreover, a replacement available to absolutely everyone.

Betting and betting Binary options

Bookmaker and betting binary options are exactly the options you will have to work with. 99.9% of all Binary Options ads you see are Binary Options ads that DO NOT list trades.

In most cases, this is even a plus:
  • You don't need to have a solid bank account to be able to trade Binary Options
  • You do not need to go through complicated registration and account opening procedures - everything is done in a matter of minutes
  • Such options are many times easier than the FOREX market and binary options
  • On these options, you can also earn consistently and a lot
What do we actually get? Binary options betting companies simply broadcast quotes for certain assets on their trading platforms, and traders make a forecast for the further direction of the price.

At the same time, Binary Options brokers go to great lengths to hide their true origins and goals from their own clients by pretending to be a stockbroker. There are many such cases.

And even now, if you contact your broker's support with a question about exactly how transactions go, then in most cases they will tell you that your transaction is brought to the market and blah blah blah and blah blah blah. In fact, there is nothing of the kind.

A trader with such brokers does not trade against other traders - he trades exclusively against a broker. But, if you omit the details, a more successful trader takes some of the money from less experienced colleagues - most of it is still taken by the broker.

how binary options work

Once again: binary options betting brokers have nothing to do with a real exchange - all transactions take place only within the brokerage company. All trading platforms can be safely called gaming platforms that show you the prices of assets in real time and allow you to place bets on the price forecast.

The most interesting thing is that with all the presence of pseudo components, the quotes from such brokers are real and they take them from real quote providers. What does this mean? The fact that we can safely compare quotes of assets on different trading platforms, including those not related to Binary Options.

inary options betting brokers

And this already greatly unties our hands. Unlike casinos, where we never know what will happen in the next minute, with a price chart, we can tilt the number of correct predictions to our side - it is profitable for us, but not for brokers.

But binary options brokers have found a way to even the odds - so we have a percentage for the correct prediction of less than 100%. Most often, this percentage is kept from 70% to 95% (depending on the broker).

Thus, having made one trade with a correct forecast and one with a forecast that did not come true, we have losses. For profitable trading, we need to make at least 55% of profitable transactions, and this is not so easy, especially for a novice trader.

Comparison of stock and betting binary options

So, what are the differences and similarities between binary options stock brokers and binary options bookmaker brokers? Let's figure it out.

Binary Options Brokers:
  • Regulated by the state
  • Large dollar deposits
  • Significantly fewer assets to trade
  • Official trading with the output to the real market
  • No fixed payouts
  • Account replenishment by transfer to a bank account
  • Complicated account opening procedure
  • Extensive trading experience required
  • quotes from official sources
Binary options betting or betting brokers:
  • The presence of regulation is not necessary (more minus than plus)
  • Deposits from a few dollars
  • A large number of payment systems for depositing and withdrawing funds
  • Simple registration and verification procedure (identity verification)
  • A huge number of assets to trade
  • No output of trades to the market
  • Relatively easy learning to trade
  • The yield percentage is always known before opening a trade
  • quotes from official sources
  • Most often, brokers are registered offshore
If you trade with a stock broker against other traders, companies, banks, etc., then with a BO betting broker you always trade only against the broker itself. Hence, all the ensuing consequences for one-day brokers: spokes in the wheels during trading, unwillingness to withdraw earned funds, lowering the percentage of payments for correct forecasts, and so on. Fortunately, many binary options brokers have long since overcome these childhood illnesses.

But, at one time, there were enough such brokers and, a few years ago, there was even a problem in finding a really honest binary options broker.

Binary Options History

It just so happened that 2008, when the Binary Options bookmaker just appeared, immediately attracted a lot of people to the field of such trading. And this is not without reason - the very high availability and "simplicity" that was mentioned in any advertisement (and is being talked about now) immediately filled the thoughts of people and dreamers.

Since demand creates supply, then, like mushrooms after rain, the first Binary Options bookmaker brokers appeared. At that time, there were no innovations available to us now - each broker provided its clients with the opportunity to make transactions on their trading platform. Moreover, trading platforms did not differ in any useful functionality and, often, did not even have an adequate price chart.

Within a few years, this business of brokers has taken a step forward. Smart people quickly realized that a lot of money is spinning in this area, and only a couple of percent of clients out of the whole mass earn on such trading. As a result, by 2011 we already had a couple of hundred binary options brokers to choose from, providing their services around the world.

At that time, brokers still did not think about providing their clients with convenient trading conditions. My first broker, on which I registered in the same 2011, did not allow transactions to be made instantly (!!!) - all transactions were opened with a delay of 5 minutes. The broker referred to "a huge number of requests to open trades, which took time to process." Also, my broker, unlike other, more affluent competitors, did not have a live schedule - it was updated when the page was refreshed.

But for me there were pluses - the minimum deposit is only $10, and the minimum investment amount is only 10 cents. Other available brokers had deposits of at least $100 - most often, the minimum deposits were $200-350, which significantly stopped me at that time financially.

The peak of Binary Options was in 2013-2014. At this time, complete chaos began. At that time, there were already more than 800 brokerage companies around the world. The competition became so strong that brokers even resorted to very black methods of making money: they stupidly merged their clients, blocked profitable traders, and did not withdraw the money they earned.

What is this intrusive technical support of brokers worth, which has already fucked us all up - when the manager calls us and tries with all his might to convince us that "now is the best time to make a deposit." Moreover, they always wanted to get more out of us than we invested in trading in the past.

Separate "warm words" deserve brokers whose managers persuaded us to transfer a trading account to them for management, promising fabulous earnings in a very short time - "an experienced binary trader with 8 years of trading experience will trade for you!". And then they merged everything at 0, because this is the essence of their business - the broker earns if the trader loses.

End of 2015... It seems that everything has calmed down, because. fools who have not learned from their mistakes have become many times less. Yes, and a huge part of the brokers lost confidence in themselves, loved ones, and slowly slipped to the bottom.

The main reason for this decline in the popularity of Binary Options can be safely considered excessively viral advertising from the brokers themselves. People, even financially illiterate, quickly realized that the simplicity that the broker talks about is actually just a publicity stunt. In fact, it turned out that you need to have knowledge in order to consistently earn money, and not stupidly press the red or green button and wait for the result. It would seem that it will not get worse. But it wasn't there...

A huge number of signaling services appear on the network, which also promise mountains of gold in a matter of weeks, show beautiful pictures, and are actively advertised everywhere and everything. As a result, people shaved and chaos returned again with huge losses for clients and huge earnings for brokers.

95% of traders lose money

The idea behind the appearance of trading signals is simple to the point of insanity: people have realized that binary options trading is not as simple as it seemed at first - they simply do not have experience in this area. Trading signals completely solved this problem - there is no experience, we will think and decide for you, and you just open deals.

I don't think it's worth saying how it all ended. Most traders never learned how to trade, even more people lost their money because. in 99% of cases, the brokers themselves distributed the signals and merged their clients themselves. And in general, what kind of nonsense is it to believe in some trading signals that came from nowhere and from whom???

I will quote the very famous phrase of Sergei Mavrodi (the founder of MMM - a huge financial pyramid in Russia) - “The sucker is not a mammoth! Loch won't die!" By the way, Mavrodi, after he left the walls of the institution holding him, again created a similar project, and ... people again bore him money.

The mentality of people, coupled with financial illiteracy multiplied by a great desire to get everything for free, creates a lot of opportunities for smart people who know how to show a beautiful candy and take everything to the cent.

main clients of all financial instruments

Of course, after the appearance of trading signals and signal services, people again believed in freebies and quick earnings, and also saw this as a huge chance to shift all their responsibilities to someone else (I didn’t leak the deposit - signals are to blame for everything!). Like it or not, but signaling services such as the "Golden Age" (each country has its own) and the like are now swimming in the gold of their customers.

We will talk about the trading signals themselves in a separate article, but for now we will continue our journey through the history of Binary Options.

End of 2016. Finally, it became calmer. Once again, people have become wiser so as not to poke their money into someone who is not clear. A huge number of signaling services (those who are smarter) collected their profits and ceased to exist forever, the rest, especially short-sighted ones, continued to exist and slowly realized their fate.

A large number of black brokers also began to close - the flow of clients faded away so much that their continued existence did not make sense. And, it just so happened, they closed ahead of schedule, taking with them all the money that customers did not have time to withdraw. A war of attrition has begun among the remaining brokers.

The competition has grown so much that it has already become clear to everyone - the one who can not only retain his audience, but also attract a new one will survive. This time can be considered the beginning of a technological race - many brokers began to update their trading platforms, bringing more favorable conditions for trading.

At the same time, the approach to working with clients has changed significantly. Now the manager is not just an advertising agent, but a really useful person who will not be imposed, but will simply help you make a choice and tell you about new promotions and interesting conditions. After "make a deposit, now!" it was very unusual, but it worked - now it is one of the criteria for the quality of a broker.

I will not argue, even now there are a huge number of brokers whose managers are calling potential clients and trying to win them over to their side. There is only one conclusion - I do not need them, but they desperately need me as a client. As a rule, if a broker descends to such methods, then his business is very bad.

What do we have now? If you started learning about trading in 2018-2024, then you are very lucky. Now literally every binary options broker is fighting for their reputation and trying to keep their clients. In general, nothing has changed - traders still trade against brokers, 95% of traders still lose their money due to inexperience, but there are many fewer problems with brokers. But, as they say, the family is not without its freaks.

There are still brokers with whom it is better not to deal at all because of the high risk of being left without your investments due to the fault of the broker itself. So it's not worth losing your vigilance at all.

Adequate Betting Binary Brokers

Lies always come to the surface. That is why the direction of binary options brokers is now actively developing, which initially convey truthful information to their clients. This also greatly affects the attitude towards such brokers - more trust increases the number of clients. A striking example is the INTRADE BAR broker, which openly makes it clear to its clients what and how is happening on its trading platform:

AQ Intrade bar

It so happened that his reputation speaks for an honest broker, and not intrusive advertising through managers who will tell you anything, as long as you replenish your trading balance.

Another important component of many new binary options brokers is the refusal to verify the trading account. On the one hand, this procedure somehow guarantees that the client has only one trading account, but on the other hand, this is sometimes a serious problem for the client himself. You have to run around and collect all the necessary paperwork in order to receive a payment from a broker. Personally, my opinion is to leave verification but make it as simple as possible, requesting only passport data without any additional documents.

no account verification

Why is Binary Options feared?

People, taught by their bitter experience and lack of necessary knowledge, first of all do not go looking for information to make up for the lack of knowledge, but go to write angry reviews. It is much easier to blame someone or something than to understand the problem. When you shift the blame to the broker, quotes, stars, then it is they who are to blame, and the problem itself, as it were, did not exist.

Convenient position. But the problem is that it's wrong. It is easier for people to convince themselves that Binary Options is a scam than to admit the lack of knowledge necessary for trading. The sense of self-importance will suffer, and indeed, everyone around already knows everything best of all - do not put your finger in your mouth. This is where hundreds of unsubstantiated reviews come from that it is impossible to make money on Binary Options.

But there are other reasons for hating Binary Options in general:
  • Tranquil fraud by binary options brokers. Even now, there are brokers who will do everything so that you do not see your earned money. But, fortunately, these do not stay long and very quickly lose their reputation and customers. So, in our time, this problem is not as relevant as it was a few years ago. But the bitter experience still remained with many.
  • False perception of binary options and binary trading in general. All these advertising banners and high-profile headlines that you can earn up to 90% of the investment amount in just a few seconds on Binary Options are misleading people. In fact, everything is so - you can really earn up to 90% in a few seconds, but everything is not so simple. It turns out that it is very difficult to constantly guess the direction of the price, and for a stable result, you need knowledge that the average citizen does not have.
  • Binary options are presented as gambling. “Did your trade close in loss? It doesn’t matter – increase the amount of the next investment, so that if the option closes in profit, you will not only get a plus from the transaction, but also cover previous losses!” - familiar?! People are reckless, and the excitement in trading leads to only one thing - a stable loss of money. But they don’t talk about it, which, as a result, leads to misunderstanding on the part of customers and the further emergence of angry reviews.
  • The desire to get everything for free. I, like many of you, came to Binary Options because I saw a huge potential in them - to make huge profits with a minimum of effort. The ad has done its job. But in practice, it doesn't smell like a freebie here! Any experienced trader will tell you that in order to get a good and stable result, he spent several years developing himself as a trader. Free cheese only in a mousetrap.
  • Pseudo-gurus and pseudo-experts in binary trading. In my opinion, this is a terrible type of person with an inflated HR (sense of self-importance) who does not understand anything about trading, but tries to actively teach others. Usually, such individuals live in social networks and actively offer you martingale trading and sell beautiful pictures of trading strategies, which, of course, give good results only on the pictures of these very sellers. Almost 100% of the audience of such “gurus” consistently lose their money – what can an “expert” who doesn’t know anything about trading himself teach you??!
  • Couch analytics. Another very interesting group of personalities that does not pose such a threat as pseudo-experts and pseudo-gurus. Armchair analysts are those who like to speak negatively about everything, expressing their opinion, which, by the way, is not justified by anything. Well, a person wanted to feel like an expert and write “BO is a hoax!”, although he himself does not have a single real deal behind him. The only problem is that by reading the comments of such individuals, really purposeful people who, over time, would achieve financial independence, can refuse to trade on Binary Options.
  • An insignificant initial result also repels some traders. Everyone expects that after training they will immediately begin to receive millions, but in fact, at first they trade at zero or even at a small loss. This is quite normal - experience comes with time. In addition, a serious trading balance is needed to make a big profit (we will talk about this in another article). A trader's normal income is considered to be an increase in the trading balance by 10-30% per month.
As you can see, there are many factors that can influence your experience of trading Binary Options. You can doubt to the last, but it is always better to sit down and fully understand the issue, and only then draw conclusions for yourself. In addition, if you really fully understand the essence of Binary Options, then you yourself will be able to weed out tons of false information.

The main misconceptions of opponents of binary trading

I think now it is worth talking about the main misconceptions of all novice traders.
  1. Profit for a correct prediction is less than 100% It really is. But even 80% profit for a successful forecast is considered quite good. In addition, a yield of less than 100% does not mean at all that you will lose your deposit. Of course, this makes trading more difficult and you need to make at least 58-60% of trades to make a profit.
  2. Asset quotes are different from exchange or FOREX markets The fact is that there are two prices on FOREX - the purchase price and the sale price. In Binary Options, there is only one price - this is the average of the purchase price and the sale price. Also, quotes may vary slightly, depending on the service provider. In general, the difference is minimal and will be most noticeable on short-term options (from a few seconds to a minute), and you will almost never notice it if you open trades for 15 minutes or more.
  3. Problems with output At the moment, many brokers have account verification (verifying your identity). This may cause some problems. With most brokers, you can go through verification before replenishing your trading account - if there is such an opportunity, then use it. Also, withdrawal problems may occur if the user agreement with the binary options broker is violated. Most brokers are prohibited from having two open trading accounts at the same time. Any kind of fraud is also prohibited.
  4. You can earn from the minimum deposit amount Many brokers provide the opportunity to start trading with $10 or even $5. Most clients think like this: “Why risk a large amount when you can risk a minimum deposit?”. In practice, the minimum amount is not enough for profitable trading and traders drive themselves into a dead end, losing a little but regularly.
  5. I will quickly learn how to trade profitably
Unfortunately, they have not yet come up with a way that would allow them to quickly learn how to trade consistently and profitably. The minimum period of study takes from half a year to 2-3 years. This is normal, because you need to absorb a lot of new information and adjust to trading. Don't expect to achieve high results in the first month - be realistic.

Real binary options without cheating is reality

What do we get in reality from Binary Options? First of all, it is an opportunity to gain complete financial independence. But this requires a lot of work, gaining new knowledge and trying to put it into practice.

In terms of numbers, it will take you time to learn the basics of trading. On the foundation you have built, you will already add all the new knowledge, improving the performance of your trading. As a result, you can make money on BO, but it’s better to count on adequate earnings of 10-30% of the amount of the trade balance.

Large amounts can also sometimes be earned, but this can already cause an increase in risks, which are completely unnecessary in this business. Quieter we go - we will continue.

Nowadays, many brokers provide services for making transactions on Binary Options. Some of them have been around for a long time and have a good reputation - these are the best brokers to work with.

You should not look for a freebie - initially set yourself up for long and hard work, which will pay off over time. There will be both discoveries and failures, but all this will slowly push you in the right direction towards your goal.

Also, in the first couple, you should not invest a serious amount in trading - a lack of experience can play a cruel joke on you and significantly ruin your mood to become an experienced trader who earns many times more than many people in their ordinary jobs.

List of Trusted Binary Options Brokers

To make it much easier for you to find honest and reliable binary options brokers, we have prepared the following list:

Binary Options Broker INTRADE BAR

inary options broker INTRADE BAR

INTRADE BAR Binary Options Broker appeared relatively recently, but very quickly became one of the best BO brokers at the moment. The broker has a lot of advantages:
  • Only English and Russian version of the trading platform
  • No account verification
  • Very fast withdrawal
  • Unlimited demo account
  • Minimum deposit amount 10$
  • Minimum transaction amount $1
  • Profit for correct prediction from 77% to 94%
  • Convenient and functional trading platform
  • Quotes from one of the best suppliers

Binomo Binary Options Broker

Binary options broker Binomo

Binary Options Broker Binomo is the absolute leader among brokers, according to users. Also, Binomo is reliable and very friendly to novice traders.
  • Stable withdrawal
  • Unlimited demo account
  • The minimum deposit amount is 500 rubles or $10
  • The minimum transaction amount is 100 rubles or $1
  • Profit for correct forecast from 60% to 96%
  • Convenient and functional trading platform
  • Quotes from one of the best suppliers
  • Very good user reviews
This broker already has an account verification, but if you register an account for yourself, then you will not have any problems with this.

Binary Options Broker Quotex

Binary options broker Quotex

Binary Options Broker Quotex is another very promising binary options broker with a very good reputation.
  • Stable withdrawal
  • Unlimited Demo Account
  • Minimum deposit amount 10$
  • Minimum transaction amount $1
  • Profit for correct prediction from 60% to 120%
  • Convenient trading platform
  • Quotes from one of the best suppliers
  • Very good user reviews
This broker has the most convenient trading platform for technical analysis, so there is no need to use additional price charts.

Pocket Option Binary Options Broker

Binary options brokerPocket Option

Binary Option Broker Pocket Option is a broker with very good trading conditions that will suit both novice traders and more experienced.
  • Stable withdrawal
  • Unlimited demo account
  • Minimum deposit amount 50$
  • Minimum transaction amount $1
  • Profit for correct forecast from 60% to 96%
  • Convenient trading platform
The disadvantages of the Pocket Option broker include increased strictness towards its clients. Before registering, carefully read the terms of the client agreement and do not violate them.

Binarium Binary Options Broker

Binary options broker Binarium

Binary Options Broker Binarium is a broker with a convenient and functional trading platform. The broker itself is more focused on options with an expiration of 15 minutes or more - for them, the profitability for a correct forecast is higher.
  • Stable withdrawal
  • Unlimited demo account
  • Minimum deposit amount 10$
  • Minimum transaction amount $1
  • Profit for correct forecast from 60% to 90%
  • Convenient trading platform
  • Quotes from one of the best suppliers
  • Good user reviews

Binary Options Broker

Binary options broker Binary

Binary Options Broker Binary is a much loved and retired broker on our list. The broker appeared back in 1999 and offered to trade binary options before they got their current name.
  • Stable withdrawal
  • Unlimited demo account
  • Minimum deposit amount 5$
  • Minimum transaction amount $1
  • Profit for correct forecast from 60% to 90%
  • Quotes from one of the best suppliers
  • Very good user reviews
  • One of the stable leaders in ratings, according to users

IQ Option Binary Options Broker

Binary options broker IQ Option

Binary Options Broker IQ Option is a very reputable broker with a great trading platform.
  • Stable withdrawal
  • Unlimited demo account
  • Minimum deposit amount 10$
  • Minimum transaction amount $1
  • Profit for correct prediction from 60% to 800%
  • Quotes from one of the best suppliers
  • One of the best trading platforms at the moment
  • Very good user reviews
  • One of the stable leaders in ratings, according to users

Binary Options Profits

In the field of Internet trading, binary options bookmakers have a very impressive profit margin for a correct forecast. Very often, for a deal closed in profit, you will receive at least 50% of the investment amount.

In general, the amount of 70-95% of the investment amount is considered to be an adequate profit from Binary Options. The higher the percentage for one transaction, the easier it is for us to earn, because. it takes a smaller percentage of profitable trades to go into the black.

Percentage of profit for a correct forecast

Profit on binary options depends on several components:
  • From the binary options broker you trade with
  • From the asset being traded
  • From time of day
  • From the "simplicity" of asset forecasts
Now we will analyze everything in more detail.

Each binary options broker puts on assets their percentage of profitability for a correct forecast. Some will be higher, some lower. But, in order not to scare off clients, they stay in the aisles from 70% to 96% of almost all brokers.

The asset itself also affects the formation of the percentage of profitability. It often happens that brokers lower the percentage of profitability on some assets before the release of important economic news, because. many traders find it easier to predict price movements.

A lot depends on the time of day, namely, which assets are traded more and which are less. For example, when it is a working day in Europe and America, currency pairs with EUR, USD, GBP are actively traded. And less active pairs with JPY. Thus, during the day (according to Moscow time) you can observe more trend movements and, accordingly, increased profitability on many assets, and at night there are a lot of lateral movements in the market and the price for a correct forecast falls, because. making forecasts easier.

There are also some assets on which it is very easy to make forecasts - the price is in a stable trend or, conversely, moves horizontally. Due to the fact that most of the forecasts will be correct, brokers are trying to reduce the yield on such assets in order to make them less attractive to most traders.

Who and how earns on Binary Options

If you carefully read this article, you understand that betting brokers:
  • Do not bring your trades to the real market
  • You don't buy or sell anything
  • You are trading against a broker
To put it literally, we are not traders, as well as companies that provide services for opening transactions, are not binary options brokers, but all this is called so for convenience.

But back to our sheep. So who and how makes money on Binary Options, and in general, is it real? As we have already found out, the broker itself earns very well - 95% of clients consistently lose their money in trading, because:
  • Dwell in their wet dreams
  • It is naively believed that everything is very simple here
  • Come for your "freebie"
  • Do not have the necessary skills and knowledge
  • Have a lack of trading experience
As a rule, these are beginners who do not understand anything in financial trading, chart analysis, fundamental analysis, managing their capital, etc. There are a huge number of them and brokers line their pockets due to them.

But not only brokers make money on Binary Options by providing their trading platforms for transactions. A small group of people still earns - these very 5% of successful traders, who, in fact, take money from less smart and experienced clients of the broker.

The more trading experience you have, the more you strive towards the goal of becoming a profitable trader, the more money you will take from suckers and freebie lovers. The Binary Options Broker always acts as an intermediary and will pass on a portion of their earnings to you.

Here's some simple math. There is no need to be moralists and think about how you can take money from people who are up to their necks in their dreams and debts, urgently in need of quick money. Ignorance does not exempt from responsibility - you are just smarter and more experienced than them, which means that you have earned your earnings for 100%. In any case, if you do not do it, then someone else will do it, or at all, the money of this 95% gray mass will go to brokers.

What is Binary Options

Have you ever wondered why you got into binary options trading? Why do you need it? What's next?

For several years now I have been communicating with traders of different levels of development (of course, I'm talking about trading skills) and everyone has their own goal for which they came to BO. I think there are several goals that many pursue:
  • Use Binary Options as a springboard to the world of financial trading
  • Achieve financial independence (fortunately, the amounts are fabulous here)
  • Create a financial cushion and open your own non-trade business
  • To save up money to go into FOREX or stock trading
I think you have a question, for what purposes did I come to Binary Options and what am I going to do next? The answer will be very banal - I came to the BO, because. I wanted to achieve financial independence and I achieved it. What will I do next? It's hard to say - now I'm actively working on the site for you, for me, at this point in time, it's much more interesting than thinking about my financial future. I am not going to leave FOREX yet, because I know about my problems with trading psychology, and as long as they exist, I have nothing to do in Forex.

Binary options are the key to the financial market

But why binary options? How to make a person who does not understand charts, who does not know what an option is and who does not understand the principles of price movement, plunge into this world?

FOREX, for many of us, is a controversial substance, the rules of which are not known to us. Many people think that trading in this financial market requires huge knowledge that can be obtained in special institutions, and that is why they don’t even try to go there. Another thing is Binary Options, in which you can meet anyone: from an 18-year-old schoolboy or his geography teacher, to a millionaire swollen with fat.

Binary options - the key to the financial market

How not to twist and criticize the Binary Options advertisement, but it did its job - it made millions of minds plunge headlong into the world of charts and numbers. Someone was disappointed and immediately left, someone, on the contrary, was glad of the first profit and became interested in this type of earnings.

Most of us (including myself), after our first trades, realized that the essence is not in two buttons: green, for opening trades for an increase, and red, for a fall. The truth was hidden deep inside. Hundreds of questions immediately arose, to which there were no answers at that time:
  • How does the price move?
  • Where do quotes come from?
  • How do Japanese candlesticks work?
  • How to do chart analysis?
  • What are trends?
  • Etc.
There were a lot of questions and they all needed answers. By its nature, it is a huge knowledge base that every trader should have. And, in fact, it is very good that you came to Binary Options.

In the article above, I already talked about one important advantage of Binary Options, even if they are presented by bookmaker brokers - price quotes are taken from official sources. And this means that the quotes will be the same for binary options brokers, and in the FOREX market, and on many other financial instruments.

Understanding how the price moves, what it reacts to, what signals it gives us, opens the door for us to the whole other financial world. At the same time, the simplicity and huge profitability of Binary Options - up to 90% in a few seconds with a price change of 1 pip - is a great opportunity not only to earn money, but also to learn to understand charts and make predictions with minimal chances of losing money.

The very fact of the existence of such contracts, where a minimum price movement in the right direction is enough to make a profit, already unties our hands and opportunities. The initial kick - the impulse that Binary Options can give us, will allow you, in the future, to go into any field of activity or start your business from 0 (fortunately, you can get a financial pillow).

What is a mystery with seven seals for an inexperienced person, for an experienced trader it is manna from heaven, which allows you to earn impressive amounts in a short time, spending a minimum of time on it.

However, do not forget that nothing is given just like that. Any positive result in trading is a lot of effort and time spent. Don't forget about it!

Pros and cons of betting binary options

The advantages of betting binary options include the following:
  • Very high availability - minimum deposit from 5-10$
  • Simple registration and account verification
  • High return for a correct prediction
  • Availability of real price charts
  • Opportunity to profit from a price change of just 1 pip
  • Hundreds of assets to trade
  • Dozens of ways to deposit and withdraw funds
The cons are very obvious:
  • Trading against a broker
  • Presence of fraudulent and one-day brokers
  • Not all brokers are regulated
  • Black PR methods through big promises

Is it worth spending time on Binary Options

Whether it's worth it or not is entirely up to you. If you still want to continue to study Binary Options, then remember, there is no place for freebies. Everything is achieved with long and hard work!

95% of the clients of any binary options broker are people who do not understand trading, they are too lazy to understand something. If you came to trading on BO because:
  • You have a small salary and a job you hate
  • Pile of outstanding loans
  • Desires to get money for a car or apartment tomorrow
  • Look at everything through the prism of pink glasses and soar in your fantasies
There are millions like you. It is these millions that enrich brokers and experienced traders. Trading on Binary Options is not only high earnings, but also huge risks in inept hands, which everyone, for some reason, forgets about.

All responsibility for your failures and your success will be solely on your shoulders. Are you ready for this?!

Binary Options Legal

Many people wonder if binary options betting is legal? There is no 100% answer to this question.

If everything is clear with exchange-traded Binary Options, then bookmaker Binary Options do not have a specific legal status. They are trying to formalize them both as gambling and as a financial instrument.

In some countries, binary options betting is prohibited at all. But the problem (or not?) is that there is a huge number of varieties of Binary Options, different from the classic ones, that are not yet banned - brokers are trying their best to keep their audience, even bypassing the laws of different countries.

In this regard, there are problems with the regulation of Binary Options. How can you regulate something if this “something” cannot be assigned to any category?! So it turns out that regulators are always chasing Binary Options brokers, and when, it would seem, they have already caught up with them, brokers come up with something new, which again does not fall under the bans.

So the IQ Option broker (which has a CySEC regulator) has several types of new trading instruments that have something in common with classic Binary Options and something completely new that displays these options as a different type of financial instrument.

Exchange and Betting Binary Options: Results

It's time to sum up this entire article. What new and interesting things have we learned?
  • Exchange Binary Options is a very inaccessible thing for many. Is it worth it to strain for them, draw up invoices, collect documents? More likely no than yes. The benefit is doubtful, besides, you will need not only a huge deposit in dollars, but also many years of trading experience.
  • Binary options betting is not as bad as it seems at first glance. So what if the deals don't go to the real market? So what if we only trade against a broker? What if we don't buy or sell anything? But we have a good and very simple financial instrument that allows us to consistently earn.
  • Stupid people will always drain their money, enrich brokers and smarter traders. Be among the smart ones, but don't expect a freebie - it doesn't smell like it here!
  • Angry reviews about Binary Options, as a rule, are left by those who did not want to understand the nature of this financial instrument.
  • Now is the best time to start learning about trading! Fraudulent brokers have almost disappeared, leaving only honest brokers with a good reputation.
  • Binary options is a push in the right direction. What to choose next (another financial market, your own business from 0, the embodiment of all material Wishlist), everyone decides for himself.
  • Price charts are the same everywhere. Binary options are a great way to study price action and capitalize on it.
Betting Binary Options is not such a bad tool as “sofa analysts” write about it. This is a lot of opportunities for an experienced trader, but, on the other hand, a bottomless pit for an ordinary onlooker. Who exactly to be, always decides only one person - you!
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