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Binary options are a scam for fools. Expert opinion and advice

Binary options are a scam for fools. Expert opinion and advice

Good afternoon friends!
After you come to your senses a little and understand that Binary Options is not the easiest source of income, but quite the contrary, doubts appear in your mind. At some point, you start looking for specialists who will confirm or refute your guesses - Binary options are a scam for fools.

It is about this (about whether Binary Options are a scam and created for fools) that we will talk about in this article. But before you start reading, I want to warn you - in the framework of this article, I will try to chew everything as plausibly as possible and will not be shy in my statements. The purpose of this article is not to offend anyone, but to convey very important information to you. Enjoy reading.

Fools and Binary Options

And what about the Fools? And how does this relate to binary options? Let's figure it out.

For example, let's take an ordinary person - Ted (Michael, Peter, Albert, Maria ...), who already has the ability to surf the Internet, view different sites, but is still terribly stupid about advertising and how it works.

So, one fine day, our Ted stumbles upon an advertisement for Binary Options on the Internet:

Binary options - scam

Common sense kicks in, and there are very serious doubts that it is most likely a hoax and in fact there is nothing like it. We are all used to the fact that good earnings are the result of many years of work and career advancement. And here, in advertising, everything is very simple - take it and earn.

Of course, our Ted, being a man not stupid, will not fall for such a blatant deception. But then the other side of the coin pops up - curiosity. It is caused by proving to yourself “Well, I was right! He said that this is a deceit and a swindle for fools!”.

Petino's curiosity makes him look for all the necessary information about Binary Options. And what does he find? Of course, the facts are contrary to his expectations.

85% profit in just 60 seconds:

665$ arrived in 5 minutes

The annual interest in our banks nervously smokes on the sidelines.

But only a stupid person would believe in such an advertisement, so Ted is looking for information further. And then everything is the same:

Switch to real trading

And again….

mobile binary options trading

And even on mobile...

mobile binary options trading

And very large payouts to customers generally stop their eyes:

Payments to clients today

It can't be all that pretty and simple, Ted thinks. But in his search, he stumbles upon this:

binary options trading results

But Petya is overcome by all the same doubts as before - “Until I see how it all turns out, I won’t believe it!”. And Ted takes the last step - he goes to watch a video on YouTube, and there:

binary options on youtube

And then almost everyone will change their minds.

“Well, okay, Binary Options really make a lot of money. But what about training? I don't know anything about it..." Ted thinks. And here everything is ready:

Free binary options trading training

And there is also a free practice account:

binary options practice account

Doubts disappear in a moment, and there are more than enough arguments to try:
  • It's simple
  • Thousands of dollars are made from this
  • Simple learning
  • You can try it for free and without investments (then, of course, you will have to invest your money)
But at this moment, not a single Ted, Sasha or Valera thinks about:
  • Where does the money come from in Binary Options
  • What is the benefit of a binary options broker
  • Why you can earn from 70% to 96% in just 1 minute
  • If it's so simple, why am I not surrounded by only millionaires
  • What the advertisement hides
But who needs it at all, especially when you think that with every thousand dollars you can make a profit from 70% to 96% in just a few seconds?!

This is how people who know nothing about Binary Options fall into the trap of their own greed. Simplicity and a taste of freebies take over, overshadowing all thoughts about the lack of knowledge and experience (they are equal to zero) in this area. So, the newly minted client of a Binary Options broker becomes a Fool - a person who is well heated up on advertising that omits details.

Is it not so simple in Binary Options?

The first thing that a beginner in Binary Options faces is price charts:

asset price chart

The price chart of an asset is one of the most important elements to predict the price direction. This is both a friend and an enemy of a novice trader. And here the most important mistake of beginners is revealed - what makes you think that you can constantly guess the direction of the price?
  • Do you have a financial education?
  • Are you an economist for a large company?
  • Are you an investment specialist?
  • Can you see the future?
  • Do you even know anything about the principles of price movement???
What the hell are you doing here?! Advertising completely did its job - you were made to believe in the simplicity of price forecasting and a comfortable future, from which you are only two buttons away. You are a potential client of a binary options broker. You are a fool!

Who else is stupid?!

“You yourself are a fool, the author!” Well, calling someone a Fool without arguments is really stupid and wrong. But, the problem is that I have a whole bag of these arguments, which I will now dump on your sore head.

Let's do a very interesting experiment, and its rules will be as follows:
  • Let's take a price chart, say, of gold

gold price chart

We wait for the beginning of the hour and look at the price (suppose we started at 11:00). Your task is to guess what will happen in an hour: the price will rise or fall.
  • You guessed right - I give you 80 dollars
  • You didn't guess right - give me your $100
And so until the end of the day: guessed it - increased his $ 100 by 80%, did not guess - gave me the amount of the dispute. It seems to be simple: there are only two options, which means that the probability of a correct forecast is 50%.

Simple, right? Now imagine that you need to guess not in 50% of cases, but in 58% -60% in order to get a profit. What, millions of earnings per day no longer smell?

Uncle, what are you talking about? I have a strategy for trading Binary Options!

"Are you stupid? They already explained to me: you take a profitable strategy and open trades using its signals, like a person in a video!” - our Ted thinks at such a moment.

But do you really think that trading with a strategy is as simple as it seems at first glance? Yes? But no!
  1. A maximum of 10% of your trading success depends on your trading strategy
  2. Most often, strategies are developed / supplemented / changed for the trader himself
  3. Different traders will have different results with the same strategy
Well, now let's talk about this in more detail.

90% of success in trading lies on three pillars: trading discipline, trading psychology, risk management. What is the use of a trading strategy if you:
  • Do you not know how to follow its rules and enter a trade without waiting for a signal, or vice versa, do you enter a trade too late when the signal has already passed? (no discipline)
  • Are you afraid for each of your trades, overwhelmed with joyful emotions (if the trade went up), or are you depressed (if the trade went down)? (problems with trading psychology)
  • Do you drain your entire deposit in one sitting, do you trade with martingale or all your trading balance at once? (problems with risk management)
Right! Without the basics, you are still the same fool for a broker who was brought to the slaughter! In such a situation, "guru traders from your video" will not help. But at the same time, if you, Ted, go deep into the study of risk management, trading psychology and trading discipline, then 99% of trading strategies will bring you profit, which once again proves the fact that it is not at all about the strategy used.

“It turns out that educational videos from traders do not carry information at all?”

No, it's not. There is a lot of information and there is a lot of it, you just need to know where and what to look at. First of all, any video about trading strategies shows you exactly how the real-time strategy works: how and when signals to open trades appear, how indicators work (redraw or not), what to look at first and what is signal filter, etc.

Yes, the information is not of paramount importance, but, in the absence of your own experience, in this way you can push the flow of your imagination to create something of your own - something that will work in your hands, just for you! Information about different trading methods and strategies will be accumulated all the time - this will allow you to improve / supplement / adjust everything for yourself.

Remember: everyone in trading loses money the same way, but everyone earns differently! Your task is to collect what will work and bring profit in your hands, with your view of trading, with your thinking.

Who earns on binary options?

So who makes money on Binary Options? Is it even possible? Yes - it is possible! You have a lot of information at your disposal that will help you master this difficult task.

The essence of trading on Binary options comes down to forecasts for price movement, this will help you:
  • Technical analysis - analysis of the price chart of an asset
  • Fundamental analysis - analysis of economic news
  • Statistical analysis - trading based on statistics
  • Candlestick analysis - analysis, candlestick chart
What, it doesn’t smell like simple earnings anymore ?! Your perseverance and desire to become a trader is the most reliable motivator. Only you will envy what exactly you will study and what to go deep into. But you still have to know the basics of each type of analysis.

Everything that made you come to binary options trading can be fit in one picture:

forecast payout percentage

Binary options are made for fools! Here they promise easy money in a matter of seconds. Moreover, the amount that can be earned can really impress everyone. But, the truth is that only a few people earn on Binary Options. If you, Ted, think that you are the lucky one who will immediately enter the ranks of successful traders, then I have stupid news for you. Nothing like this will happen - there have not yet been such traders who have learned to trade consistently and profitably in a couple of weeks.

I bet that even if you read articles for days on end, watch videos of different traders, you will still see one thing - advertising that you can earn a lot and very quickly here. Your dreams overshadow the real picture - everything is NOT so simple and NOT so fast. It takes years to achieve really good results.

Binary options casino for fools

For some, Binary Options is a tool for stable and very good earnings. For others (most) it is a casino that takes all the money invested. One tool, but what's the difference?

Binary options fool:

  • Binary Options Advertising Victim
  • Believes that the broker's manager will make money for him
  • Opens dozens of trades at once
  • 60 second expiration is the best expiration time
  • Paid for access to 100% signals from Uncle "Vasya"
  • Trained by Guru Traders in 15 minutes
  • Trading the entire deposit at once
  • Risk management is redundant
  • I bought an expensive 100% indicator and a strategy that does not give false signals
  • With $10 I'm ready to make a million by the end of the week
  • Trading on martingale and will prove to anyone the correctness of his choice
  • Trading 12 hours a day
  • Make hundreds of trades per trading session
  • Almost a millionaire

Binary options trader:

  • Risk management is one of the main components of profitable trading
  • Studied trading for at least 6-12 months
  • Trades completely without emotion
  • Knows that 100% signals, trading strategies, indicators do not exist
  • Has a huge knowledge base on technical and fundamental analysis
  • Understands that it will not work to make money every day and is ready for losses
  • Set realistic and achievable goals
  • Spends minimal time trading
If a fool does not stay in trading for more than 2-5 months, then for a trader, Binary options are a stable source of income for many years to come.

Binary Options Stupid Classification

The binary business is very booming right now. Do you know why? Because binary options brokers know who they are dealing with. Most clients have never heard of trading in general and binary options trading in particular. For them, it is a dense forest.

Brokers know perfectly well how to quickly and reliably get a fool who proudly calls himself a client to quickly give them his money himself.

But even the fools, who are quite enough on Binary Options, can be divided into groups, which we will now do.

Naive fool

A naive fool is a client who got into Binary Options through advertising and is confident in his abilities. "Trading on BO is easy, I've already been shown everything - I'm ready to become a millionaire!".

This class of clients believes everything and everyone:
  • Advertising
  • To the pseudo-guru traders from the video (trade martingale and become a millionaire!)
  • 100% strategies
  • For broker managers
  • Trading signals
  • An impossible dream to earn with $10
Moreover, this naivete continues for a long time, and at this time the broker is emptying the pockets of his clients.

Stupid risky

“If you trade all your deposit at once, you can earn much more!” is a typical representative of this class of fools.

Of course, you can earn. You can even enjoy your profit for a minute before draining everything at once.

Huge "gratitude" to all those "guru-traders" who hammer such information into the empty heads of clients.

Martingale Stupid

Stupid Martingale Trading Binary Options. One of the most popular types of fools.

These individuals are ready to prove their case and the correctness of martingale trading by splashing saliva on the face of the “interlocutor”. The dispute ends after a request to show at least one "trader" who has consistently, over several years, earned in this way - there simply are none.

Offended and embittered, they retire to their hole, preparing new "arguments" in their defense. Very stubborn personalities, capable of spoiling the mood of adequate people with their stupidity.

The funny thing is that this class of fools consistently loses their money, but still cannot accept the harm of the martingale in trading - “what are you, your sense of self-importance will suffer!”.

"It's better to keep losing your money than to admit to yourself that you are a Fool!" is the main slogan of this class.

Stupid fool

Stupid fool in the eternal search for a 100% profitable strategy or a 100% indicator (Grail). This type of fool is ready to buy up everything where very high results are promised:
  • Profitable signals from "Guru Trader"? - Of course I'll buy it!
  • A strategy with 300% accuracy? - wrap two!
Typical individuals cluttering up my mail. You tell them that you need to study risk management, work on your psychology and discipline, they will nod, but still ask “Does this strategy work? How are the results?”

Yes, it works... Good luck! Good luck in all your endeavors!

Cunning fool

A class of fools who believe that everything can be achieved with little effort. Most often, this is achieved through all sorts of violations in relation to binary options brokers:
  • The broker prohibits registering more than one trading account - I will register eight!
  • One no deposit bonus in one hand - turn on VPN and get 5 bonuses at once!
  • A ban on the use of robots or third-party software? - Rules are for fools! But I'm not stupid, so I can!
  • Signals not working? Brad of sheep - everything will definitely work for me as it should!
  • 100% strategy? - On this I will earn! Are they expensive? - So, the quality there is very high!
  • Martingale not working? Of course, it does not work for you - you are idiots. In my hands everything will work for profit!
  • Give your trading account to another trader? Certainly! I will sit, drink wine, and he will work for me!
This class of “traders” considers everyone to be idiots who are so stupid that they can’t do anything normally. Well, he, a cunning fool, will definitely get away with everything!

The “smart” approach of the cunning fool ends up with the fact that the broker receives a substantial amount of money or simply blocks the accounts of such clients who consider themselves smarter than the broker and purposefully violate the rules of the user agreement.

Demanding fool

You're making thousands of dollars a month! Throw me a piece - here's my wallet!

fool demanding

Insolent fool

A herd of impudent sheep, to whom to explain anything is a waste of your time!

- Quickly showed how you earned everything!

- What are several years of study? Are you stupid? Here everything is done in five minutes, and you spent years on this - a fool! Don't take me for an idiot!

- What is the fixed rate? What else is risk management? What are you, an idiot? Watch how a professional made 200 thousand in 5 minutes using martingale! And you keep earning your cents, loser, and live up to your ears in shit!

Stupid Fool

A typical representative of the target audience of each broker. Having drained his deposit, the fool immediately runs to tell the whole world that Binary Options is a scam. After 10 minutes, all the fences are painted with his “reasoned opinion”.

Fool Guru

The foolish guru knows nothing about profitable binary options trading, but this does not prevent him from teaching everyone around him how to trade correctly. In his arsenal, the foolish guru has hundreds of "arguments" for being right.

This type of fool is the one who screams the need for martingale trading the loudest and inspires it in less intelligent and experienced individuals.

Themselves, Foolish gurus never earn anything in trading, but in the eyes of others they are true professionals.

Sofa fool

An armchair analyst who didn't sniff gunpowder. A typical class of fools who have never tried binary options trading and have no idea what it is, but are 400% sure that this is a scam and no one has ever made money on it.

Together with the fools who have merged, they express their “reasoned opinion” on all forums and websites.

Fabulous Fool

He believes in unicorns, fairies and that with $10 you can make millions in just 3 hours. In 146% of cases - a victim of advertising and martingale.

He drains deposits in batches, but as soon as he manages to close the day in the black, he immediately runs to the forum to tell the story of his success. But it immediately disappears from all radars the next day - you won’t surprise anyone with the next drain of the deposit.

Foolish Signalman

A foolish signalman is a matured and grown-up foolish Guru. Unlike the latter, the Signaler does not just "teach" traders and puts them on the "right path", but also actively gives signals.

Who, no matter how he knows about all the habits of the price. For his signals, the foolish Signalman takes a fee, and the foolish Dumb is led by them and loses money twice:
  • Losing money on initially wrong signals
  • Losing money on paying for these same signals

fool signalist

Optimistic Fool

This kind of fool is very naive, but not stupid! He is able to find really important information among all this rubbish that flooded the Internet.

An optimistic fool understands that everything is not so simple and you need to learn how to trade. Risk management? Technical analysis? No question.

This class has enough optimism for exactly a couple of weeks - after several merged deposits, these personalities disappear forever. Perseverance would be given to these people and they would have succeeded ...

Stupid salesman

He is 16-20 years old, he has already understood that he cannot make money on personal trading, but there are a lot of fools who still believe that they will become millionaires. The idea is born instantly:
  • Ps, man, don't you need a very profitable strategy that made me a lot of money? Selling cheap!
  • Inexpensively and quickly I will teach you how to make money on Binary Options
  • I have the most profitable signals - also not very expensive!
  • Indicator with 100% passability of signals! Today only - 50% off! Hurry up to buy!

fool who sells

Fortunately, in our time, fewer and fewer traders are led by such sellers who are trying with all their might to make money on the crowd by selling or providing paid services to everyone “who wants to”.

Broker Stupid

Most often, this type of person advertises Olymp Trade - a broker that pays them very generously for advertising, promotes their channels.

Everyone, as one, trades the martingale and shows you, Ted, how wonderful life is. Unlike Gurus Fools, Broker Fools have behind them very serious support from the broker itself and cover huge masses of traders, inspiring them with false information.

Unfortunately, many novice traders have no idea that they have fallen into the clutches of scammers from a broker.

a fool who works for a broker

Negative Fool

Type of fools who are negative and distrustful of everything and everyone.

- Everything on his video is twisted! I give you a tooth!

- How did you earn! You are fooling everyone! In the sense of the video is not cropped and everything is filmed in one piece?! I know you're a liar!

- This strategy will never work - don't trust it! No, I didn't try to trade it - you can immediately see that it is unprofitable!

The author is also a fool

We all started trading at some point (many are just starting now) – I am no exception. And in my time I managed to visit several classes of fools. Everyone goes through this.

I was:
  • Stupid Naive - I got into Binary Options by advertising some "guru-trader"
  • Stupid martingale trading - traded only with the martingale strategy
  • Stupid Risky - transactions in the entire deposit did not pass me by either
  • Stupid Dumb - the search for the Grail was long ... and unsuccessful
  • Fabulous Stupid - here's my $20, when can I get my million?
I even became a Stupid salesman and sold my trading system, which I developed from scratch and refined over the course of a year. By the way, people still work on this trading system and earn money, but now it is distributed exclusively for free - I made a decision (right, in my opinion) that all my work will be free for everyone!

I don't want to be a Binary Options Stupid!

Don't wanna be stupid? So who's stopping you from doing this? Don't be them and that's all - everything is in your power!

Who makes you believe that:
  • It's easy
  • It's profitable
  • Everyone can do it
  • This is fast All responsibility for your actions lies only on your shoulders! You want to be a fool and consistently give your money to a broker - you will be one! You don't want to be a Fool, but you want to earn a stable and high income - so what's the problem? Take action!

    Your naivete, stupidity and ignorance is what makes Binary Options a scam just for you. Get rid of all this and you will understand that there is another side of the coin - you can earn a lot on this stably and a lot.

    Binary options fools have always been and always will be

    In Binary Options, 90%-95% of "traders" will remain Stupid. Experienced traders have always made and will make money by losing others. So in any currency market, whether it is Exchange Binary Options, the real Forex market or betting Binary Options.

    Stupid Fools have lost their deposits, smart traders have taken this money into their pockets because they can. They deserved it - they studied it long and hard. Fools, on the other hand, always want everything at once - that's why they remain fools, feeding more experienced colleagues.

    Everyone wants to be among the smart ones - among those who spend a minimum of time on work (trading) and earn amounts per hour that many will not earn even in a few years. Nobody thinks they're stupid, right? But 90% of merged traders instantly find an excuse for their trading failure:
    • Advertising (they promised me a quick income)
    • Managers (they promised to help me)
    • Brokers (they are to blame for my drain - everything was set up)
    • Strategies (I was given a strategy that didn't work)
    • Indicators (they don't work as advertised)
    • Technical analysis (bullshit)
    • News (always a lottery, not an accurate prediction)
    • Analytics (specially fills the head with unnecessary information)
    • Coaches (they are always hiding something)
    • Binary options themselves (earn 80%, lose 100%)
    • Weather (I didn't get enough sleep and because of this I opened trades in the wrong place)
    • Family (always disturbing and distracting)
    It is always much easier to blame someone or something for your failure, but not yourself. You see all this in angry reviews on various sites and forums. All this will continue until you yourself understand that all responsibility lies only on your shoulders.

    But, as you understand, there will always be Fools who will yelp and blame everyone, shifting their blame to others, expressing their “opinion” in the comments.

    Binary options: expert opinions and advice

    I think we have already figured out who the Binary Options Fools are and what they are. It's time to move on to the advice and opinions of experts - real traders who really give very valuable advice. Almost always, the opinions of experienced traders converge, so they can be grouped for your convenience.

    Demo account and real deposit are very different

    The first thing a binary options trader faces is a demo account. A demo account allows you to try your hand at trading without risking your money, but at the same time, you won’t be able to make money on it.

    The demo account was invented by brokers who wanted to show the average person how simple everything is here. By the way, they did it very well. A trader trading on a demo account gets acquainted with the broker's trading platform, studies strategies, indicators, etc. But the problem is that the demo account is completely different from the real account.

    On a Demo account, you can only play - brokers are well aware of this. But the real account shows the real picture to the client - there is a fear of loss, which was not on the Demo account, real risks appear (losing your money is more painful than virtual ones), all the shortcomings of trading are revealed.

    The funny thing is that on the Demo and Real accounts the charts are the same, the strategies are the same, but the results are very different. A demo account adds to the trader's misperception of trading.

    To prevent this from happening, you need to trade the minimum amount (usually $1). You won't lose much, but this trade will develop your skills as a trader, not your skills as a lottery player.

    Trading account verification

    Many brokers now require traders to have a maximum of one trading account. To do this, an account verification procedure was introduced - identity confirmation.

    This procedure is usually carried out once. Most often, they are asked to confirm their identity after the first application for withdrawal of funds. So get ready for it!

    The broker may ask you for a scan of your passport or other document proving your identity, and (some brokers) may also ask you to confirm your current place of residence.

    Thus, brokers make life difficult for traders, but these are the rules of the game. Be prepared for this turn of events and register accounts only in your name - this will reduce the number of possible problems with the broker.

    Fortunately, in recent times, brokers have increasingly begun to refuse to verify accounts, thereby obtaining approval from traders.

    Work with trusted brokers

    One of the important components of success in trading is choosing a reliable broker. It depends on the broker whether you get your money or not.

    Binary options have already survived their initial crisis and now most brokers are ready to pay everyone who has earned, and fraudulent brokers have become many times less. But still there are brokers who require strict compliance with the user agreement.

    Before registering with brokers, read the user agreement. Many brokers prohibit:
    • Have more than one trading account
    • Using third-party software and trading robots
    • Any manipulation of the trading platform to reveal its vulnerabilities
    • Any fraud with bonuses
    It is always better to know in advance what you can do and what you should not do. Brokers have the right to block accounts, so it's best to play by their rules.

    100% bonus and turbo options

    Very often binary options brokers have a 100% welcome bonus on the first deposit (and sometimes not only on the first). As a rule, this bonus blocks the possibility of withdrawing funds until a known trading turnover is made.

    This greatly complicates the life of a novice trader who replenished his trading balance for the first time - it is much easier to lose money than to earn. Moreover, the probability of draining at times increases with the increase in the time required for trading.

    It is profitable to take bonuses only in one case - if you are 100% confident in your abilities and understand exactly why you are taking them. But, as with the refusal of verification, now many binary options brokers can receive a bonus that will not prevent you from withdrawing funds - it will simply burn out if you order a withdrawal of funds before it has been worked out.

    Another problem for a novice trader is trading on turbo options (options with a transaction execution time of 5 seconds to 5 minutes). This type of trading is suitable only for experienced traders.

    For beginners, trading turbo options comes with a lot of risk. You need to react very quickly to a signal that appears, open deals at the right point, etc.

    As a rule, novice traders do not have such good skills, so it is best to trade with a long trade expiration time - 30 minutes or more. This approach will allow you to spend more time on analysis and decision making. In addition, with this approach, the point of opening a trade has a much lesser influence - in 30 minutes the price will have time to go far from the entry point, thereby reducing the likelihood of an error to a minimum.

    Winning Strategies, Magic Indicators and Other Ways of Binary Luck

    In binary options trading there is no:
    • Win-win strategies
    • Magic indicators
    • 100% robots or programs
    • 100% ways to make money
    • Perfectly accurate signals
    Any forecast for the direction of the price has a chance to be wrong - this is normal. The market is too complex an organism that is influenced by millions of components. All that a trader has is the probability of a correct outcome.

    If someone tells you that he has found a 100% way to make money, then with 100% probability they want to make money on you! Only independent long-term practice will make you a profitable trader. Do not even try to waste your time looking for something super profitable - you will just waste your time and end up with nothing.

    Japanese candles: useless or important tool

    As a rule, novice traders understand the line chart much better - it is simple and understandable:
    • The line goes up - the price goes up
    • The line goes down - the price falls
    But this tool carries very little information. All experienced traders use a candlestick chart consisting of Japanese candlesticks:

    candlestick chart

    Each candle on this chart contains information about the price movement for a certain period of time. Japanese candlesticks perfectly show all price movements. Your task is to understand the principles of constructing this graph as early as possible. Fortunately, it's quite simple.

    Risk management or money management

    Whether you earn or lose, or how much you earn and how much you lose, directly depends on risk management or money management. This is a very important component of trading - without it, everything will come down to a stable loss of money.

    Risk management will allow you to limit your losses as much as possible where necessary and earn more where possible. The main rule of binary options trading is to lose little, earn a lot!

    In trading, it is imperative to keep track of how much you will lose if the transaction closes at a loss (and it can always close at a loss - there are no and never will be 100% strategies). If you lose everything at once, then tomorrow there will be nothing to trade, and tomorrow - these are new opportunities for earning.

    Any experienced trader has studied risk management - it is impossible to make money without it, but with it you can make money literally on any strategy, you just need the right approach.

    Emotions and control over them

    Do not forget about emotions - this is the worst enemy of any trader. If you are driven by emotions rather than a cold mind, then you start trading based on your desires. The trader has only one desire - to earn.

    But there are many ways to make money. Some of them are very risky - they will allow you to increase the amount on the trading balance if the forecast is correct, and if the forecast does not come true, they will take an impressive amount of money from you.

    Emotions do not allow the trader to control the situation - transactions are opened in the wrong place, the rules of strategy, risk management are violated ... Everything is going to drain the deposit.

    A successful trader is a trader who is able to suppress all of his emotions while trading. Only a sober mind is the key to success. When nothing interferes, you can concentrate on the main thing - on trading!

    Is binary options a scam for fools or making money on the Internet?

    This question can be answered in different ways - there will always be two answers:
    • Binary options are a scam for fools
    • Binary options is a stable income on the Internet
    Why are opinions so opposing? According to statistics, 90% lose their money in trading Binary Options - for them, BO is a fool, a scam, a scam. So it is, these people are Fools who were scammed for money. But who forced them to be like that? Right! They themselves have come to this.

    The second group is a group of experienced traders who are not only sure that you can earn consistently and a lot on Binary Options, but also confirm their words in practice. These people also chose their own path - they worked hard and achieved success where the rest gave up.

    It turns out that Binary Options is a dumbass, a scam and a scam for those who came here for free money. And at the same time, Binary options - earnings on the Internet for those who were not afraid of difficulties and were ready to overcome all obstacles.

    However, you should not draw conclusions about Binary Options by reading reviews on the Internet - most often you will come across nagging losers who leaked their deposit after a couple of days (or even hours), after which they concluded that this way of earning is a complete scam, deceit and divorce is for fools. This is also not correct. Know that someone who has made his money in trading is unlikely to run to the Internet to praise his broker and brag about his successes - he will just continue to quietly earn his money.
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