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How a trader can make a million by trading Binary Options

How a trader can make a million by trading Binary Options

Good afternoon, friends!
Today we have a very interesting topic of conversation - “How can you make a million on Binary Options”. Why exactly a million? It's simple - in the minds of many, a million is the solution to many financial problems (oh, if I had a million, I would... Wow!). In addition, actually earning a million on Binary Options is a serious indicator of a trader’s success. So, it is exactly a million that we will “earn” today.

Here is my $10, when will I get my million on Binary Options?

The funny thing is that almost everything looks like this nowadays. The reason for this is advertising from Binary Options brokers, in which they say that you can start trading with a very small amount of $10. For many, this is a chance to try trading - they literally take that $10 and go “trade.”

10 dollars for Binary Options

In fact, they are not going to trade, but to give this very $10 to the Binary Options broker under the guise of playing trading. In the previous article, we already found out that the minimum deposit amount is not always the best for a trader. And, as always, it’s all about risks - $10 is simply not enough for a trader’s trading balance to withstand at least some drawdowns, but they always exist.

But advertising is advertising, and many people believe that with 10$ or 20$ you can earn millions. In reality, I have never met such traders, and I have never heard of such high-profile success stories. It is fair to assume that there are simply no such lucky people. This is correct, where will they get such and such a deposit?! But every newly minted trader believes that he will become the first to be so successful in this very difficult area.

So why do you need such a deposit with Binary Options brokers? Of course, the broker himself needs a minimum amount of deposits - he makes money from it. A deposit of $10 is available to a very large circle of people, which means brokers have a very large number of new clients every day.

For example, you can take the broker Binomo, whose minimum deposit is $10 ($5 for certain stocks). So Binomo, at the time of writing this article, has 46 million customers around the world. But, it is worth considering that this Binary Options broker has been on the market since 2014.

The situation is similar with the broker Quotex, which, however, has only been on the market for 2 years (at the time of writing this article). The minimum deposit with the broker is already $50, but as practice shows, the amount is not the largest for the majority, therefore, Quotex , over these two years, gathered an audience of 2 million customers.

But if you take the “old” Binary Options broker, which, for example, appeared in the same 2014, but whose minimum deposit is “only” $200-300, then the picture will be completely different - such brokers have less than a million clients. This is not surprising - not everyone can afford a first deposit of $200-300.

This is how it all works: the smaller the minimum deposit a Binary Options broker has, the more clients it has. It's all because of the greed of the clients themselves, who dream of getting rich from these very minimal deposits. And, as we have already found out in the article “Deposits in Binary Options”, you need to look specifically at the minimum investment amount in the transaction, and from there make calculations of the optimal minimum deposit.

So, after replenishing the trading balance by $10-20, when will the trader be able to withdraw his million? How strange it is, a trader simply does not have such an opportunity! All brokers know about this, so they consistently, albeit little by little, pick the pockets of their “smart” clients, who naively believe that tomorrow they will “make money” and improve their financial situation.

Million on Binary options and risk management rules

The only true and stable trading is achieved only when the rules of risk management are followed - rules, if strictly observed, the trader does not lose large sums even in moments of unprofitable trading. With a minimum investment amount per trade of $1, an optimal deposit of $100 is required for trading - I hope you have already understood this.

But what is $100? This is 100 trades with a risk of 1% or 20 trades with a maximum risk allowed for trading of 5%. For example, a trader is faced with the task of “earning $100,000 from these $100,” what will it take?

million on binary options

If your Binary Options broker has a stable payout for a correct forecast of 80%, then with each investment of $5, you will receive a net profit of $4. It turns out that to reach $100,000, you will need to make 25,000 trades. Even if you make 20 transactions a day, it will take more than 3 years. Moreover, all 100% of transactions must be closed in profit, which, of course, is impossible!

You can, of course, take into account the fact that all funds will be reinvested in trading, thereby increasing the acceptable amount of risk with each dollar earned. But even with this approach, it will take 1.5-2 years to earn such an amount (taking into account the fact that not all transactions will be closed in profit).

It is also worth considering that we are talking about trading by a profitable trader - a trader who has all the skills to get a stable positive result in trading. If you take a beginner, he will earn this amount when the cancer whistles on the mountain. On the contrary, a newcomer to trading will lose all his money much faster than he can earn anything - the lack of knowledge has a very strong impact.

The amount of the deposit determines only the speed at which the trader’s deposit will increase. If you strictly follow the rules of risk management, you can earn a million even with $100, but it will take a lot of time. But, the main thing is that this is possible - you can build on this when building your enrichment plans.

How long does it take to make a million on Binary Options

Well, we’ve decided on the amount of $100 – you can make money, but it all takes a long time. What about realistic and achievable goals? Trading Binary Options is a prime example of how money makes money. Investing is a great tool for making money.

I think it is clear that without money there is nothing to do in trading, which means you must have an initial amount in order to earn at least something. The topic is still the same “how to make a million?”. Let's assume that you are a trader who knows how to strictly follow the rules of risk management. Let’s also take the average trader’s earnings – 15% per month from the trade balance (a good trader’s earnings can be considered an increase in the trade balance from 10% to 30% per month).

If you have an initial amount of $10,000 in your account, you can earn your first million in 33 months:
  1. month: 11500
  2. month: 13225
  3. month: 15209
  4. month: 17490
  5. month: 20114
  6. month: 23131
  7. month: 26600
  8. month: 30590
  9. month: 35179
  10. month: 40456
  11. month: 46524
  12. month: 53503
  13. month: 61528
  14. month: 70757
  15. month: 81371
  16. month: 93576
  17. month: 107613
  18. month: 123755
  19. month: 142318
  20. month: 163665
  21. month: 188215
  22. month: 216447
  23. month: 248915
  24. month: 286252
  25. month: 329190
  26. month: 378568
  27. month: 435353
  28. month: 500656
  29. month: 575755
  30. month: 662118
  31. month: 761435
  32. month: 875651
  33. month: 1006998
The goal is quite achievable. Moreover, there is nothing super complicated here for a trader who knows how to manage his capital. The only problem is time. Spending almost 3 years to earn one million dollars is not the best investment! On average, monthly earnings are $30,000 – that doesn’t sound bad! Just don’t be so happy - in the 5th month, net profit will be only $2,600, and in the 15th month, net earnings will increase to $10,600.

The same experiment: the goal for the month is equal to 15% of earnings from the amount in the trading account. But this time, we'll take an initial deposit of $50,000:
  1. month: 57500
  2. month: 66125
  3. month: 76044
  4. month: 87450
  5. month: 100568
  6. month: 115653
  7. month: 133001
  8. month: 152951
  9. month: 175894
  10. month: 202278
  11. month: 232620
  12. month: 267513
  13. month: 307639
  14. month: 353785
  15. month: 406853
  16. month: 467881
  17. month: 538063
  18. month: 618773
  19. month: 711589
  20. month: 818327
  21. month: 941076
  22. month: 1082237
In this case, the first million will be earned in 22 months – that’s already something! Average earnings over those 22 months would be $47,000. In addition, already in the 6th month your net earnings will be $15,000, and will only grow every month.

If we take the amount of $100,000 as an initial deposit, then the first million can be earned without the risk of loss already in the 17th month of trading:
  1. month: 115000
  2. month: 132250
  3. month: 152088
  4. month: 174901
  5. month: 201136
  6. month: 231306
  7. month: 266002
  8. month: 305902
  9. month: 351788
  10. month: 404556
  11. month: 465239
  12. month: 535025
  13. month: 615279
  14. month: 707571
  15. month: 813706
  16. month: 935762
  17. month: 1076126
It would seem that you just need to increase your trade balance 10 times - as easy as shelling pears... But no! You should never forget about the risks, and you should always set realistic and achievable goals! An experienced trader always strives to control all his expenses and does not give in to emotions.

In this case, from the very first month you can earn $15,000 a month, and without making much effort. Even with a minimum transaction amount of $1,000, a profitability for a correct forecast of 80% and closing 70% of trades in the black, it will take less than 30 trades - you can easily complete the monthly plan in a week. A very simple task, moreover, without any risks for the trader.

With an initial deposit of 200 thousand dollars, the first million can be earned after a year of trading, and the monthly increase in the deposit from the first month will be no less than 30 thousand dollars:
  1. month: 230000
  2. month: 264500
  3. month: 304175
  4. month: 349801
  5. month: 402271
  6. month: 462612
  7. month: 532004
  8. month: 611805
  9. month: 703575
  10. month: 809112
  11. month: 930478
  12. month: 1070050
I repeat once again: we are talking about the trading results of a trader who has good discipline, is well versed in trading psychology and knows how to manage his capital! For a novice trader, everything will always come down to a lack of knowledge, which will drain any deposits!

I don’t have that kind of money to trade Binary Options

“I don’t have 100 thousand to trade Binary Options! I don't have money, not even for a $100 deposit! What should I do?" - a very common question from a novice trader. Indeed, many people come to Binary Options trading only because they are not satisfied with their current financial situation - they want to improve it.

This is fine! Moreover, it is very rare to find a trader who came into Binary Options trading with an eight-figure amount in their bank accounts. And I myself started trading from “scratch” - at that time I didn’t even have nearly enough money to make an optimal deposit with many Binary Options brokers.

So, what to do if there is no money for trading? Binary options trading has always been based on investment - there is nothing to do without money! If you don't have money to trade, then don't even try to get into it!

I don't have that kind of money to trade

The worst idea for a novice trader who does not have sufficient funds for trading is to take loans or borrow money from friends or relatives. The smell of quick money pushes people to take out loans of 10 or even 20 thousand dollars! Well, so what - they think that they will quickly earn enough money, and then calmly pay off the loan and remain in the black. What happens in fact is that the trader quickly loses this money in trading and a debt hangs on his shoulders, in the form of a loan of 10-20 thousand dollars, which the trader does not know where to get! The situation is not pleasant!

I myself don’t know what held me back from taking a loan from a bank, although the desire was great. It was probably common sense - if I lost this money, I did not know a way to give it back. Fortunately, I was not 100% sure that I would definitely make money now.

What can we say about borrowing from friends and relatives - it’s also better not to do this! Very often I hear stories that such traders very often lose friends, relatives turn away from them, and this is all because of debts that they are not able to repay because they lost money in trading. Believe me, it's not worth it!

You should always trade only with money that you can afford to lose. If you have to earn money (to pay off a loan or debts, or you simply have nothing to live on), then with a 100% guarantee you will not be able to do this.

The problem is psychological, which greatly interferes with trading. In such a situation, you will always think only about how to make money and how not to lose everything, from here:
  • Violation of risk management rules
  • Trading using the Martingale system
  • Violation of trading strategy rules
  • The desire to get even
  • Trading the entire deposit
  • Incorrect analysis of price movement
All this leads to only one thing - a complete loss of money on the trading account! It is worth investing in binary options trading (and in any other financial trading) only when:
  • You have a source of income that will, at a minimum, cover all your current expenses
  • You have free money that you can easily spend on your “wants” (they are worth trading on)
  • Even if you lose money in trading, your financial situation will not worsen!
  • You have no loans, debts, or mortgages that urgently need to be paid
Don't have any free money to trade Binary Options to make an optimal deposit? Postpone this matter until the right time - in a couple of months you can accumulate the necessary amount, which will not affect your financial condition in any way. Fortunately, starting trading does not require large amounts of money.

The market will not escape you! While there is no money for real trading, it is worth learning to trade “on paper", demo account and learn all the intricacies of this profession. Experience will never be superfluous!

How to quickly make money on Binary Options

It’s worth clarifying – what type of income are we talking about? If you’re talking about the one that professionals use to get a stable result, then no way! If we are talking about a game where everything depends on luck, then there are many such methods.

What is the same method of trading using the Martingale system worth? Yes, it is “disposable” and consistently drains deposits, but it is also used in trading by “experienced teachers” from Binary Options brokers.

how to make money quickly on binary options

Well, real experienced traders always (!!!) follow their trading plan and earn this same 10-30% per month from their trading balance. As we found out, it takes a long time, but it is very effective and without the risk of loss.

So choose what is more important to you - a stable income for years or an attempt to make money after just an hour of playing? The second option, by the way, will not allow you to make money, but who am I to stop you - the money is yours and the losses will also be yours.

But what about fabulous earnings from $10? It simply doesn't exist! This is ordinary advertising, which is designed to interest you (the method, by the way, is really effective - I’m talking about advertising) and teach you how to play (not trade, but play) on Binary Options.

It is very beneficial for brokers that their clients are players - they always lose, but it is traders who earn (and reduce the broker's earnings) who never deviate from their trading plan. Have you tried to stop a speeding train by standing on the tracks? I'm sure you won't succeed. So the Binary Options broker cannot do anything with an experienced trader who will still earn money from players.

What distinguishes an experienced trader and a Binary Options player?

Binary options player

Experienced trader

Trade deposit

Money borrowed or borrowed

Money you don’t mind losing

After an unsuccessful transaction

Complains a lot. Blames everyone and everything except himself

Draws conclusions and gains experience

After a successful transaction

Runs to brag to everyone how great he is

Draws conclusions and continues trading

Trading purpose

Excitement, buzz, adrenaline, “earning a million”

Stable improvement in financial situation

Time spent on trading

Until everyone loses or earns all the money in the world

How much will it take to execute the trading plan (doesn’t have to be profit)

Thoughts on the deal

I'm lucky

Strict adherence to the rules of the trading strategy

Success in trading

Pure chance

Stable earnings with minimal kickbacks

Trading training

No - this is unnecessary

Constantly - there is no limit to perfection

Changes in trading psychology



Draining deposit

Stable phenomenon


Thirst for quick results



Final result

Always loses money

Earns steadily

Three trading approaches to trading Binary Options

Traders use millions of trading strategies and techniques, but they all adhere to three trading approaches to making money on Binary Options:
  • Aggressive trading method
  • Standard trading method
  • Conservative trading method
Aggressive trading method is trading with inflated risks, which, in turn, makes it very risky for the trader. Most often, this trading approach is used in trading using the Martingale system. In theory, an aggressive trading method allows you to very quickly increase a trader's trading balance, but in practice, almost 100% of traders lose their money.

Standard trading method is a trading method that is used by many experienced Binary Options traders. This method is designed in such a way that it allows you to steadily increase traders’ trading balances, and without any risks in the long term. True, unlike the aggressive method (where you can earn 200-800% profit in a day), the standard method allows you to earn only 10-30% (50% if you are very lucky) of profit from the current trading balance per month.

The Conservative trading method is a trading method that those with very large trading balances are forced to resort to. So, even earning 1% per month is considered a very good result.

No matter what amount you have in your trading balance, and no matter how much free time you have, I still advise you to use only the standard and conservative trading method. When using an aggressive trading method, there is a very high probability of losing your deposit.

A trading plan will help you calculate your strength, time and goals, which you must draw up before you start trading! It is also very important that you strictly adhere to this plan - in this case, there will be no surprises, and you will be able to earn money consistently.

Any dreams of high earnings are feasible only when there is the right approach to the task. If you initially set your goals and implementation paths incorrectly, then trading is doomed to failure! Think through your every step, especially if there is a risk of loss.
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