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QuadCode Markets (QCM) is one of the best brokers for CFD and Forex trading

QuadCode Markets (QCM) is one of the best brokers for CFD and Forex trading: review of the official website and trading platform QuadCode Markets

QuadCode Markets (QCM) is a CFD and Forex broker that provides its services in both European countries (not every broker is licensed to operate in European countries) and in Asian countries. The trading platform of the QCM broker, as the name suggests, is Quadcode. The trading platform differs from its competitors in its good stability and huge functionality - in fact, it is one of the best platforms for trading digital assets, including CFDs and Forex.

Pros and advantages of the QuadCode Markets broker - CFD and Forex trading broker

Why traders love to trade with QqadCode Markets and very often choose this broker for trading:
  • License to provide trade services in Europe and Asia
  • Very convenient trading platform Quadcode is one of the best trading platforms at the moment
  • Huge selection of indicators and tools for technical chart analysis
  • Unlimited demo account to get acquainted with the trading platform and for training
  • More than 450 assets for trading: currency pairs, indices, stocks, cryptocurrency, commodities
  • CFD and Forex trading
  • Low spreads – up to 0.0001 points
  • Many ways to deposit and withdraw funds
  • The official website and trading platform have been translated into many languages
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Leverage, allowing you to get greater profits with less investment
  • Minimum deposit – $10
  • Minimum investment amount – from $1
  • Fast processing of withdrawal requests
  • Ability to trade both through the browser and on mobile devices

Official website of the broker QuadCode Markets -

Official website of the broker QuadCode Markets -

QuadCode Markets official website

The Quadcode Markets trading platform boasts:
  • Huge amount of assets to trade
  • Ability to open up to 9 charts in one window
  • More than 100 indicators for technical analysis
  • The ability to program indicators to suit your needs
  • Negative balance protection
  • The ability to change the appearance of the trading platform interface

Features of the Quadcode markets trading platform

You can trade various assets with the QCM broker - the trading itself takes place on a CFD (Contract for Difference) instrument. More than 450 assets are available for trading: stocks, indices, currency pairs, commodities, cryptocurrencies:

assets for trading with the broker Quadcode markets

Quadcode Markets does not take your trades to the real market - all trading takes place entirely within the trading platform. This is both a plus and a minus. The advantages of such trading include:
  • The presence of leverage is an opportunity to invest less money in a transaction and receive more profit for a correct forecast
  • Ability to trade on any market – on upward, downward or sideways price movements
  • The ability to trade on various assets and not be tied only to a certain category
  • Starting trading requires less capital than trading on the real market
Disadvantages of trading inside the broker's trading platform, without transferring transactions to the real market:
  • You cannot influence the price movement in the real market in any way
  • All your funds are in broker accounts, and their safety depends on the reliability of the company
  • All withdrawal requests are processed by a company that makes money from clients losing money

trading without transferring transactions to the real market with the

You must understand that approximately 74% of clients lose their money in trading because they do not have sufficient knowledge. The Quadcode Maarkets broker himself warns about this. At the same time, QCM is a very reliable broker with a good reputation, so it is easier for him to pay you everything you earn than to have problems with regulators.

Quadcode Markets allows you to trade on one of three trading platforms:
  • Through the browser of your personal computer
  • Using the Windows or MacOS application
  • By downloading the application on Android or iOS

capabilities of the Quadcode trading platform

To replenish your trading account and withdraw funds, the most popular money transfer methods in your country are presented:

methods for replenishing and withdrawing funds from the QCM broker

Registering a trading account with the Quadcode Markets broker and verifying personal data

Registering a trading account with the Quadcode Markets broker is very simple - you need to fill out a simple registration form:

registering a trading account with the broker Quadcode Markets

Be sure to enter only real data - they will be needed during the verification procedure (confirmation of your identity - KYC).

The next step is you need to go through the verification procedure, for this:
  1. Confirm the email address you used to register your account
  2. Fill out the personal data form
  3. Tell us about your trading experience
  4. Send documents proving your identity
  5. Send documents confirming your current place of residence
  6. Specify methods for withdrawing funds

verification of a trading account with the broker Quadcode Markets

Trading platform of the broker Quadcode Markets - overview of the capabilities of the Quadcode platform

The trading platform of the Qqadcode Markets broker is Quadcode, which allows you to trade both binary options and various CFDs or Forex (with QCM, trading is only possible on CFDs or Forex).

trading platform Quadcode Markets

Broker QCM allows you to try out the trading platform before replenishing your account - for this there is a demo account for 10,000 demo money. Switching between a demo and a real account is carried out in the balance display window:

demo account with broker Quadcode Markets

The trading platform itself looks like this:
  • Most of the screen is occupied by the price chart of the selected asset (or price charts - if you need to monitor several assets at once)
  • Above the chart there is a strip of recent assets for quickly switching between them
  • Under the chart you can find a window of open trades - here you can close trades ahead of schedule, change parameters or analyze trading in real time
  • To the right of the price chart there are buttons for opening transactions, spreading the selected asset, as well as additional information - analytics, economic calendar, news
You can select an asset to trade in the “Trade” tab:

choosing an asset to trade with Quadcode Markets

Please note that in this window, assets are divided into categories and for each asset the Spread value is indicated - the difference between the purchase price and the sale price. The higher the Spread value, the worse it is for the trader - the price must first overcome the Spread limits according to your forecast, and only then the transaction will begin to make a profit.

Spread is very different for different assets - the higher the volatility of the asset (rate of price change), the greater the Spread value. For example, Forex currency pairs have one of the lowest Spreads - within 0.0001 points, and for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency the Spread value can reach 130-150 points. On the other hand, the price of Bitcoin can fall or rise by several thousand dollars during the day - you can earn a lot very quickly and a lot, but the risks also increase!

The Quadcode trading platform allows you to set an alert for an asset so as not to miss a profitable price for opening a transaction. To do this, you need to click on the bell and indicate the price at which the alert will be triggered:

notification on the Quadcode trading platform

As for the price chart, all settings are located in the lower left corner of the screen:
  • Selecting price chart display: Japanese candles, line chart, bars, Heikin Ashi candles. You can also customize the color scheme of the graph here.
  • Selecting a time frame for displaying a price chart – only for candlestick charts
  • Adding various elements to the chart: levels, zones, lines, and so on
  • Adding and setting up technical analysis indicators. Here you can save or load a settings template, add a widget, write a script for trading
  • Selecting display of price history on the screen
The choice of displaying graphs is as follows:

selecting price chart display

Working with indicators (adding to a chart, settings, widgets, working with templates or scripts) is here:

working with technical analysis indicators

If you need to place several price charts in one window at once, this can be done in the display settings - it is possible to place up to 9 charts in one window, and each chart can use different indicators or settings:

several charts in one window

You can find a lot of useful information in the asset information:
  • Economic news related to this asset
  • Change in price over time
  • Indicator readings and forecasts for further price movements
  • The operating time of the asset on the trading platform of the broker Quadcode Markets

asset analysis on the Quadcode Markets platform

Trading Forex and CFD instruments with the broker Quadcode Markets - how to trade on the broker's platform

The Quadcode Markets broker trades on CFD and Forex instruments:
  • You need to select an asset to trade (don’t forget about the Spread value)
  • Determine in which direction the price is most likely to go and click on the appropriate button to open a deal

opening a transaction with the broker Quadcode Markets

A window for additional settings and transaction parameters will open:

transaction parameters settings window

  • The Spread value is displayed here - the difference between the purchase price and the sale price
  • Quantity – a value indicating how many units of the asset you want to purchase. The higher this value, the more it will cost you to change the price of an asset by one point - you will make money faster if the price goes in the direction of your forecast, or lose money faster if the price goes against your forecast. This value also affects the Margin amount - the amount that is blocked on your account until the transaction is closed.
  • Here you can specify parameters for opening a pending transaction
  • Close at profit or Take Profit – value (price, percentage or money), upon reaching which the transaction will automatically close in profit
  • Close at loss or Stop Loss – a value upon reaching which the transaction will automatically close at a loss for you. This value stops the loss of money if the forecast is incorrect
  • Minimal Quantity – the minimum value for which you can open a trade on this asset
  • Leverage – current leverage on the selected asset. The higher this value, the less funds you will need on your balance to open larger transactions. But the risks also increase!
As for the Close at profit and Close at loss settings, always be sure to set these values - this will limit your losses and allow you to earn money. The ratio of potential profit to potential loss should be 3:1 - for every dollar of loss there should be $3 of potential profit. For example, your goal is to earn $300. In such conditions, Take Profit should be set at $300, and Stop Loss should be 3 times less - $100 (you risk $100 to try to earn $300). This approach will allow you to earn money, even if most of your transactions are not profitable.

After opening a trade, the Close at Profit and Close at Loss levels will be displayed on the chart - they can be moved both up and down, thereby changing the parameters of the deal. There are situations when the price has moved very far towards your forecast - in such cases, it is reasonable to move the Take Profit line further, towards the forecast, and move the Stop Loss level to the profitable zone, thereby closing the transaction 100% with a profit.

changing Stop Loss and Take Profit

If the parameters when opening a transaction are set correctly, then all that remains is to wait for the transaction to close in profit or loss. It is important to note that the Margin Level value directly restricts the trader from opening a large number of transactions at once - if this value drops to 50%, then all open transactions will be closed automatically.

Replenishment of a trading account - deposit with the broker Quadcode Markets

To replenish your trading account with the Quadcode Markets broker, you need to click on the “Deposit” button in the upper right corner of the screen:

deposit with broker Quadcode Markets

Next, you need to choose a method for replenishing your account - for each country, current methods will be offered that are convenient for traders in these countries:

payment methods at broker QCM

The next step is to select the currency of the trading account (it will not be possible to change the currency in the future). Typically you will be given a choice between your local currency, USD, EUR or GBP:

choosing a trading account currency

The minimum deposit with the Quadcode Markets broker is $10. You need to fill out the form and indicate the amount by which you want to replenish your trading balance, and then follow the prompts of the system of the trading method you have chosen. Money is credited to the broker’s balance instantly:

replenishment of a trading account

Withdrawing funds from the Quadcode Markets broker

To withdraw funds, as well as to replenish a trading account, your account must be verified. Withdrawal of funds is carried out in the appropriate section:

withdrawal of funds from the broker Quadcode Markets

On the page that opens, you need to select a method for receiving your funds and indicate the payment amount - your application will be processed in order of priority (usually within a day):

submitting an application for withdrawal of funds from the QCM broker

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